Jair Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro has won, what does this mean for leftists in Brazil? We all know Bolsonaro is a fascist — he’s sexist, racist, reactionary, and wants to destroy leftist movements in Brazil. As such, communists and anarchists will need to go into more hiding than they already are. If you live in Brazil, please be careful.

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Some of them are gonna die, some are gonna get out, and some will survive unpleasantly. Any comrades there I'd recommend they get out or go underground if possible.

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Brazil is a very, VERY large place, and mostly ungovernable.
I fear for venezuela, though.

Sure, and Sanders is a communist.

Doesn't the PT have the majority in the congress?
That can amount to something

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Politics is 100% idpol Olympics now.
Bolsonaro holds a deep contempt for the working class and he spent his entire campaign competing in the 100m for Jesus and 300m for the children's innocence races.

Already, major local leftist figures (nothing big enough to hit news except for some Latin American stations) have been arrested, especially those outside of party structures (e.g. MST)

Things are going to get really fucking bad with time.

No. They've had and still have a minority by far.


Haddad should have embraced more leftist positions. Centrist retards always lose against fascists in times of crisis.

Haddad was also super sectarian, and opposed every other leftist to the end despite them having reached out for cooperation. Essentially wanted all power to himself but ended up realizing it wouldn't work, and moving closer to centre- but far too late to accomplish much.

Source on arrests?

Anyway, the implications of what's going on are spectacular. I mean that in a bad way, of course. There seems to be a very broad push towards authoritarian capitalism - where the old 'liberal order' is now chiefly represented by Machiavellian reactionaries like Merkel who basically give zero shits about liberalism outside of neoliberal economics and international posturing.

The nice comparison would be to the Reagan era - but that's not really accurate. It might probably be closer to say that countries (or their stringpullers) keep electing mock Francos.

His advisor is a Chicago boy
Basically Pinochet Chile

The man will be full accelerationism kek.
From what I've seen he'll be totally OK with people destroying the Amazon forest.
It'll make global warming come to its full conclusion years before the schedule LMAO.

Not only is he a staunch Chicago schooler, it's a dude who literally served as an economist in Pinochet's Chile


brazil is fucked, right?

Yeah that's gonna be an OOF from me

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Guns aren't illegal in Brazil, it's just expensive and you need a permit license to carry a gun if you are not a cop or in the army.
The "Good People" can have guns already, what making it "easier" to acquire a gun will do is simply to actually make it easier for the "Bad People" to get a gun and kill the "Good People".

Tankieism is a mental disorder.

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watch something besides the MSM

because it is. Do you really think there is a future for a rapist? A child molester? A drug dealer? Fuck no. Purge, purge now.

Ha, who the fuck can you trust? There is going to be an armed force that has a monopoly on the violence. There's going to be a leader of that force. The """""socialist""""" candidates were corrupt assholes that lined their pockets and did human trafficking. Fucking implying that it wouldn't be good for a SWAT team to burst in these fuckers' homes at 3AM and blast them all. How the fuck are we going to fix our country with more corrupt government bureaucracy?

What do the anarchists do except attack allies and make leftism look childish in front of the working class? Tankie nationalism is the way to go for removing porky.

hi porky

Of course, this is why the Wall Street Journal endorsed him. They are noted friends of the workers and implacable enemies of corrupt rich people!

Nigga, please.

Calling men (using that word loosely) like him fascist is just a way to turn attention away from the fact that all the things you listed can be accomplished within a liberal-democratic framework, libshit.

This may surprise you, but fascism did not, in fact, invent statist repression.

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>implying leftists should be arrested and a right-wing dictator should be installed because you're retarded enough to agree with some of his policies

Not the poster you were replying to, but gun control literally does work to the extent that it reduces the ease with which guns can be attained. Just like your fucking retarded plan to shoot anyone who uses or sells drugs would absolutely suppress the usage of those things. Yes, people would continue to sell and use drugs, but making it harder to do still has an effect on that. And in cases where the gun supply itself is heavily limited (Australia, Japan, etc.) gun control is actually extremely effective. I don't support that kind of policy because it would result in disarming the public. According to the poster you're replying to, Brazil didn't even actually go to such disarming lengths, though.

Wait, are you pro-Bolsonaro or anti-Bolsonaro?

Lmao he wants to kill you

Just recently and in burgerland mutual aid in the wake of hurricanes, help organize the recent prison strike, involvement in the tenants unions fighting against landlords. Far more than an edgelord nazbol critically supporting a wall street shill in his struggle against anyone to the left of neoliberalism at any rate.

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Wasn't the leftist in the race imprisoned?

Yeah seriously. Bolso is really a "kill all lefties and criminals" type militarist than a Nazi. He's gonna do a lot of damage but it won't be so crazy that it will upset the apple cart (which is North American and European banks).

Brazil is basically if the Confederacy had won the American Civil War and was still its own country. The taxes are insanely regressive and there are no capital gains taxes or taxes on large inheritances.

The Bolso fans also don't like the Statue of Children and Adolescents – passed in 1990 – because it protects minors from prosecution, but that law also made most underage pornography illegal. It was not uncommon in the 1980s to have 14-year-olds on the cover of Brazilian Playboy. So Zig Forums is definitely loving the opportunity that a Bolso regime represents

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I'm fucking fine bro. It's you faux liberals that need to fucking worry. Over and over, leftism has shown itself to bow before capitalists interests and encourage disgusting perversion. See how all these supposedly "communist" countries have corrupt leaders who serve themselves, and push disgusting awful habits on the population.

I won't shed one goddamn tear when you are removed.

yeah whatever. I support an authoritarian regime removing capitalists, queers, and deviants from society. That's basically it. Bye faggot.

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Like what?
The USSR for instance was conservative as fuck just fyi.

Venezuela wasn't even nominally communist. And Cuba's doing alright afaik, and certainly improved a shit ton from when they were just the mafia's bitch. Also on Russia - only became degenerate when they dropped the USSR brand and went full capitalist, at which point their economy and social structure went to shit and the whole bloc became sex tourism and gangs. Current Russia isn't communist at all - it's an authoritarian capitalist country. Like Brazil is about to be.

I believe he meant j.ews but got caught in the filter.
BTW is the filter still on? lemme test jew

Oh, it's not so nevermind.

It's a filter on ki.kes, not jews.

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You are right about leftist politicians in South America turning into corrupt socdems, but eh right-wingers are all just as corrupt, and Bolsonaro will be no different. You country and most of South America, is a shithole and borderline vassal of western capital, and there pretty much no hope that any South American country will be able to free themselves form that position.

Also, how the fuck are communists related to degenerate performance art like that article pic, and what source do you have for the left candidates being involved with human trafficking.

Is there a list of all the board's filters?


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That user just wants to kill people and engage in various power fantasies. No point engaging

Why is it a taboo in the USA to call fascists fascists?

I think the reason is its become viewed as cliche by people and associated with cringeworthy anarkiddie types. That said Bolsonaro is basically just a stereotypical US Republican. Even his defense of right-wing dictatorships is in line with standard evangelical conservative behavior. Of course, he’s entirely capable of becoming more serious than that given Brazil’s history.

Fascist is a very common, albeit meaningless insult. I criticized it's overuse in an above post.

Political violence is not an invention of fascism. Liberalism and democracy has a much, much longer history of it and that is the framework the thing is working with right now.


I think "fascist" is justified once a few common traits have manifested, e.g.:
"Fascist" as an oft-misused term isn't really much different from other accusations of rightism, since the main problem isn't its being used for the wrong type of rightist, but their being applied to centrists and even other leftists as a synonym for "not PC enough, reeee".

None of those are unique historic fascist traits read a fucking book

fascism is also a category. If we were to apply the same reasoning to the term "populism" basically no movement should be called populist, since let's be real few populist movements are and were like original american populist. Case is, only when fascism is touched people throw bitch fits.

Because it's seen as a negative trait and the liberal obsession with "fair and free debate" values being polite over being correct, so calling them fascist is bad and you should be calling them libertarian pan-european identitarians with secular characteristics or some other nonsense. Whether the various aut-right, populist, or other types like Bolsonaro are actually fascist or some special snowflake brand of reactionary is less important than the fact they represent a turn towards more overtly repressive measures to protect capitalist interests. Such measures are going to be used against us by them or rainbow capitalists, and when you get thrown in jail for striking or being part of a radical organization I hope you've got more than the correct taxonomy for the reactionaries in charge.

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Are you saying it's politically incorrect?

In many cases yes, it is politically incorrect to call a reactionary a fascist.

Also factually incorrect.

In the sense of calling linguini spaghetti yeah, but what gets called "fascism" are reactionary movements that will have the same effect on workers as fascism did. What matters is that Bolsonaro will destroy any labor movement and sell Brazil to corporations, not identifying the correct label to give him.

that's exactly why "populism" is also a garbage political descriptor like fascism. it has even less rigor than fascism actually.

"Populism" is actually pretty unambiguous. It's just majority sentiment, as distinguished from what "consensus" the political establishment's process has arrived at. The fact such a distinction is even comprehensible speaks volumes on our "democracy".

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Populism is just the opposite of elitism.

Browsing threads at Zig Forums hasn't turned up any discussion of what you're saying, but if true, that's awesome. Not just how the law used to permit 14-year-old hotties in Playboy as it should (and not only the laws of Brazil, either), but also how it used to actually hold minors responsible for heinous crimes. If some little faggot of a 14-year-old murdered all my friends I'd want his ass dead. Intelligence testing shows that by the time you're 14 you're about as mature as you're ever going to be, so they should not only be allowed to engage in adult sexuality but be held responsible for committing adult crimes. This infantilization of the teenage population is stupid and counterproductive. I doubt that the Brazilian population actually has very many people who share most of Bolsonaro's views, but the Brazilian left has failed miserably, and that's what the voters voted against.

The funniest shit is, you're too retarded to understand why you're losing. There is no chance you will have self awareness and reflect on what you do, because the self aware leftists join our side. We're poaching the sober leftists and bringing them to our side, and you'll just moan and whine about it.

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He will turn Brazil back into a true third world country by liquidating the very middle class that voted for him. How poetic. All so he can suck up to the US as well. So much for the nationalist right.

they deserve it for voting that crazy fascist, fuck Brazil.

"muh sexism"

Fuck off roastie

just liquidate all classes and then put Nationalism on top of it.

I know it's a bit off-topic but did Bolsonaro say something about Mixed Martial Arts?

But Brazil is and always was a third world country.
How can someone turn something back into what it already is?

I'm not even remorely surprised by this.

If you take a quick look at Zig Forums, both on 4 and Zig Forums, you can see fascists from brazil all over the place. You cannot just claim Poe's law. Fascism has grown in brazil at an alarming rate.

We are living in dark times. You can thank neoliberals for the rise of fascism all over the place. History repeats itself.

If "sober leftists" are going to start supporting corporate shills who are going to sell out workers then I'm glad they're leaving us.

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Bolsonaro is a neoliberal steroids though, he's not third position or anything close to that

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Capitalism's friendship with liberalism has ended.
21th century capitalism asks for more drastic measures.
Authoritarian capitalism, here we go!

Hitler was the first neoliberal

As i see it we're going back to 1815-1848 period again, where the reactionary monarchs (russia, austro hungary, prussia, bourbon then orleanist akak """liberal""" monarchy [progressive for its time but what is essentially neoliberal in today's parlance]) oversaw industrialization and modernization. That, or post 1848 meiji, prussia, austro hungary and alex ii+ iii, nicky ii russia. Basically its the age of authoritarian monarchy without the monarchs and semi-constitutional authoritarian strongmen.

This is what Ted Kaczynski meant when describing oversocialized leftists. You masochistically enjoy losing and being dominated by the outgroup. Yeah, Bolsonaro (and Trump) are going to work with trade and industry, because that's how wealth is created. But, they're going to bargain on behalf of their people, which is more than you commies can ever say. Every single goddamn communist country has had elites throw the commoners under the bus. Meanwhile, countries that are nationalistic win and survive. That's why Kerala is successful, and Venezuela sucks.

You couldn't give less of a shit about actual working class people and what's good for them. You only seek to destroy and remove power from a host population, so that outsider barbarians can take over you. Bolsonaro actually gives a shit about his people. Look at the video, school should be for empowering working class people so they can be productive and wealthy, yet you commies carry water for faggot LGBT movements instead.

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Bolsonaro is not going to work on behalf of anyone except global mining interests. He is an American puppet. He really isn't comparable to Trump except on the superficial level. Middle class brazilians are about to get a serious reality check.

Don't you mean multinational corporations?

Just FYI that video is just about Bolsonaro being an sperg.
That book wasn't going to be used in Brazilian schools, he just thought it was from the top of his schizophrenic paranoia.

Stop projecting

You hate the working class, otherwise you would debate our ideas in good faith, you promise wealth and aspiration but you don't explain how besides offering deflections on the Venezuela or SJW problems.

Workers create wealth, not "trade or industry", why do you think strikes are so disruptive if capitalists were so vital?

Let's talk work if you really care, I don't care for your frivolous histrionics about gay people offending your sensibilities

fuck off

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I don't have to argue with your lies. I can just point at leftists and everything I say is validated. You bow down before your corporate masters if they serve your progressive interests.

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Next you're going to tell me that the Democrats are leftists.

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none of you would talk to Eric Striker, he's ten times the anticapitalist you'll ever be.

pic related.

you're too arrogant to question why the neoliberals and corporations support your retarded progressive religion. It really fucks with your cognitive dissonance.

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you act like there hasn't already been books written tackling this exact question. But if you must know it's because A: social progressivism has very little to do with class politics B: it maintains the perception that the capitalist class is benevolent C:because of idiots like you who base their politics on getting offended by a tweet from an ice cream company

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Reminder that Bolsonaro is literally globalist and yet Zig Forums claims him as their own. Really shows you just how american this wave of reaction is. Just another reason why socialism and american hegemony cannot coexist.


official account of Deutsche Bank

#Brazil: Presidential elections go to first round.- the neoliberal Jair Bolsonaro is the desired candidate of the markets. #dbPaM

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Maybe if there are pictures of him standing near a Menorah, but even then, they don't mind if Trump is chummy with Israel and Saudi-Arabia.

Zig Forums is so cucked

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its kind of hard to have an anti-Zionist state unless you're Iran unless you want to get nuked. its ideal, just not realistic at this point.

might is right disproves any functional anarchist community has existed.

There's a difference between "aloof from zionism, still friendly with israel" and "fervently zionist beyond any but a handful of other states worldwide to the point of weathering heat from libs"

Are you implying that bolsonaro did that in order to avoid being nuked by Israel?


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There is something on this picture that just rips my soul out and leaves me void

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