Brit/pol. #2622: All-British Edition

Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test was given a 'pass' by the Army until furious male soldiers who HAD completed course staged rebellion

Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair's chemical weapons expert

Sudanese man, 29, denies attempting to kill cyclists and police after Ford Fiesta ploughed into crowds outside Parliament in 'terror related' incident

Fifty-five men arrested in West Yorkshire over child sex abuse

Up to 30,000 tests are being performed every year, says Alphabiolabs, 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing

DNA pioneer James Watson, 90, is stripped of the last of his honorary titles after doubling down on his 'reprehensible' views that genes cause a difference between black people and white people on IQ tests

Anger over 'naked men' at unisex changing rooms in Bath

Police in pursuit of on-the-run rhea in Oxfordshire

Polish mayor stabbed in shocking on-stage attack dies in hospital

China sentences Canadian man to death for drug smuggling

German navy spent £120m repairing sailing ship while troops face shortages

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I think it's worth watching as a propaganda piece tbh. you can see right through it with how they portray people, the lighting they use in their scenes, etc. I doubt normalfags who aren't political junkies gave enough of a shit to watch it as well, and if they did well it portrays remainers as complete retards, whereas the leavers are a mix of good guys and retards led by a smart guy.

these are the men saving evropa right now

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Mogg at the end of the Summer of 2017 suggested that there should a temporary visa scheme for those from Africa and the Caribbean to pick our fruit and keep it cheap.

brexit riots when?

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Standing in a bar with a flag will save Vvrvpv

Mogg represents the Leave vote about as well as he represents conservatism.

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the two sides are the same, slightly different in policy delivery but the same. They're both importing wogs. Choice is just an illusion
two sides of the same coin

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Labour and Tories
Nige shilled for non EU migration


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Yeah suck-ups are suck-ups, who'd've guessed.
What do you think the Leavers on the streets voted for, a different shade of immigration?

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Moderate Generation Identity should maybe try not sporting Hitler hair-dos tbh


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brvh I just realised that the evropean flag is an upside down v in a circle

thought the manlet was wearing a beret, turns out he's got the classic dollop of nutella on his head for a haircut

thanks for reminding me of those comics lad. Have you got the one about the media?

Based brethren of Evropa second from the left there, xir actions will echo in eternity and forever honour the sons of Jupiter.

And that's where is stands. The main concern for people voting Leave is immigration, not a matter of where they come from, but immigration overall.
Just because the press and politicians are trying to manipulate it now, doesn't mean the publics opinions have changed.

I don't lad.

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I like the girl on the right. She looks like a nerdier version of an East German blonde I used to bang good stock, looks like an actual Nazi woman reincarnated.

Have you at least got the one about the Yids opening rootless cut-price shops?

yeah she cute

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Thv qvvck brvwn fvx jvmps vvvr thv lvzv dvg

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desecrating Mary Mother of God warrants the death penalty

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kek his face in panel #2 looks a bit like Spurdo

thanks lad.

q predicted this

Good lad


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As if 'know your audience' isn't the most basic bitch tenet of marketing/advertising/electioneering that every cunt knows is the name of the game
Because a binary choice between yes and no isn't inherently divisive. Oooh, so fucking sinister.

Literally who on either side doesn't want to disrupt the system?
It was Leave.EU that won it.

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I wanna go to an all-you-can-eat burger party with Trump, no fair

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He's a moderate cuck irl as well.

bro richard spencers texts to his big tiddy russian gf leaked and he's just telling her to killer herself 100 times lmao.


Boring e-celeb drama

This tbh.

richard spencer is getting divorced and his ex wife leaked all his texts and is taking him to court for beating her.

its funny tbh

Deus vult lads

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no it's preddy fuggin lame lad

t. Richard Spencer
tbh though

Post some screenies then spy.

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Feel unhappy right now lads, this isn't new.

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did they bang?

is there anything about james bond time?

have you considered staying up late and shitposting?

Is this male or female? Either way it's a personlet

poor effort/10 tbh on the part of whoever wrote the script

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Lads help…

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this is a man btw

just doesn't work anymore tbh

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you say that every time I post anything

natalie mars she was a BASED tranny that supported trump during the campaign and apologized for it when she got into porn.

reminder to boycott gillette and buy bic

It was mainly mcdaddy not moonman

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oink oink paypiggy

lad I just saved a wendys pic when pol was dumping a lot of it. how do you know so much about a tranny?

Fucking daft Nick, amh.

I dislike current year.

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he gets posted on Zig Forums and I remember a thread about him apologizing about supporting trump and the muslim ban when getting into porn.

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good lad I suppose

Who is Joe's waifu?

urgh I feel ill

This reads like it was written by a 12yr old spy.

Which one is gray and which one is blue?

God lad.

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blue is his ex wife

This is now a milkers thread

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What is that clip originally from, for research.

Good OC lad.

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Dunno lad, you'd have to ask Steiner.

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keeek he's a good lad though

her tiddies were shit anyway tbh


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it's fan art of a show called KonoSuba
found this while looking for it, funny how much effort people put into filth

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Not based lad.

Why do all milkers vids work so well with Prodigy playing in the background. Maybe we'll never know.

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p-promise you won't ban me lad?

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