Defending digital spaces

How do you defend digital spaces from being overrun by degenerate communities? Furries turn up and more of them come along, until it's full of furries and people wanting the original content leave so they don't have to deal with it.

Similarly with anime and porn consumers, they turn up and shit up the place until it becomes a swamp full of them.

How do you defend your digital spaces from these people? Is there a way to safe guard against this slippery slope or is it permanent?

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Get out, you orc! This place is for human!

Anonymous boards? Hard if they can't be banned. Regular forums can have a reputation system and such but even that can be cheated.

You just don't use Discord.

Any rep based system will eventually produce reddit style mediocracy designed for the most broad spectrum audience. I personally dont like em, hence the chans.

Ignoring Discord. Look at cuckchans /r9k/. Went from not!/b/ to virgin central to tranny cult.

This is true but it also produces some level of functionality. It maybe bitch basic but if you have a question you can ask on Reddit and likely get an answer or check a subreddits wiki to get to it. The community is awful but it does function.

What you're really asking is HOW TO KEEP CULTURE. And I don't even know if that's possible.

Not really. Any culture which stays constant will stagnate, it's one of the problems with 8ch. It needs to continue to replace members and keep current members fulfilled in some way. It's more about maintaining control of that evolution rather than losing it to the fag parades who will latch onto the smallest sign of weakness and use it to invade.

Well members can be replaced, but the soul of the forum should stay.

Honestly, my biggest worry is for Indians taking over the English speaking internet.

The irony of asking this on Zig Forums, the refuge of the cancerous new monkeys who flooded 4chan trying to be the Final Boss Of The Internet.

OP here. By "defending digital spaces", I really mean "How can we/I-mean-someone-else-who-is-more-function-than-me make it so all the /fur/cancers, /fag/cancers, /emo/cancers, /girl/cancers, etc., can be kept out, so that all the weak-willed 14 year-olds can only be infected with Zig Forumscancer?"

Aside, what worked in the past was client-side killfiles. Forum Cancers happen because they can flood a site and have their retardation publicly displaced on someone else's server costs, with server-side moderation being totally ineffective, and of course interfered with the natural community. "Reputation" filtering would work adequately on the client-side too.

Social Media sites don't do this because they need the Server-side control, not in the least because it makes the most money, but also how "Common Carrier" legal protection doesn't really apply to Internets-- the distributed Usenet found that one out 25 years ago.

For fucks sake, stop being masturbating monkeys over HYPERCRYPTO DISTRIBUTED FREEDOM ANONYMOUS NETWORKS that only fucking pedpophiles would use, and do just a distributed net with client-sideness and no masturbating cryptomonkeys.

you have to make sure the site includes occasional hardcore gore.
just enough that it's a suprise but often enough that it can't be avoided.
this is why there is guaranteed to be atleast 1 gore poster in every thread on Zig Forums and /b/

the unwanted weak willed lemming cannot handle it and they will get PTSD and leave after being greeted with someone's head being split in 2 pieces while trying to post their undesirable opinions.
>>>Zig Forums12850742
gore posting is an effective tool

just read with joy of this female straight out of leftist brainwashing camp having a complete breakdown over seeing her first gore video and being greeted with reality

You shouldn't lie on the internet, Santa won't bring you any presents you little shit.

Gore isn't a long term solution. You will trigger the leftists but it won't get rid of all the degenerates. It's easy to bully leftists into submission because they're so easily triggered. But that doesn't drive off the furries or the pedos. You end up with an 8ch scenario where you have "nazi furs" posting pokemon threads or various boards full of lolicon. These people then try to take power by claiming any one who might not want to see this shit over and over has to be an outsider from Reddit or a goon. They have effectively co opted the website, partly thanks to Zig Forums declaring any discussion to be shilling and carrying that mentality over to other parts of the site.

Consistent moderation

A server with a centralized account system and post verification that requires users to help host the website in order to make posts. If they've hosted the website for a couple weeks/days/months they are allowed to make posts but can be banned for breaking the rules. Posts from valid users that are sent to the server get anonymized and distributed to the people who help host. This would be ideally built on top of filecoin whenever it gets finished.

There are two purposes to this system, one is to distribute the load of hosting so the site can scale with users without requiring significantly more server bandwidth, and the other is to ensure that users are good community members who have lurked long enough to know the culture and can't avoid bans by IP hopping.

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Has the security improved at all?

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You wanna keep the furries out? 4chan will welcome you with open arms.


This is pretty much the only solution. Tyrone does a good job with /r9k/ here.

I miss user PottyTime :(

You claim it's an effective gatekeeping, but what only fucking happens is teenage spergs posting gore/furry/watersports/etc. in every active thread on every active board. It brings in more sociopaths than it drives out 'lemmings'.

Benevolent dictatiorships

This. Let me run the whole thing and I'll keep morons out.

The same way that you defend against politics.
It's literally the same type of issue.
Unfortunately it requires community effort that popular sites like post-2010 4chan and 8ch didn't have. Either that, or just consider it off-topic and ignore.
t. furry

how? control. the more levels of control the better.

there's no need to wait for the 40th millenium for there to be only war, because everything is already only war.

lrn2history newfag. where do you think we are?

If you're into censorship just ban everyone who talks about/encourages what you don't want.
If you're not into censorship, make them their own space and then ban off-topic posts.

Set up community standards and make even the mods submit to it early when it begins

But some of my furry friends like gore infact One of them a serious problem and likes to master bait to it wile im chatting with him on discord I keep telling him he needs to stop but he doesn't

Yeah he likely the crush porn

He also likely the scat and cub stuff to I seriously don't know I am friends with this loser Is a real big fucking piggy he also likes to make films of him self eating chocolate ice cream wile shirt less

I think he goes by the name king fatty

There's nothing to defend. Everything is a cesspool.

A cesspool filled with taint ticklers

Ban porn and pedophilies. Build up a site culture that constantly shits on fags, minorities, and ridiculous leftist pinko garbage. Relentlessly mock and deride anyone who deviates from these norms. This has to be enforced from the top down. All site staff need to be on the same page with this. Every site I've seen get subverted was due to bad leadership who didn't care to moderate the community, or brought in bad actors as moderators.

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how do you shut the fuck up, stay calm, and shitpost. do you see any furry shit here? no. all this retard conjecture about moderation on the internet is fucking cancer.

Post gore, of the highly explicit and fucked up makes-you-want-to-puke variety. This way you desensitize yourself for the day of rope, and it also keeps away any nutless faggots who "don't have the stomach" for it.

You should probably euthanize him, for his own sake.

Damn that nigga must've eatin alotta grapes

1. Ban them
2. Delete their posts
3. Don't promote your sites where they hang out
4. Don't overpromote your site, the more users the higher the chance they'll have a significant amount of degeneracy
5. If all else fails change domain and rebrand

or just make a board that will keep them busy or a place to dump them

and just ban any thing thats not with in there group

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I had to stop watching the 2 guys 1 hammer video, but it didn't break me the way it apparently breaks these Facefuck shlomos. I watchted the cartel chainsaw execution, though, and I quite enjoyed Tarrant's mosque visit.

Aye, you and me both.

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this unironically. now every pajeet and his brother Durgesh can afford a smartphone. poor people in general should be banned from the net.

This brings up a good question, where should you promote your site? Most of the normalweb is pozzed as fuck and out of the question, and imageboard anons are generally smarter and more resistant to shilling than your average faggot on the internet. It'd be easy if you were shilling some silicon-valley-tier trashheap platform where you didn't care about having good users as you can easily spam whatever garbage you've made on hackernews, reddit and the like, but it's different if you're actually trying to build up a good community. Getting an organic site with a quality userbase off the ground is the hard part, I think you'd need to break down "promote your site" into a few dozen bullet points

If you want a SUPER SEKRIT CLUB, go make your own.

Promote your site on other small sites where the people are cool. It's that simple.

















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