Why do computuer divices get dirty?

My mouse is basically fucked because someone smeared an unknown to modern science substance on it. I use it all the time and a rolling stone doesn't collect moss so therefore my mouse should be very clean.

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Is it the little rubber feet have come off and the adhesive has collected gunk? I can't tell if they're still on or not. In any case all the rest of your stuff looks filthy anyways. Just scrape the gunk off your mouse will be fine.

It's device, not divice.
You've misunderstood the "rolling stone" proverb.
Your mouse is not a rolling stone, anyway.
You are a filthy pig.
Fuck off back to 4/g/ with your no-effort thread.

have you considered cleaning it?

it's because you're a filthy slob tbh, see
1. get a (clean) brush and new keyboard
2. brush the cigarette dust off every day and keep it clean

Seems you can't even clean your EXIF data either.
MIME Type : image/jpegExif Byte Order : Big-endian (Motorola, MM)Make : AppleCamera Model Name : iPad Air 2Orientation : Horizontal (normal)X Resolution : 72Y Resolution : 72Resolution Unit : inchesSoftware : 12.1.3Modify Date : 2019:02:18 16:20:05Y Cb Cr Positioning : CenteredExposure Time : 1/20F Number : 2.4Exposure Program : Program AEISO : 200Exif Version : 0221Date/Time Original : 2019:02:18 16:20:05Create Date : 2019:02:18 16:20:05Components Configuration : Y, Cb, Cr, -Shutter Speed Value : 1/20Aperture Value : 2.4Brightness Value : 1.573479904Exposure Compensation : 0Metering Mode : Multi-segmentFlash : No flash functionFocal Length : 3.3 mmRun Time Flags : ValidRun Time Value : 78674206316666Run Time Scale : 1000000000Run Time Epoch : 0Acceleration Vector : -0.9191980957 0.05072057615 -0.4007404149Burst UUID : 2288250C-1DC7-4733-83E5-6987554B6418Sub Sec Time Original : 335Sub Sec Time Digitized : 335Flashpix Version : 0100Color Space : sRGBExif Image Width : 3264Exif Image Height : 2448Sensing Method : One-chip color areaScene Type : Directly photographedExposure Mode : AutoWhite Balance : AutoFocal Length In 35mm Format : 31 mmScene Capture Type : StandardLens Info : 3.3mm f/2.4Lens Make : AppleLens Model : iPad Air 2 back camera 3.3mm f/2.4GPS Latitude Ref : NorthGPS Longitude Ref : WestGPS Altitude Ref : Above Sea LevelGPS Time Stamp : 22:20:01.68GPS Speed Ref : km/hGPS Speed : 0GPS Img Direction Ref : True NorthGPS Img Direction : 246.6195524GPS Dest Bearing Ref : True NorthGPS Dest Bearing : 246.6195524GPS Date Stamp : 2019:02:18GPS Horizontal Positioning Error: 65 mCompression : JPEG (old-style)Thumbnail Offset : 2128Thumbnail Length : 7135Image Width : 3264Image Height : 2448Encoding Process : Baseline DCT, Huffman codingBits Per Sample : 8Color Components : 3Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling : YCbCr4:2:0 (2 2)Aperture : 2.4GPS Altitude : 187.4 m Above Sea LevelGPS Date/Time : 2019:02:18 22:20:01.68ZGPS Latitude : 41 deg 39' 43.44" NGPS Longitude : 87 deg 46' 58.73" WGPS Position : 41 deg 39' 43.44" N, 87 deg 46' 58.73" WImage Size : 3264x2448Megapixels : 8.0Run Time Since Power Up : 21:51:14Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent: 9.4Shutter Speed : 1/20Create Date : 2019:02:18 16:20:05.335Date/Time Original : 2019:02:18 16:20:05.335Thumbnail Image : (Binary data 7135 bytes, use -b option to extract)Circle Of Confusion : 0.003 mmField Of View : 60.3 degFocal Length : 3.3 mm (35 mm equivalent: 31.0 mm)Hyperfocal Distance : 1.42 mLight Value : 5.8

Why isn't there an anime picture on your mouse pad?

12615 E Navajo Dr,
Palos Heights, Illinois

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Holy shit, how did you fuck up your OPSEC this bad ? What the hell are you even doing here?

Someone's getting some pizzas

I love free pizza thank you

Why the iPad?

Razor mouse, as new, put in drawer with other stuff and left alone. Maybe a year later and it was like the grip surface had turned sticky and rolled in dust and crap. Weird, but I read somewhere that others had same experience.

they are probably used to the other sites that remove those automatically

I seem to remember a time when Zig Forums did that as well. Ah well, it catches a lot of retards, and they learn a lesson too, so they'll be less retarded in the future.

u liek pineapple pizza with no cheese?

pretty stereotypical american suburban house
has a nice front garden, a few healthy trees.
op should go outside and sit on the lawn in a deckchair. winter in chicago looks pretty sunny

the rubber on mice degrades over time.
i've heard that there are some ways to cure it, but i forget what it is people rub into it.
mineral oil maybe, look it up.
as for op, clean the whole place and stop smoking.

will do. thanks!

The Jews must be responsible

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Hey user how do you view exif data?
nothing that comes up in a search provides the results that you have posted, everything I find is either for different hardware/software, and or outdated.
Also lurking for a few years has yet to show me anything.

any good picture viewer can show it and there are cli programs for it on gnu/linux

Thanks dude.

Tells you the device orientation of how it was held at the time.
This shit (and other bits) can tell you the weather
This tells you he took it out of the charger and powered it on 7:30pm on Sunday night
I haven't seen fuck up this good since that guy with the hard drive failure on his 6 drive RAID 0 setup.

I use a cli program called exiftool.

why does it put all that data in the photo? my phone does not put even 10% of that data there


On Zig Forums, you also have to download the original file. If you look at OP, a4a609...a.jpg doesn't have the EXIF data, but the IMG_0024.JPG does. There's apparently some compression being applied which has the side effect of clearing the EXIF data.

thanks user, that may be just what I'm looking for.

how badly do you think he is losing his shit?
I wager that he has peeped out of his blinds at least twice already.

You'll also want to use exiftool -All= muhfile, to delete exif data. You should scrub any image you upload to the internet, especially those posted on a board full of autists.

Even your cables are dirty (thick one on the right). How fat and lazy would you say you are?

thanks for the advice user, im gonna cap this thread for future reference as a de facto case study

why not go visit him and find out for yourself? lol

theres so much data there thats not needed for anything. i can understand data thats actually related to the pic like camera settings but uptime and data from random sensors should not be there. one of my old phones had just this as data

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The "just world" part of me says it's to help investigators with crimes (see: thread on pol about korea, there is a post about "the finders" or some shit in which there were a lot of pictures of children and adults) which would simplify crime solving by several degrees.
While the realistic part of me says that it's for tracking the bad goys who try to be clever and bust their asses for posting spicy memes anonymously.
Tbh in all honesty it's probably a mix of both.
You be the judge of whether the good outweighs the evil.

Many iPhone/iPad images are automatically uploaded to the iCloud, so Apple is using there users as unpaid beta testers. They probably use the acceleration field to gauge how well their auto focus works in various situations. GPS tagging is just a glow nigger's delight. It's probably a fake story, but there was one tale about an ISIS fighter who gave up the location of their HQ due to accidentally geotagging a photo. Sometimes an user might just dox you on Zig Forums, other times it can mean a bomb landing on your building. Best to turn it off just in case. In fact, it's very hard to justify turning geotagging on at all. Perhaps if you're on vacation and it helps you remember where you went, or if you're going on a hiking trail. Otherwise, it shouldn't be enabled for normal use.

*their users.

Maybe some people want the free cummies >:^)

OP, are you 60 years old You should know better.

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What about taking a screenshot of it? Or are screenshots also "dirty"?

people that do this should kill themselves

Sometimes exif data is added, but it depends on the system. I've seen some photo editing programs that adds the person's name to the meta data (exif). With a closed source system, it wouldn't shock me if they employ a scheme similar to the "microdots," used in some printers.

By which, the identifying information would be encoded in the pixels themselves, not in the EXIF at all.

Do you send photos to other sites too, OP?
All of them have your home address.

What is this even supposed to imply? That just because some people are paranoid that everyone has to be?
Oh no someone from Zig Forums might find out where I live. In the rare chance someone is in the same city as me, I'll have to live in fear that some crossdresser might one day muster up enough energy to leave his house and try to suck me off. What a nightmare.

Oh shit OP, look out. Someone might knock at your door and you'll have to ignore it or say "I didn't order this, sorry".

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Behold, the retarded millennial. Raised on facebook and values nothing but his ability to consume entertainment on demand.

One of the vols here could gather up all the posts OP has made, and then we could mail the collection of his anonymity-enabled thoughts to his friends, family and coworkers.

More likely is that he is an underageb& and those are his parents

True, those hands do not look like those of a man who has gone through puberty.

just get yourself some pure alcohol (i use ethanol), a toothbrush and empty spray bottle, spray it on the toothbrush and clean your filthy keyboard.

He should then drink the solution for leaking his GPS coordinates.

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Not an argument, and not even a right assumption. What are you afraid of?

This is the punishment for using a mouse in the firstplace. I don't know why you think you need a mouse, or microsoft windows for that matter, but you really don't. You're supposed to use they keyboard for everything.

While this is a legitimate use case, I don't think someone implement it that way because of this. If I did something like this, it would be so I could say, "see how cool my software is, it can make use of all the data and put them in the picture. Look how cool and intuitive my photos app works because of this! And it's still just jpeg! How cool is that? Sure, our rivals devices will probably display it with the wrong orientation because tgey don't even parse that data but who cares? Look at how cool my idea is"
THIS is more how software development works. Or someone put it in for debugging purposes and no one changed it.

Stop fucking your mouse user

This. MS Paint adds your user name (if MS Account possibly your real name and surname) on JPG images. Don't know whether it injects data into PNGs.
If you make a screenshot, load it into GIMP and save it.

Totally unnecessary, since you can just clean the exif you stupid mongloid.


I was going to ask if the old trick of opening it in paint and making a slight edit of it worked, but seems to have blown out that option. Is there anything of mine saved to images posted by others that I saved off of here and then reposted?

doing those things is often the reason why those overcompressed and blurry jpg pictures exist. removing the exif with right tools does not damage the image.

those are your body liquids user

Reminded me to scrub my monitor from the tiny dusts that had accumulated.
That huge gunk was from you. I bet you're a fucking gaymer and don't even wash hands and eat barehanded

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t. someone who clearly doesn't live in chicago
chicago winters are brutal and routinely kill homeless people

you got nigger residue on your mouse because you let a nigger use it (can't tell if person in your pic is a nigger but it's very likely)


just screenshot all your pictures and then post them here

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He's really fat. He also needs a healthy diet and exercise regime.