Why do people still use C?

When will Cniles admit their language is shit?

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it cant be that bad when most operating systems and similar things are made in it

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You don't have to use it.


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Embedded systems and OS need C language.


Why are we still tolerating this shit board? The mods do jack shit and leave up CP links for days, we're drowning in duplicate threads, we have a borderline tripfag signing every post with usenet quotes, and now we have shitters like OP making pointless new threads about Reddit screencaps they borrowed from 4um.

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Well, make a new one. This is Zig Forums, after all.

It takes /a/-levels of crazy mods to make people migrate. Zig Forums's mods are useless cunts but they don't prevent people from posting normally.

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where did people migrate to from /a/?


/animu/. It's picking up a lot of speed lately now that they're gaining scanlators and shit.

by the way, don't confuse it with /animus/ which is a tripfag circlejerk board.

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Come back to your home, 4chan or Reddit! It's Zig Forums!

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Why do people still use x86? Why do people still use petrol? Why do people still eat three times a day?



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the only thing to take away from this garbage thread is that Zig Forums has gotten shitty, even for Zig Forums.

C is used even though it has huge flaws and misdesigns precisely because it's extremely unproductive and badly designed. C is unproductive, so C programs need more programmers, so there are more C programmers and a bigger demand for them. C is incompatible with any language with real arrays and strings, so if you want to be compatible, you either have to convert all your data types each way or stick with C. C sucks so much that techniques used on systems like Multics and VMS to allow programs written in different languages to work together won't work with C because of array decay and null-terminated strings.

The bad design also means C (and other UNIX languages that inherited this brain damage) are more complicated, which is why there are so many "graduates" that only know one language when it used to be common to learn several different languages. The standard is also much longer even though C has fewer features. The language is harder to compile efficiently, which is why compilers are so bloated. The C standard itself is so poorly written and ill-defined that the standards committee could not add a single feature between 2011 and 2018 (besides increasing the version number) because they spent all that time fixing bugs in the standard itself.

Another reason is the huge revisionism campaign started by AT&T shills in the 80s, which is why there are people out there who believe C was the first high-level language used to write an operating system and other bullshit. There are even some weenies out there who said OOP came from C and C++.

Yes, and they've succeeded. Hordes of grumpy C hackers are complaining about C++ because it's too close to the right thing. Sometimes the world can be a frightening place. I've been wondering about this. I fantasize sometimesabout building better programming environments. It seemspretty clear that to be commercially viable at this pointyou'd have to start with C or C++. A painful idea, but.What really worries me is the impression that C hackersmight actively avoid anything that would raise theirproductivity. I don't quite understand this. My best guess is thatit's sort of another manifestation of the ``simpleimplementation over all other considerations'' philosophy.Namely, u-weenies have a fixed idea about how much theyshould have to know in order to program: the amount theyknow about C and unix. Any additional power would come atthe cost of having to learn something new. And they aren'twilling to make that investment in order to get greaterproductivity later. This certainly seems to be a lot of the resistance tolisp machines. ``But it's got *all* *those* *manuals*!''Yeah, but once you know that stuff you can program ten timesas fast. (Literally, I should think. I wish people woulddo studies to quantify these things.) If you think of aprogramming system as a long-term investment, it's worthspending 30% of your time for a couple years learning newstuff if it's going to give you an n-fold speed up later.

Shoving every feature into the sun into a language doesn't make it good. The problem is that when you put a feature into a language some people might actually use it. This is why lambdas are so ugly in python - to make sure people don't use them too much.
c has oop tho

Because they are slaves to dupix.

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Made me laugh. Thx.

They're pretty chill.




Rust is the LARPing ex-webdev's Ada.

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And we all know how great those operating systems are, right?

how do people compile it then?

They cross-compile it from x86_64.

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Think of how many transistors are wasted to make the circuitry have an imperative interface over what is actually happening at a low level.

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x86 is deprecated. Also the x86 of LLVM is buggy.
C/C++ is unsafe by default and can't be made safe.
This is an opinion, not an argument.

There's a lot of legacy hardware, embedded hardware, and old ThinkPads floating around. Throwing them all out because some Rustnigger insists they're "depreciated" is retarded.
There are other system programming languages than C and C++, retard. Ada can handle the shit you need unsafe blocks for in Rust without sacrificing all safety features.

That's not what I'm saying though. Learn to read, cnile.
If you want support for your deprecated shit do a cross compile. It's that easy. Only OpenBSD niggers are so retarded an unironically support x86.
Stop shilling your dead meme language. Rust may be a meme but at least it's alive.