Defeat: What’s Next?

Everyone (who at least isn’t a right-wing NPC) knows that climate change is going to have drastic effects on the political atmosphere within the next few decades. We know that if action doesn’t happen soon, hundreds of millions of people will die and be removed from their homes. It also doesn’t look like the large political oligarchs will be losing their power soon. So… what now?

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It will trigger the global race-war and it will be glorious

You think the billionaire whites give a shit about you or your race? Dumb fuck, you're gonna be here dying in the dirt with us while the porky whites and Jews and Arabs are wife-swapping in their luxury compounds deep in the Arctic.

"Billionaire whites" literally won't matter when the global chaos begins, their money will be literally be worthless, they will be just another white body in the coming race-war

The hordes of brown/black people outnumber whites by at least 10000:1.
It'll be hilarious to see the hordes marching and invading the north of the globe because of something caused by the capitalist greed that was supported by rightist retards.

the only thing rightist retards are guilty of is having empathy due to christcukery and feeding and medicating them for 7 decades and allowing their populations to balloon out of control

It wasn't empathy it was a measure to keep them where they are and now it isn't even working 100% anymore.
The smart thing to do would've been to holocaust the whole of Africa during the time of the colonizations but whitey was too lazy to pick their own cotton and decided that it was more profitable to use the Africans as a mean of production.

Could you please fucking stop this shit? Thanks


sorry that doesn't apply to me, since I believe its very real.

Well the French nobility felt very secure right until they lost their heads, the thing with revolutions is to be successful they have to escalate very quickly.

Unironically Google Bookchin

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Stop it, get help, stealing annoying buzzwords from the right to piss them off might work but it's not worth it if it makes you look just as retarded.

I'm not sure communism is a viable option either.

If only there were a third position…

Have tons of fun, because it's GG already, boys, it's the weather hasn't caught up to the climate

I want a refund on the time I wasted on this shit

Read Engels you imbecile

My city lies smack-dab between green and yellow

Embrace the chaos, brother. We will rise from the ashes of this world, like a phoenix.


I think you mean we will raise the generation that rises from the ashes of the world, –like a phoenix.

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No, thanks. I had enough of retarded shit for one lifetime

This cult of hope is seriously annoying

It's a consequence of leftists stuck reading texts from the 1960s and older, when the science of ecology didn't exist and the concept of limits to growth or development was foreign to people's minds.

It's not about hope, it's about reality. Capitalism can burn itself to the ground, the only thing left in the end will be workers even if it's just warlords who know how to operate guns.

Anyway, in a practical sense the next step is Michigan which as you might recall is a state that narrowly went for Trump in 2016 and has had an all GOP government since 2010. This happened because over the preceding 40 years the industry in the area was boxed up and sent overseas, if not to Japan in the form of imports then to China for suppliers and Mexico for tires. This caused the capitalist economy of the area to fail, as workers were written off as obsolete and unnecessary for our new global economy.

Yet, even here in this bourgeoisie operated mess there is still a future for socialism. For as awful as Snyder's emergency managers are, they understand one basic fact: most of Michigan is badly polluted and needs to be cleaned up if the state is to ever be seriously competitive again. This is what drives them to dismantle the abandoned parts of Detroit and issue buyouts for Flint homeowners. This isn't Socialism, this isn't solidarity and it certainly isn't respect but it is a clear admission that capitalism has failed to reproduce itself. Whatever Michigan's future is, it won't include big business because big business doesn't want to reinvest in the area.

So what is there to be done with a mess like this? There's opportunity. On a more optimistic note with the car industry's abandonment of the Motor City comes a tepid but real reinvestment in transit. Despite Michigan being completely Republican controlled, Snyder keeps approving money for Amtrak improvement. It is not much but it constitutes the most rudimentary level of state intervention in supporting citizens and workers.

book EXTREMELY related

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Capitalism can burn itself to the ground, yeah, and it will take whole human species with it. Check that, it's already doing it. The fact that people still vehemently believe something *can* be done despite all evidence of the contrary is where the cult comes from

Protip: most of the damage from climate change will be outside the west. America's experience with the Dust Bowl means America's leadership is ready to deal with a second one, even if it means doing godawful shit like reversing the Mississippi or imposing a water tax. Russia will see it's influence grow as the Arctic thaws and gives them better crop yields and more easily accessible oil.

The total destruction stuff will happen in China, India, the mideast and Africa - places the west don't give a shit about and that don't have any money. Already China is suspected to be having it's own Dust Bowl, and fighting over inland water supplies will make their existing border dispute with India turn into a confrontation. This is where the prospect of nuclear war and fallout/radiation borne pollution comes from; even in a more limited case Israel could single-handedly destroy all agriculture in the mideast if they decide to bomb Iran's nuclear power plant (much like how they bombed Syria's, a move which America's UN Ambassador John Bolton vigorously defended). This will cause massive migrations to the west, that will either lead to right wing disruptions within them or within the border states (Turkey, Mexico, Russia) that buffer them.

Which brings us to: this ends in world war. If not multiple fascist regimes fighting each other over scant resources then workers fighting for survival against increasingly isolated, alienated and flooded coastal cities.