Brit/pol/ #2623: Milk Edition

Meet the British families stocking up on food and essentials in case TONIGHT'S vote sees UK crash out of EU with No Deal

Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test was given a 'pass' by the Army until furious male soldiers who HAD completed course staged rebellion

Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair's chemical weapons expert

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first for milk


Part of me kind of wants a second referendum to shut these remainer cunts up. Imagine how satisfying after all this it would be to see them lose by an even larger margin.

I suspect they'd just cry and ask for another though so it's largely pointless.


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xth for powdered milk

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stop posting pics of your relatives

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Jocks are back on

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need a version of that that says ,"got milkers"


noodles with sosig and green been sauce for dinner lads

Good times tbh lad.

and the ikea was staffed by muslims

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I'll never get tired of that webm

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why is that one guy doing chinky eyes?


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me neither tbh

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can't remember tbh

oh wew lad

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tell me about Kane

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- Ulster lad

He's a big taig.

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for man U

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Disappointed tbh

yep, those are going in my dairy farm

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no problem

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Portsmouth North voted to leave

Fucking Portsmouth South, lovey green party beach cunts.

This Damo in parliament letting us down right now smh.

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You like lines in your fabrics son?

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Insinuating the ref is blind?
Don't think Chelsea have any chinky players.

Warsi: MPs going against the vote and shilling for remain is not sabbotage, it is "As British as it gets". Wew.


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Jesus Christ. What is the context behind this?

smh I remember stories about local lads running gypsies out of that area in the 70s.

gypsies terrorise a neighborhood in liverpool


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comes from this feud


Labour fined £12,500 over donation declaration failure

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Is Tommy Joyce son of Davey Joyce?

Jamelia wants the HoL abolished and some of the HoC excluded from voting
Good idea
Based WOC

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Ard lads they are


That in Hatfield?

Someone's mummy

Haven't a clue.

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Machete-wielding thugs attack two men in McDonalds as fight turns nasty

Don't the mirror mod the comments? They seem a bit "spicy".

We need a cull

Fast food places are fucking dangerous

thot MP

This. KFC is almost classed as enemy territory.

Its every young able bodied Englishmans duty to organise and take part in defending your area from gypsies tbh

Does she know she's not in European parliament right now? I didnt know we let foreign MEP's in the house.


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reminder to memi responsibly

fucks sake timmy

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know people who know him in person, and they say he's a sound lad

There's a third Miliband?

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When's he coming back lads?

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I only go to McDonalds, which requires getting there by car.

saw a gareth southgate annual in a shop today

Dont go after dark frend.

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Or just use the drive-in.

milkers leaver lass

wew Bercow's on a mad one

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Why aren't they in Israel?

boring Johnson sibling spotted

they actually have americans missionaries trying to convert blacks in europe

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All these fucking chavs on the highstreet that park outside McDonalds on the zigzag lines and stick their hazard lights on. Really pisses me off. Why do these cunts think they are above the law.

has theresa may flown a plane into nelson's column yet lads?