Brit/pol/ #2621: [REDACTED] Edition

Theresa May says no Brexit more likely than no deal

Chris Grayling denies 'void' in government over Brexit plan B

PETER HITCHENS: A 'People's Vote' would be a disaster. But here's how we can kill it stone dead…

Elvis FAKED death? ‘The King’ admits to being in FBI witness protection to save family

Paris bakery 'gas explosion': Three killed including two firefighters and dozens injured after huge blast in French capital

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shit edition

All his books are researched originals not copypasted clones like his contemporaries

shit edition

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also yeah shit edition

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This is why if the great mythos surrounding the shoah is ever allowed to be critically examined, as all historical events inevitably are, he will be exhumed from the shallow grave that the academic establishment dug for him and will be vindicated.



Is "The Theory of Mind as Pure ACT" worth a read?

Severe lack of Jesus Christ.

ow do, erm joost anotha wurking clas lad, trying t' sash da fash

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>Tfw this lass is Uslterlad

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Based nip gasmask qt

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Based, the nip lasses love Brit lads

Based tbh

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Shame they are such ugly subhumans tbh

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Tim is so aesthetic tbh, he has many layers


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Her face is fucking awful.


gays out

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okay b back in a minute


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Fuck off you degenerate wannabe racemixer virgin

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everyone settle down

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Just going to fake it and bluff my way through. Thanks for reading.

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this is why you're a slave

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*routs the bullies*

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rest well brother

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rude tbh

good luck lad

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no bullies in this town

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was ahab a bully or a bullying victim?

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hmm idk he wanted to see what was behind the pasteboard mask of reality. I guess he was a victim


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ty lad. i shall try, the first sleep of the toilweek is never a complete one.

buy silver toillad

i have, i have. I hope I get to cash in when everything suddenly depreciates except silber and gold. I'm going to be so comfy, shitposting at home after i lose my toil and sell all my $60/oz silber.

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good lad, Iktf

i should buy some more, i havent bought since it was 14US, it's 15.50 now, which is still a good deal i reckon.

yeah it was almost at 16 last week

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tbh it's so surreal seeing imageboard memmies about someone you used to know irl

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Weetos for breakie

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What a fucking traitorous cunt he is indeed

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Ahab = wicked Israelite king
Whale = great White
Ishmael = only man standing afterwards
connect the dots?

>Cheated on his wife with Edwina (((Currie))) while lecturing the country on family values
He's been hiding in the shadows until it was time to pull his knife out and stab Britain in the back yet again

Has May been plotting a return to the EU all along?

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I see this board is still shit. I've been unironically posting on reddit lately and it's better than this place. Imagine being even shittier than reddit. You should feel embarrassed.

The best thing is how redditors are mostly normies while you guys masturbate to cartoons, they casually talk about their families and jobs. I'm pretty normie myself now, don't even care about politics. Ask me about Brexit: I don't even what they've been negotiating about, I don't even care if it's cancelled.

I'm even considering applying for a job at Greggs or working in an office just for a laugh and to further my normie status (I don't need to do it for the money, my family have agreed to support me financially indefinitely). I even bought a Man City calendar. I might even get a girlfriend who already has kids one day.

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saw this in the other thread and realised its bournemouth high street lol

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French & Saunders?

feeling blackpilled lads

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Hasn't he denounced a lot of his own ideas though?

Why are afternoons so shit compared to mornings

Is your woman pregnant? Why not? Wife and I are trying now.

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I hope you live somewhere majority white that shows no signs of declining any time soon.

We do. White and posh.

Good, they always look better than my poor brown area.

The future in a nutshell

I'm not sure which he has and which he hasn't. I just know that he stands head and shoulders above most of the English-speaking 'historians' of the third reich who write extended circle jerks 10 degrees of separation from the original sources. I'm sure he got carried away at points, and I wont dispute that he is basically a dafty, but he's probably one of the most assiduous researchers when it comes to historical documents. Ultimately I think its a shame that his work is totally marginalised because failed to treat what should be a minor footnote in the history of the European death struggle with the requisite servility.

It looks like its ogre.

Why are all the booms acting like the child is brave or that this is an ideological issue? None of the are acknowledging the writing on the wall.

Speaking of walls, how many US army bases could be relocated from around the country to make an effective border with Mexico I wonder.

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Just move some national guard bases, it's not like they do anything anyway.

How is the live music scene where you live lads? Pisses me off how utterly fucking dead it is in Herts tbh


It's never over, there is always hope.

He dindunuffin he's a gud boi tbh

We need to go back to the future

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There is a simpler solution, but I can't say it because spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) may be here.

I don't know how you'd get away with fitting a hot water cylinder without a thermostat in the first place.


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Looks like westie

Do the parliamentarians not realise how thin the ice is becoming for our 'democracy'?

They are not far from the scaffold but they are so overconfident in their little "system" which has subjugated the British to their will for centuries they are oblivious to it

Lad until last week I don't think they realised how disliked they are.

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I was always convinced it was indifference because their constituents didn't have any real impact in national policy anyway.

Maybe it's time for absolute monarchy?

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Stop living in a fantasy you gayboy


The Windsors implicitly support what's happening to this nation and even if they didn't they've been stripped of all executive power.

U wot Tarquin m8? brexit letter&src=typd

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Great idea

I guess we'll have to elect you to the position of supreme leader.