Brit/pol/ #2626: Nice Country Drive Edition

Prince Philip unhurt in crash while driving
The Duke of Edinburgh has been involved in a car crash while driving near the Queen's Sandringham estate, Buckingham Palace has said.

German industry 'looking into the abyss' as Brexit fears mount

Fake newspapers declaring end of Trump era spread across DC

'Wrecker Corbyn': how Thursday's papers covered May's Brexit vote aftermath
The newspapers navigate the no-confidence motion, then the PM’s open door, then Jeremy Corbyn’s rejection

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Absolutely based tbh

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lad going to Malaysia, ask away if you want to know anything

The only people they'd try to coerce into this diet are Westerners. Why the fuck should we suffer the actions of Asians and Africans.

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No one cares, right

are you going for the lady boys?

Why did you fake your own death? Why Malaysia?

nah but he is, besides we don't have any, that's for the pagans

fuck knows, ask him

more fool those who fall for it tbh

thought you were him lad.

tbh my post was inadvertently ambiguously phrased

Speaking of Deliverpoo, what nationality are the delivery drivers you find congregating in McDonald's and blocking the counter with their big padded bags?

They're swarthy but not Turk-swarthy, possibly muslim and speak a slavic-sounding language.


from your description it sounds like it


idk bout London. but like I said in my town Brighton many are from Brazil strangely.


Wogs need to put something on the end of it tbh

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don't remind me lad

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You mean a noose on their neck?

Both will do

More "explosions" in France

Poofs tbh

Are you watching the Leave Rally?? This Gilf is great!

it's the only decent thing to do tbh

Aaaahhhh lad, need an Esther McVey gf tbh

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Eeee was pissed mate, or he thought he was in Paris or was he practicing for when it’s the yanks turn?

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swear i fit like 90% of these
but then i seem to fit the descriptions of most other personality disorders too so idk maybe it's all bollocks


trannies always have mental disorders tbf

jéé'j this hardly matches me at all, if anything I'm the inverse

mechanistic bollocks

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you into daydreaming lad? since i was like 4 i've spent a large portion of my free time daydreaming and getting in lost in my own mind. might put music on or walk in a rythmic pattern like a circle or run up and down while i go into my head and have long fantasies of going on an adventure, or of stories i make up, or power fantasies or anything interesting like being a famous musician. i never met anybody else in school or life who did this as well.

wow that's me, I def should get on those NEET bux now

probably not the best path to go down lad you'll be a pariah

I think they just drug you and then have you stack shelves until you die.

I'm not a mechanic lad

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No that's the shrink.

tbf I have a friend whose a mental health nurse and she says Im not like the crazy people she visits even when I tell her my wildest stories about stuff I think/believe/know

can you lucid dream? I did the day dreaming thing all the time when I was younger then I learned how to lucid dream and i sort of moved all my fantasy worlds over to the dream world. >tfw the waking world becomes less and less interesting

no but i have really vivid dreams if i sleep on my back, and sometimes I can take control of them, I guess that's lucid dreaming sort of.
mental isn't it? a fantasy in your head that feels as real as touching something in real life, and you talk to people and have a conversation, all created by your own head.

We are Druids brothers. Accept this, embrace your destiny.

dreams that i've had, had me feelin' so bad

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What music have you lads been listening to?

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tbf when you have a really good dream where everything feels perfect, it feels like a vision from heaven. I hope that's what the afterlife is like.


I found that if you spend the day doing something or thinking about something specific then it becomes part of the dream more easily. disadvantage of this;

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tbh I've dreamed I've been talking with lads here, but only when I've gone to bed twisted

Good lad

worst feel is "saving" an image/webm in the dream world then trying to actually find it in the waking world.


I had a dream pembs posted

Often but sometimes you may have something more than mere dreams. Revelations and portentous visions. Know the difference.

Pic: I was hanging with Die Antwoord again the other night. They had their own tank.

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my god. I don’t know how to react. I still have a huge chill up my back

he just ripped off john foxx tbh

oh no

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they're good lads tbh

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proves you're a good person, first and foremost

I just found out Ian Smith's name was used to commit voter fraud in Zimbabwe.

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was kind of stupid of you to pick him up tbh.

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And the name of that hitchhiker?

Albert Einstein.

and then everyone clapped and he got himself a qt lass

Could you imagine if I hadn’t resolved to be a better person?

Sure you can say just don’t pick up strangers too and all but shit, chills up my spine just thinking about it. He didn’t look dangerous at all

what's the meaning of this dream?
feel like my most symbolic/portentous dream. still can't figure it out.

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It was freezing and in the middle of the country m8


Sharks with lasers are coming to get you lad

did he give any reason why he was going to kill you?

literally horror movie-tier

it means you're gay tbh

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It almost sounds like a past life memory…until the creepy alien tier stuff. I really couldnt say.

Judgement tbh

What did you do to upset him lad?

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wtf dude. someone just posted this on a Bongo Bongo Land Im on

Nope no reason just that I need to be more careful
The tone of voice, he wasnt joking around. Sounded so cold.

I dont think many of us are that trusting but glad you didnt get stabbed to death in a slasher tier horror flick.

Unfair of you to leave this part out lad

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you are lucky he wasn't a sociopath, as he wouldn't have had any reason not to kill you tbh.

Maybe next time don't be so trusting of strangers.

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read both his books tbh

the picture, the boat, light house, the laser.

something strange afoot with that vision, the clues confirm.

Cheers lad, looks like being nice enough can literally save your life

We’ re both white


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Rory Stewart looks like he's in training for a remake of The Machinist tbh

Q predicted thi

I know man. Still going to be friendlier to people though

the globalists got him before he finished his post


Q predicted tha

i wish he would rise from the grave just to dab on what zimbabwe became after his legacy was dismantled

we must destroy those pesky pro-iran shia globalists and support based israel tbh