Comeback after a year or two away from chans

i thought some guy got paid 10,000 usd to upgrade Zig Forums?
what happened? who in charge now? did the upgrade get abandoned? pic not related.

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he leaked /sp/'s IPs by leaving Laravel's debugging interface available, and the 8ch move to his software failed because it took him too long to figure out that his caching layer was murdering his performance, instead of helping it. At one point he blamed "vCPUs". There was a vote or something and 8ch stayed on infinity.
After /fatpeoplehate/ was lost to voat amidst misplaced anti-reddit reeeing (for a community kicked from reddit for not being reddit enough), Hotwheels lost his innocence and zest for life and sold everything as a package deal to Filipino drug dealers, who were promptly murdered by Duterte.
I think some hyper-intelligent pigs are running the site now. Somehow they have a kid who knows Haskell working for them.

so this site is on life support now? posting seems to be slower. god dam i dont want Zig Forums to become just another alt chan.

So what did you go to jail for OP?

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He fucked us over and didn't do it, took the money and ran.

10k for months of work is nothing. Hotwheels even gave money to whatishisname to help him out.

Riiight. Months and work.

Samefag, you haven't been 2 years away. You been shit this place and elsewhere for a long time now.

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The >samefag part was the least important of the sentence. But who cares, the message was to OP but it's valid to you two, bitch.

OK. I'm using 1024-bit IEEE floating point so I don't have resolution enough to register how much more important the rest of your sentence was.

Josh accepted donations to create the software with the understanding that it would be licensed under the AGPL. Money ran out before the software was complete. Jim Watkins, the owner of Zig Forums, offered to fund the rest of the development of the software, but on the condition that it be proprietary, with the copyrights assigned to him or his company. Josh refused because it wouldn't be fair to the donors who expected the software to be AGPL. That's the story that Josh tells, anyway.
Jim Watkins is the owner. I think his son Codemonkey runs the place.
Yes. Though, to his credit, over a period of months after the upgrade fiasco, Codemonkey fixed a lot of stuff and excepting a few bumps in the road, the site has run well enough since then.

I don't know what the future holds for Zig Forums. Apparently Jimbo lost an important court case in Japan against Hiroshima Nagasaki, the proprietor of 4chan, who had his old chan stolen from him by Jim many years ago. I haven't seen much discussion of what that might mean for this place, though.

He tweeted last year he was done with chans and converted to Christianity or something.

What's that? I don't use js and the page at that link doesn't work without it.

pic related. its discussed at Zig Forumsres/12835400.html

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I see. Are you suggesting that that's the future for Zig Forums as well?

i think it will be the future for everywhere. we will have to log in just to get online at all in the future. all anonymity will be banned.

If that happens, I'll just stop using the internet for anything but stuff that's necessarily tied to my identity anyway, like checking my work email. I already don't use a lot of services that other people seem to believe are essential, like social media, and streaming media, and online games. I'd regret not being able to access news and information, but I can always read books. I've been meaning to learn Greek and Latin and maybe Sanskrit and read a lot of the classics in the original, so I guess I'd finally have more time to do that.

8ch is now run by CIA

I hope this clears it up.

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Try harder, spook.

logins are a great step forward when it comes to plausible deniability, they create deep webs and reduce the impact of places like hollaforums
the anonymity part sucks, but that's what diceware is for

jim is more exmilitary than MC Ride

There is literally nothing wrong with accounts as a board option, but newfags and neckbeards don't understand that not every board is meant to be 4chan lite for le ebin oldgags.

Zig Forums is supposed to be a website where you create your own imageboard and run it however you please, not where you create another imageboard for /v/ retards and mobile twitterposters to shit up.

yeah, now he's just working on fonts


nice try cia but u forgot that you glow in the dark

I concur with the samefag.

'samefag' suggests deception. There's none of that with the feminist infiltrator. he even says "also".


Zig Forums has more traffic than before. Even more than 4chan and other chan combined.

qresearch is only 600 post/hour

What went so wrong?

>>>Zig Forums12835400

The site was going well despite Josh fucking up but after the lawsuit between nagasaki hiroshima and jim seems they all gone AWOL

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Jim is sketchy as fuck and its really been starting to show ever since Hotwheels left.

WTF I love 4chan now

You're free to go back there then.

that one is even worse tho. they have the google captcha and they have paid shills that post in every thread where you complain about it or anything else thats bad on the site



i crai errytime.

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20ppm = 1200pph
Not even weekend.
There's more other hidden boards you've never heard of.
If you're counting 4chan posts you should exclude the filler botspams and datamining posts like "we all have secrets" they put on /b/ and other boards.

Google captchas are the fucking worst. If your browser is completely unidentifiable (e.g. a non-resize tor browser window with the tor network disabled) it is literally impossible to solve it. It will just fail because Google wants to track the goyim.
The primary reason I left 4chan is because I upgraded the privacy on my browser and solving the recaptchas became unbearable.












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