Removing printer micro dots

Is there anyway to remove printer micro dots using modified firmware or physical hacks? It seems to me eventually they will crack down on political fliers by tracking down the sources.

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Use old school printing methods.

Build your own printer.

Use a stolen printer. Preferrably something stolen in another town.

I thought Brother printers didn't had micro dots. Where they "persuaded" to change or am I stupid and imagining things in the first place?

Swap printer parts with other people who have the same printer. Swap printers. Don't buy a printer with a credit card that has your name on it.

What if you anonymously buy a printer in brick-and-mortar paying cash? How is the printer going to be associated with you?
Even if you buy one online where your identity is revealed to the seller (and possibly/probably to other parties more or less directly involved in the transaction), how are they going to track you? Do the microdots correspond to the units serial number, and will they make a record in a database where the printer serial number corresponds to your data?

could probably be used by the cops if they know who they are looking for. then they just have to get the printer from his home and verify that the thing was printed with it.

Remember, the whole point about these dots is because the Secret Service required them for _color laser printers_ to prevent counterfeiting. Monochrome laser printers and inkjets don't have them.

It must be coded on the hardware of the printer by default im guessing

So unless you know how to fix that is pretty much useless, but as anons say, buy a printer with cash and no warranty

But this arises the question, how much info do printers send home?
(((Always online))) stuff is just cancer, obvious measure is to avoid doing it

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Would old used dot matrix printers have these things?

I believe not all printers have the forensic features you're referring to. In particular. B&W only printers. It's mostly color printers that the Secret Service are concerned with, because of counterfeiting. But if you're still concerned about it:


This is a concern. Most (((modern printers))) are actually network-enabled computers that just happen to print.

Just don't configure a default gateway nor DNS server, just IP and subnet mask so it can communicate on the local subnet but not beyond.

Track the store the printer shipped to, then check their security cameras, assuming they're still on record.
I guess you could purchase a printer this way (far from your home) and wait a year.

The only solution is to get an old-school classic era Mac and do your printing with an old-school Laserwriter.

How to print fake dollars with color laser printer bought anonymously?
Where to get decent paper?
Other tips?

Do you have proofs?

Think about it, at least with inkjets, the ink runs when it is wet. With monochrome laser printers, you would notice a lot more easily small black dots on white paper instead of small yellow ones.

Buy a LED printer, Brother has them.
If anything happens, just clean the LEDs and the job is done.
With Laser, this is a colossal pain in the ass and you often must get it repaired.

If you literally mean dollar bills, I can't imagine that would be economical. The cost of ink + paper + electricity + wear on the printer would make it hard to come out ahead. Counterfeiting larger bills convincingly would be very difficult, as they contain numerous features to keep counterfeiters far more sophisticated than you from copying them. And even if you ran off a few sheets of convincing enough $20s or $50s (the largest bills that don't get much scrutiny) and managed to fool an inattentive shopkeeper or two, you'd undoubtedly be caught in short order. Basically as soon as the shopkeeper made his daily deposit and the bank discovered the fraudulent bills and alerted the Secret Service. Start lubing your shit chute and learning to accommodate cylindrical objects in your rectum now. U.S. Attorneys have something like a 96% conviction/guilty plea rate.
If you want convincing paper, you'd need to figure out the blend of fibers used in the real deal and get something similar. As I recall, it's some kind of cotton blend. Like the prison jumpsuit you'll be wearing in a few months.

aren't some of the laser prints are LED Printers but never stated and the only way you can figure it out is by checking the insides

Some are. LED printers aren't that common, but they exist.

This is a worthy project.
No one suggesting we download the firmware and reverse engineer it. Play spot the JTAG

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No he doesn't because he's a nigger using nigger logic.

Nigger confirmed. Also you weren't in tech some time (years?) ago when we discussed and investigated this and found evidence for a different form of steganography in use with b&w printers. At the time we concluded all is botnet. Now things have become so bad for freedom of expression we have nothing to lose by jail-breaking printers en masse.

His PCB design is shit, but it will get the job done. Open Source design if you don't want to cough up the green$ for it.

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You're using your freedom of expression right here right now but you can't print your freedom of expression with a printer?

fuck off nigger and go read the news.

everyone was still using these when i had a printer. havent had one after they changed to usb and network things

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Those are still useful for making SBC hats

It wasn't hard to find them.[email protected] descending&f:_775FE7A1-ED87-453F-8529-6D547224CB15=[Color Laser/LED]

Here's a video.

Somewhat related, remember that greenish filter and low saturation of stuff produced by Japanese video/cameras?
Apparently every country has their very own 'filter' and is meant to crack down potential threat's location quickly. Even proprietary OSes shift the color profile a little bit depending on the country/TZ.
Some smartphone will even become more reddish when using the Chinese language, etc. It's kinda like Steg crypt.

Is this still a human endeavour? I figured computers would handle placement and routing.

Is this a joke?

do monchrome printers even have microdots? Itd be pretty hard to hide them unlike an ink one where they could use yellow ink. Also the reason they have them is to prevent counterfeit money cant really counterfeit money with a monochrome printer.

Not chip design, PCB. Single or small batch runs of PCBs you still do everything yourself gramps.

So you don't know that many countries in Europe imprison people for thinking the 'wrong opinions' ? Did you get early release from a life term or something?

Yes. I already stated that in
They use some kind of encoded frequency shift. The edges of lines are warped, and it is not due to other factors - like paper fibres for example. There was a thread some time back where we went full autism on the issue. End result - we were not being paranoid enough.

lol, no.

You can use auto routing in limited local senes, but general optimized routing is an NP-complete problem, nigger.


was an important qualifier.

I don't care what they do in Europe. I already told you the answer.
Use old school printing techniques if it's such a big deal.
What? You need 2400x2400 dpi for your shitty poster?

How long does it take for most places to cycle through security footage now that storage is so cheap? Or find a place selling used printers with no cameras. I think Goodwill still has stores without security cameras. Then there is the issue of printers having wireless capability. I suppose get one old enough it doesn't have it (getting ink may be more difficult) or one that you can physically remove the wireless capabilities. I wouldn't doubt if they can't track particular ink cartridges somehow either. Buying remanufactured ones from third parties would be both economical and likely more secure.

No, but they can match a particular document to a particular printer by comparing microscopic surface wear on the pins. Think of how firing pin indents from guns can be matched to particular casings. They have to actually get ahold of the printer first though.

Or advance using Zig Forums and create anonymous printers.

You can calculate this from the specs of the CCTV system, or just read the manuals if you're not so autistic. Two weeks normally

Which is why you make your own ink or variant. It won't match anything they find, or you make, ever again.
The 'dinosaur fingerprint' method. ;^)

Yeah. You are one big bad ass hacker, aren't you?

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Yes we can use "old skool fly posting" methods, but we can also use intelligence to jailbreak hardware creating an in-house printing press using anonymous printers.

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just start reverse engineering the firmware of a printer then instead of shitposting.

why not both?

Since you didn't notice - I already started by posting the pdf earlier

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Just use a black and white laser printer.

Also don't get a smart "all in one" networked printer. Those printers have large internal storage because of the fax and scanner. The OS is also most likely pure botnet.

A dumb old HP LaserJet 5 similar vintage would what I would get since it would have no technical way to store documents and you could still get toner.

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read nigger.



Yep ill take your word over the EFF's.
Why don't you stop being dense and offer up some proof that there are markings on a B&W?
You wont because you can't.
And sorry Tyrone, but linking to your own posts in this thread doesn't count as proof. And the "It has been reported that monochrome printers and copiers from major manufacturers also include the markings" line in wikipedia with no source also doesn't count as proof.

How will they trace a 2rd or 4th hand LaserJet 5 from 2005?
How would a printer that only has 4 to 32 megabytes of dynamic ram for storage keep track of what it prints past a power down?

I guess anons should just give up since there is no escaping them...right?

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No nigger. I don't give a fuck what you or the EFF say or think. A group of us anons proved it enough to ourselves in a thread some time back. There is a noticeable frequency encoding being used. The fact you are unable or unwilling to prove it to yourself and continue to beg for spoonfeeding shows you up for the lazy nigger you are.
If you doubt it, go find out for yourself. We already did & know because we ASKED THE SAME FUCKING QUESTION OURSELVES, and when we found THERE WAS NO ANSWER (this is where you are now) WE DID THE FUCKING WORK and ANSWERED IT OURSELVES. We have no need to carry your lazy ass. GO DO THE FUCKING WORK since you seem to know I "can't provide proof".
Next time, try not insulting people who know better than you before asking for their help, cunt.

You're just making shit up.

The fuck I care what you think. Stay dumb, nigger.

Lol. Giving up already?


Screaming botnet at everything is good from an OPSEC perspective but that user is right, you have to provide evidence for your claims at some point.

You can scam some niggers, buy drugs or machines, cars, while paying them this fake cash. Or buy stuff at shops but send some homeless people there, but make sure they don't look homeless, give them good looking clothes.

What's that?

if that's true, how many more botnets are hidden in other devices that we use?

Depends on what you are trying to do.
There is moveable type, stencils, and you could even look into how xerography works. Do a websearch for "printing techniques" and go from there.
user has previous posted some examples here for late 19th early 20th century methods that will allows for graphics as well as text.

Just publish your finding holy crap.

Fake news matey. It never happened.

Can confirm user is legit it was around the time of the IOTBW and It's my Borders posting IIRC. There was much more detail about color laser jets which is what I was interested in (pics related), but some anons looked into black and white laser printers and found their prints had wiggly lines, but the lines should have been perfectly straight in those bits which told them something was seeeriously fucky. Too tech for me but I learned enough to stop using my printer for public shitposting. legal only fed no bully plz*

Dooode do you sssseriously expect that user to dox himself? Kek! If he's one of the ones from back then they really knew their shit no j/k. Dude I don't even think you'd need a printer to do it. Even I can think of jewgling a good scan of a laser print online or look at one under a magnifying glass to prove it! I wasn't interested because I've only got a laser jet but there were about 2,3 of them in the thread looking into it, so he sounds like one of them.
They had some science paper about beating the marking system too, but that was for the color stuff though.

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*color ink jets
My bad there's a difference. Kek!

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Fucking buy a $20 laptop and rip out its wifi card and solder its RJ45 port shut, connect a printer you bought locally (or a county away) on Craigslist and have a dedicated usb stick that does nothing but transfer files over, and once you copy the files onto the laptop for printing, completely format that drive on the laptop.

Done - completely airgapped untraceable printer. If you're a dumb enough gorilla nigger to buy a printer on amazon with your mom's credit card you have no business trying to do fucking anything political because you're going to get suicided in 10 minutes. If you don't know this shit already you are in way over your head as is - git gud and try again.

Undoubtedly. It's a nigger like the others lurking in this thread.

Nigger confirmed.
Although it is still correct in that I did post "some science paper" or in English parlance, a research paper regarding the micro dots and printer watermark obfuscation. Aside from the investigation, another pertinent document for lusers would be those attached.
-A yellow dot template for obfuscation
-A rudimentary procedure manual for its application
The discussion developed further to us querying if such methods were in use within b&w laser printers since the high contrast would negate the stealth aspects used with yellow dots in colour printers. We discovered sufficient evidence for our satisfaction that this was indeed the case because there was noticeably some form of frequency encoding on the letter forms, and which was invariant to the printer's settings. Whether anyone else wishes to prove this to their own satisfaction is their concern, not mine. I have no further time to waste on ingrates after I took the time to not only tell you it exists, but also explain what to look for.

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nothing political - just want to print US Dollars to get rich fast

Oh yea here's your proof. Took awhile to get it had to use blue leds to take pic.

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That is not proof that monochrome laser printers use 'micro dots', though it is proof that color laserjets are printing microdots like inkjets do.
The signature I had mentioned is some kind of frequency transform on the edge of letters. Print from a black and white laser and magnify the edge of the letters to see what I was talking about. Some of us in the old thread tested for ourselves and saw this. The skeptical dumb niggers in this thread wish to stay dumb unless I decide to dox myself. They can stay dumb or find out for themselves like we did, I care not which.

Just print on thermal paper

Are thermal printers botnet?

It appears I'll need a plantation, then, and an gaggle of pickaninnies.

jesus fucking christ how do you think up this scary shit

shut up man ur gonna attract the nsa

Nice trick.

The real trick is uploading a photo without doxxing yourself.

There's a simple solution to that: don't. I regularly see faggots posting self-congratulatory photos of whatever campaign they're involved in. If one honestly can't be involved in activism without receiving a pat on the head for participating, then he deserves to be de-anonymized.

Are you calling me nsa?
Are you saying you're nsa?
You need to be more direct when slinging Polish abbreviations around.

I'm pretty sure this is more or less an adaptation from typewriters in the Soviet Union, so they didn't really come up with the concept.

Draw them with crayons.

if you're breathing they're already monitoring you, so what difference does it make?

Old school low-res dot-matrix printers don't have tracking dots.

Thermal printers don't have tracking dots either.

Imagine believing that. There have been instances of monochrome printers leaving tracking dots.

I'm actually surprised there isn't a program to track dot-free printers (I wonder if a printer directly from China meant for a Chinese consumer would have these dots).

Should be trivial to find out with any modern DSLR with a macro lens. Such a setup would be cheaper and better (assuming good lighting setup) than even a top-of-the-line high-dpi scanner.


I do wonder if printers sold in foreign countries by foreign brands have these dots?

Why don't you try printing a tiny dot in black and see if you notice it. Doubt you would. Forget about microdots, even a 3pt period is difficult to notice.

Microdots are just one of the ways to encode this info anyway. Plenty of other ways out there.

Like I said, the only completely safe printers are old-school low-res dot-matrix ones.

You joke but a basic inkjet printer isn't that difficult:
^The design of that is needlessly complex IMO. A text-only inkjet for A4/Letter should be far easier.

Old school printers don't need extra fingerprinting tech because they have individual quirks and imperfections similar to typewriters.






Monochrome doesn't have microdots. It's pretty easy to prove. I printed out a test page, then another page with text and pictures. I then used a jewler's loupe to look it the print out. Nothing showed up at all except the expected printing job.

As for inkjets, microdots are worthless because the ink is water soluble, meanting that the ink will smear on a humid day just from handling the print.

Imagine the time you'd have saved by reading the thread.

Are you a fucking moron?
I already explained this.

Wow, the NSA is getting pissed.

printers are among the most notorious pieces of hardware they constantly phone home and are one of the main attack vectors for industrial espionage.

No, but you are. The discussion was not about monochrome printers having "microdots". This was already decided in the earlier thread I alluded to. The discussion was about the form of doxxing signature monochrome printers do have - a frequency transform on the letter forms. The fact you are a nigger means you failed to realize this by reading and comprehending the thread discourse.


Could the rotating mirror be wobbling slightly in different printers due to wear and manufacturer variances? Too bad there's not an archive of the old thread, would be interesting reading. Instead, it's lost like tears in the rain.

You keep referencing some past thread but won't actually post your proof here.

Nigger, you are making shit up. There is no difference in the letters from the fonts used to make them.