Brit/pol/ #2619: Hobbit Home Edition

Peaky Blinders political rally scene in Stockport as crew transform modern shopfronts into 1930s Birmingham

Shocking new pictures lay bare scale of NHS body parts scandal: Inside waste disposal firm facing criminal probe after allowing amputated heads. limbs and torsos to build up in huge stockpiles

‘Perfectly healthy’ boy, 10, dies 72 hours after routine surgery to remove kidney stones

Sadiq Gave £21,000 of Taxpayers' Cash to Group Campaigning for Second Referendum

Trump says he won't declare a national emergency for wall funding right now

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First for sweaty cheese vinegar and beer

bich puhleeeeeease

no posting disgusting old hags ITT


t. nonce who faps to disgusting feminist pussy that looks like somebody nutted in her bush and she just left it there for years because she is insane

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fresh nigger btfo


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Watching a lot of cookery recently.

I think Molly is very yummy 30 something.

lad you are not allowed to be attracted to women over age 23 in order to be trad

For her

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she has an obnoxious vocal fry though

touched a nerve there did I Francois Paddy Pablo O'Chug-Hagen

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*gnaws through your ethernet cable*

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>>>Zig Forums12659718

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Lid, you're tempting a sniff post there smh

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>tfw remember ginnie got completely drunk from one small glass of beer and said she was on antibiotics
>one of the only antibiotics that cause this reaction is used for vaginal infections and STDs

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women are so dumb and gross


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I really hate this image

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I think it's time to ban steiner.

careful lad you don't want to anger the creatures of the night so far from home

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its not funny (1)lad


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morning lads

Mornin' la

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Big explosion in France, likely a gas leak.

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is that how we refer to the rampant flatulence of the french now?

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morning pals

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those tools look so terrifying

well they are used to ritually mutilate the genitalia of newborns

Had such a weird dream last night.

morning Doris

hope it wasn't wet

Me too had some really weird ones lately. You sleep on your back?

Yeah. Don't feel comfortable on my side

That position definitely greatly enhances dreaming.

I had one about NK and SK reunifying, and another that was just another one of those ones where you dream your life is way better and things go well but then you wake up.

Last night I dreamt about walking into a shallow lake full off hobbit worms. Bizarre

*Bobbit worms.

But it is nice because it shows what life could be if you tried a little harder.

Sounds like a strange omen of something.

or hes been watching too many videos about the horrifying biology of bobbit worms
theyll snap your toe off faster than a glaswegian skaghead with gangrene tbh

Bobbit worms were on the liveleak front page yesterday tbh.

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why would someone do this

Daily reminder :
The Withdrawal Agreement delivers all of this

Our ONLY negotiating strategy was to walk away with NO deal which the EU feared and would have had them come running
It is the option lily livered traitors in Parliament are trying to rule out

Reminder that the instruction to Parliament from the British public was to leave asap. There were no conditions set
Reminder that a 'deal' and 'conditions' were not on the ballot papers


God those things are creepy. I'll stay in the UK where it's safe tyvm.

Yeah I saw that. I think the booze also played a part.

Student punched in Manchester McDonalds for being a southerner

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the south was a mistake

No Brexit is increasingly likely, Jeremy Hunt warns as billionaire Leavers say they have given up hope
>The hedge fund manager Crispin Odey and Peter Hargreaves, one of the UK's richest men, expect ministers to shelve Brexit in a move that will damage democracy
If they do this, we no longer need Parliament tbh. We'll be ruled by furriners from Brussels
Parliament is a sinking ship full of rats

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! …You are NO Parliament!
t. General Cromwell
"You are no longer a Parliament, I say you are no Parliament"

Doesn't help that Mancs are being priced out of their own city by migrants from London. Price of property is through the roof

Holy shit.

Cromwell was unironically based.

And it'll get higher when HS2 is built, especially in the Midlands

They need a spell in the Tower and clubbing daily with the fool's bauble which will be housed in John Bercow's arse in between uses



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Anglican Ambassador to Rome denies the Resurrection of Christ


We're wasting money keeping a lot of people around tbh

noooo don't let Steiner read this

'''Bilkan Bilkaner,20 & Duke Quainoo,21 both from Enfield, have both been sentenced to 29 years imprisonment today for the murder of innocent bystander 23yr Russel Jordan Jones who was shot and stabbed in Enfield
"In court Bilkaner and Quainoo tried to present a very different image. Separated from their co-defendant Kallum Martin, by security officers, they sat there in suits and fresh haircuts trying to persuade the court they were very different people from the ones captured in those appalling CCTV images. However, when Martin was found not guilty, they could hide their violent nature no more; launching a vicious attack on him in the dock, punching, kicking and making vile threats to him.

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Why is the English so bad on that page?

maybe it's time to restart puritanism

Criminal isn't it
Probably written by a BAME press officer from Poland

Weren't heretics burnt at the stake?


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why Poland?


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Because Agniezska. Because



That or pretty much destroy the Anglican church and replace it with something else (which is kinda what parts of Puritanism is about but you know)

Aspiring this and that and some other bollocks. I doesn't make any difference if they wanted to be a paperboy, Steven Segal's stunt double, an astronaut, cheerleader or a fucking speed bump. These two should be hung by the neck until dead. End of!

Our future gets more concerning everyday.

Can you believe how up themselves the establishment are lads?
MPs are "worried" a no deal Brexit won't get the support of Parliament
Their backing for a no deal Brexit isn't even necessary.
They're trying desperately to ignore that the default position - ALREADY PASSED INTO LAW BY MPs - is that UK leaves on March 29 with OR without a deal.and hoping we don't understand that

tbh I put the aspiring bit in as a piss take

I know lad. It just irks me when they say it on the news. Saw it on the telly yesterday and even my dad laughed.