Brit/pol/ #2620: Quack Edition

Brexit news LIVE: Labour set to table motion of no confidence in Government 'soon' after crunch vote on deal, says Jeremy Corbyn

Chris Grayling denies 'void' in government over Brexit plan B

PETER HITCHENS: A 'People's Vote' would be a disaster. But here's how we can kill it stone dead…

Elvis FAKED death? ‘The King’ admits to being in FBI witness protection to save family

Paris bakery 'gas explosion': Three killed including two firefighters and dozens injured after huge blast in French capital

'POISONED WITH BLEACH' Mum accused of trying to kill her critically ill baby by pouring BLEACH down his feeding tubes

'Commuters should be paying': parking permit roll-out met with anger

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Absolutely heretical

Women make important life decisions based on the error that their life will forever be like the one they have when they are in their twenties.
Those chicks getting those tattoos or majoring in dancing really believe that they will be forever desirable and chased by a plethora of young horny men willing to cater to their every whims.

Young women cannot envision a future where they will hit forty and have been replaced by younger ones.
It bears witness to the mediocrity of the female mind. The whole of their intellect is centered on the self and cannot pass beyond what is here and now.
It's a reactive intellect that cannot plan ahead for the future, much less think about the future.

don't link to pornhub lad

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Linking to PROOF so people know it's not shooped tbh

I don't think anyone would have doubted you tbh lad

Just linked to show there is definitely devilry afoot in plain sight

muslims probably wouldn't mind tbf

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Blacks are black through no choice of their own
The problem as we all know is with liberals/progressives/leftists/globalists etc etc and their social engineering. They are the ones creating racism because whites can't become black and blacks can't become white
Importing them into our societies has been demonstrated to not work. Show me one society that has been improved by importing blacks or shitskins for that matter
Therefore the only purpose must be to divide and smash society
They're best left in their own countries to pursue their own devices

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Absolutely based.
I love all of these conspiracies people have to believe in to cope with how things are rather than just accepting reality, it's actually quite sad tbh. I honestly feel bad explaining the truth to people sometimes.

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There's a guy on Zig Forums screaming about this, he also spams every thread about the UK.

Lads should I buy an xbone to play through Halo 1/2/3/ODST/Reach again?

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Have you still got a 360?

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No and I kinda wanted to play the updated versions and a few other new games tbh

My vote is no but that's mostly because I only liked Halo 1 tbh

Still can't remember voting to negotiate tbh

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eh nothing else you can do in that case then lad

Is right!
Fecking parasite mud races DESTROY. The ONLY purpose of importing wholesale coonage into our once white and shiny nations can be division.

Seems the ONLY solution is their EXTINCTION.

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Just why? Muds are dirt. What is the attraction? Toll paid, mongrel outpouring averted!

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interview wiv Lemmy

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Great book

That name is not good optics in yankland rofl

scoobydoo caught scoobydooing doesn't unnerstan the criticism

scoobydoos just never learn

Utter abomination
What do we do about the jock question?

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I've read about the USA inc being a corporation owned by the Crown before tbh, can anyone redpill me on it?

Any other time this would be classed as psychological abuse.

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He is getting nonced 100% also this is what happens to seculura societies 100% of the time



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Most of the people who believe this are somehow blind to scoobydooish influence. One of the main proselystisers of this bollocks is in fact a scoobydoo himself.

The mirror's cover today was all about these yellow vest dafties. The (((funny))) thing was, they kept referring to one of them as the 'nazi' abuser. Clearly trying to suggest (all mk-like) that he's an abusive nazi (not someone who called someone else a nazi).

kek lad

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What's in this vid don't wanna watch it

he acts out snorting ket

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Why is that tranny talking about ket? Has he just done a load of special k with a child? How are this kid's parents not currently being tortured in a dungeon somewhere?

Because New York.

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what was it?

Baste football lad.

wew they are grooming him

Cannot tell anymore what is real and what is parody tbh.

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Uniforms have enormous social power tbh.
No wonder people always want to ban them.

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post some lad


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why would you put your blade directly into the cobbles instead of just in the scabbard?

*When the beat drops*

Their here time in is limited as they will be murdered from both sides.

Because its for ceremonial LARP, not used as an actual functional instrument of combat

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unironically become an hero, lad

Those south macedonians are beautiful
Too bad the modernist architecture in the background clashes so much with it

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""""Macedonians"""" are legit depressing. Their entire country and national identity is stolen. They're descendants of Paeonians who speak a slavic language. The Paeonians had a poorly recorded history and were conquered by their neighbours for nearly all their history so its understandable theyre too embarressed to identify with them.

Dig the Podhale Rifles cape/coats tbh

Don't even consider it a country tbh

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shut the fuck up libtard

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Make me

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t. literally no one here
No it's not


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tbh lads the military wearing anything but t-shirts and jeans is just them LARPing as soldiers

do CID monitor this site?

I saw a nigger CID agent get into his car a few weeks ago then lights came on from the inside. I've noticed similar all black cars being driven by foreigners in suits. Are they CID?

smh lads just look at these Morris dancers LARPing as Morris dancers

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Confederate soldiers always had this militia/civilian type vibe to me.

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Imagine how great the world would be if we intervened on the Confederates side.

tbf i kinda miss those old style militaries, the imperial army in the empire days was very decentralised and had probably the most varied uniforms on the planet
imagine if yankland was really decentralised and had to provide units from all the different localities or each state had its own traditions and quirks, i guess you sorta have that now but not as much as in the past afaik

Lord Salisbury said the UK should have done this and that it was literally the only chance for the UK to break American dominance, that it only came around once every few centuries that a country actively wants to break itself up.

AFAIK he was also Pro-Russian in the Crimean War.

checkmate Steiner

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Didn't know the USA was created by Injuns

Why are those chugs wearing modern textiles and using public transport and modern infrastructure and the automobile to visit that monument? Why aren't they in a teepee doing the spirit dance with big hooks on their pectorals shouting incromphensibly?

Native Americans are a pathetic mongrelised race of alcoholics that exist solely from American pity. If the fed cut off welfare they would starve to death.


Every single University student who partook in that campaign to remove Cecil Rhodes statue should be disbarred from higher education permanently.