Brit/pol/ #2625: No Confidence Edition

May's government survives no confidence vote
UK Prime Minister Theresa May has seen off a bid to remove her government from power, winning a no confidence vote by 325 to 306.

Philip Hammond tells business chiefs MPs will stop no-deal Brexit

UK film age rating rules get stricter for scenes of sexual violence
Under-15s will no longer be able to go to see films that depict rape and other sexual violence under new rules set by Britain's film ratings body.

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For her

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first for him

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>those is, ys and g.

It's a Pakistani male who can write in Urdu tbh.

for her

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she's for me, tbh

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The problem is that power vacuum won't occur in the countries like ours because of the sophistication of the security services, unless there is a complete economic collapse which causes mass political shift.

I'm just amazed how blatant the powergrab by actual Yids was in that country tbh.

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Wouldn't surprise me.

Britain to ban internet and file sharing etc etc
that'll stop 'em

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tbf when i was 15 or whatever i just said i wanted a ticket for toy story then walked into whatever film i wanted lol

should have sold/traded them for bitcoin you fool
I did and became a 0.0000000237183674 Bitcoin millionaire

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lel, me too

Its a great example of why exclusively street movements dont work. Ukrainian nats lost hundreds fighting the police and Russian rebels and yet they received less than 10 seats in the Rada out of 450.

They ruled the streets but they had no institutional support, they didnt occupy any positions of power and only won some sympathy from the government. So they get away with beating up gypsies and raiding communist offices, but they get little real control.

Power vacuums will occure, recession, social upheaval, natural disasters can happen and the system can break. Infact its close to breaking right now.

The Chinese are strange people.

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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"Nope, but is Fulton balloon thing you got for sale?"

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wait my DUP folder isn't worthless too, is it?

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You need nationalist vanguardism tbh

wait why are the UKIP and DUP folders pointless now? I was away watching a film.


Let me breakdown Mummy May's 4D chess for you absolute brainlets

[You are here]

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UKIP crashed ages ago, lad. Just asked about DUP. hope I don't have to sell out quick

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wouldn't be surprised if you this post was serious knowing you

Won't happen.

That doesn't invalidate what I said but ok.

oh ok, I thought something had happen.

holy BASTE libtard commies REKT

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I was more attacking your sentimentality to that country despite it being a hollowed out yiddish playpen deliberately separated from its natural father due to the next stage of the Great Game.

Are we talking about Ukraine or the UK here?

It'll be either a Soft brexit, redacting A50 or a second ref.
Anything to avoid a hard brexit tbh.

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Ukraine obviously lad.

Is the UK any different?

my post was talking about the UK tbh

me of the left

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bad lad.
hard brexit is fated to happen

It's the default and enshrined in law position lad

(checked tbh)
Who knows honestly tbh, I'm not sure the government would risk the fallout over a 2nd ref or a cancel.

It is different in that we don't have a father in the same way as Ukraine is to Russia. Our island status has afforded us our splendid isolation and can do again if there is political will behind it.

The hollowed out by Yids point I will concede.

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No deal is an option but they will go hell for leather to make sure it's the last option. Not because they think the country would turn into death valley overnight, but because they are shitting themselves on the amount of work they have to do. Also mass incompetence from all sides.

listen to yourself lad.

I was only meming lad

more like a son who abuses us now we're old and infirmed

The UK has been subdued by the American Empire since WW1

Geography is destiny, they have no "real" power projection, it is only because our politicians are so willing that it is so.


sick of listening to wankers on sky news, going to see how well Onimusha 1 holds up

America rules when geography is destiny. They are a massive landmass that is between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean full of enough natural resources and arable land to be self sufficient.

I don't think you know what communism is tbh lad

the amount of force necessary for the US to project power in terms of realpolitik from so far away is disproportionate to the country's sustainable output.

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A no-deal for the UK government and going on WTO rules is like the autistic child abandoned in a shopping center by his mother.
We've been mommy coddled for 40yrs and got used to not growing up and looking outwards. Parliament MPs even have a child like exuberance and also a cushy EU pension. We can do better than this.

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WTO would be awful for the UK. if it was so good no one would want to sign free trade agreements with each other but we have to go forward to no deal. Fuck them all tbh


taking no deal off the table leads to one thing only
NO Brexit

He's northern.

There was so much kowtowing to Israel and scoobydoos today I nearly vomited a few times tbh lads

northerners say mam not mom

Everything is going to be alright and Brexit will happen smoothly r right?

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north of me t b h

Corbyn is asking for this because he knows its political suicide if May actually does this, prompting a GE.

it's win win for him.

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I'll die on the spot from shock if it does tbh

About as smooth as a badger's arse lad.

Yep. Non of them have an idea. Even considering a Norway model, Canadian model, etc is a joke as their model works for them and them only.

top kek
they're mental

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I dunno if people would go for Corbyn tbh, shite as the tories are. The tories could fuck Brexit and still win a GE.

I hope not

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Who wants to see this commie tramp in charge of the UK?
You'd have to be unhinged

Sky heavy on the propaganda

He wouldn't win outright, but it would be a hung parliament with the mandate falling to him by default because the Tories will have been seen to have lost said mandate.

yanks out

He would win but only if he has a coalition with the SNP. UK being run by a tramp who sucked on Hugo Chavez's dick and a fishwife. Absolute_state.exe

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As stated before, the incumbent system must be seen to have failed spectacularly before it collapses and the power vacuum appears.

wtf r u chatting about you dirty furriner

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using commie as a canard is as bad as HnH using fascist as one.

>The new season of True Detective is a soft reboot of Season one

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Wherefore didst the lady kicketh the bucket, lads?

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Time is a flat circle goy


It doesn't have those memi wanker one liners like that one too.


Nope. Click on spoile literally nothing underneath it

just spent £20 on counterstrike cases lads

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Good goy

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in vegan news

Off to the paki shop, you fat cunts want anything?

get the sun will ya lad


they sure took their sweet time crossing that road. they should get a moooove on

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I'm going to tweet that, thanks lad.