What the hell is there left to write?

It feels like everything you can make money off writing has already been made? Am I just not being creative enough or is there really this brick wall in terms of what software can solve?

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Basically you're not being enough of a soulless shill if you want to make money.

There's a brick wall in terms of people capable of making decent software. Use literally any piece of software and there's a 99% chance it's a complete fucking steaming heap of shit.

Make an [AI-assisted programming project idea generator]-As-A-Service.

And just to be clear, what I'm trying to say is that just because it's been done doesn't mean it's been done well.

Most all technological progress being made now is in the pursuit of leisure. Look at the billions being poured into AI research, and what is it being applied to? Video games, home management systems like Alexa, and sex bots. Advances being made in computing are just being used to display more complex games and higher definition video. Freeware devs just spend their time rehashing the Office Suite over and over. You either start making useless programs that you convince the masses they actually need, or you start making super niche software for companies, governments, and scientific pursuits. The actual needs of the masses were fully met when Windows 98 was released. Everything after that has just been progress for its own sake.

Write an AI to solve those stupid puzzle problems automatically

You can make video games. Plenty of ideas havent been tried

Spiders as a Serv--

If we're already there, why haven't we stopped? Why do we insist on 'progressing' while in actuality we're just making things worse?

Because people keep buying it?

I was once creative and inspired. The world has mostly killed that. We don't need most of the shit we've got now, let alone anything new. I was immediately suspicious of faceberg when it launched--OPSEC fail--I remember clearly that all university-bound high school students were encouraged to sign up for it when it was still restricted to those with a univeristy affiliated email address. Nobody ever made an argument for the total 180 re: don't give your info out online, and this was too glowy, so I never created an account. Zuck was right: his users are dumb fucks.

Maybe if your abilities are sharp enough you can find somebody with money and sympathetic goals to pay you to help destroy the systems which have taken control. The current empire is clearly dying (dead man walking tbh) and I have to believe that at least a few factions that are both aware of this and powerful enough to make a difference are run by good people. People who see the error of the current (eternal?) order.

I would love to make a living by fighting the machine. Fighting for a better future in its ashes, more accurately. I'm not connected enough to have found any inroads to this, unfortunately.

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tech: all this software is shit. it's really, really bad
you: I can't think of anything to write
do I need to spell it out for you?

its really weird that all those normies suddenly started using these things. i just dont understand what happened. it all looks like it went from no one using these things to everyone using them in just few years

According to everyone I know and their mum I'm an amazing stunning genius of a programmer...
But I ask what use is that if the only way I can survive is writing useless, half-built, or sometimes even oppressive garbage.

Because in order not to stop making money when unable to provide utilities, the market has brainwashed people, redefined culture and values to make us unable to distinguish between utilities and commmodities. Now, commodities are subjective by nature, and put the right way you can convince someoneone that anything is a commodity, even, just as an example, making them pay to have spying devices inside their own homes.

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I'm not sure software is as bad as Zig Forums makes it out to be, yes it would be great to tweak things here and there but who's gonna pay me for it?

that's a totally different problem, but this has worked for me:
1. get a job doing anything in tech with Unix
2. use software--realize it sucks, because a lot of it does
3. get paid by your boss to fix, rewrite, or fill gaps with new software while on the job.
you don't need to move to shittyneedleville, get deliberately infected with HIV by someone who will only get a misdemeanor for it, and then work for big tech where you're six degrees away from being able to make any decisions at all. There's tech all over the place.
a minor job hazard is getting fired and replaced with pajeets.


It happened because our sovereign decided to educate us stupid (gene ray was right). Families have been subverted and skepticism towards authority has been undermined thoroughly enough that our young have no choice but to trust the low wage, unintelligent, uncritical individuals known as "teachers" with their malleable minds. "Teachers" are not moral paragons. They're either too vulnerable financially or too corrupt to stand for anything beyond what their masters dictate, depending on the pay scale of the State in question.

Children raised by the state are expected to trust their "teachers". This is why faceberg was rolled out to high school students. The exclusivity provided by its initial stance of "smart people only" via the university email requirement was icing on the cake. Nevermind that this was taking place just as college/university acceptance of idiots was reaching astronomical levels, destroying the value, both real and economic, of the "education" provided.

Once general acceptance of faceberg had been established amongst properly brainwashed high schoolers it was unleashed on their parents and siblings. After all, nothing bad had happened yet. It would be good to be able to keep tabs on the family and to communicate with folks. Suspicion averted.

Now this innocuous system is used to catalogue, study, and censor humanity.

Fucking "educators". Fucking normies.

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There's still a good thing missing, it's one of my side project but I don't have time to continue since I'm another one.
So if you want it, free idea, and it's getting hotter nowadays. I'll get back to it someday maybe.

It's a review website, but you can attach any attribute to a review with the scale (dislike, dislike with pros, like with cons, like), you can also add a management layer to describe if tag is here as a joke or whatever.
And you can aggregate this in several way:
- All attributes
- Per attributes
And it will be a normal distribution, following the Central Limit Theorem.
The fun thing is that you can then easily spot if there's people pushing the review in either direction.
Then if for example there's 2 normal curves on the all attributes summation, you can deduce there's 2 group of people, and you can find out subgroup with the attributes.

I wanted to make it for video game reviews, I've made some really basic backend and UI, but I needed to make the part about calculating if a review would fall within a normal curve, user/tag/review management and other stuff like that.

but there are literally reviews built into every game marketplace already

True AI waifubots still haven't been written.

I wanted to make it general to use it for any kind of review, movies, product, etc. Not only video games.
And currently I was more thinking of movies with the recent rotten tomatos news.

Also elaborating a bit, most reviews are just "thumbs up/thumbs down".
Wasn't there a moment when you thought: "This game could be good but some stuff are not great", is it really just a thumbs up? Or will you put a thumbs down until it's fixed?
You can write a review explaining more, but people will have to sample some review before deciding if it's "really just good", or "good but". And depending on the sampling time it could be a review describing well enough or not.

Going this way would help overviewing in two way:
- Getting a better view of the pros and cons of the game
- If you are another dev you can then check for a given genre what would be the thing to watch for.

I can tell within about a minute of watching gameplay footage what's shit about any given game, and why I wouldn't waste my time playing it. I don't need to read reviews from people with great enough emotional, time, or financial investments in a game that they'd go out of their way to write a review on a third party website. All the game shops have suggestions already. Movies are for normalcattle. When I read product reviews I don't go to some third party website either. That's just affiliate marketing. You can see who actually bought the item when someone leaves a review on Amazon/Ebay/etc and it's really easy to spot the fakes.

This idea quite frankly is shit unless you do it entirely in Rust

Disclaimer: That's just my autistic opinion though, and does not reflect the thougt process of a normalcattle, which I am assuming is your intended audience.


Here's my big idea. I call it "freshware". You take existing software and rewrite it from scratch to have the same or similar functionality, except you make it as small as possible. Why? It's more secure, easier to read, and runs faster. We're pretty much at a wall with hardware, where the improvements year after year are dwindling. Software optimization will do more to speed up a computer than anything else.

I like the general idea behind something like POSIX, where code can be portable across different systems. However, Unix sucks (even if it's the best we have). I want something like Plan9 with a sane Motif based GUI, a microkernel, and boot firmware to match that can be flashed as a Coreboot payload. No more GRUB shit or UEFI fuckery. Imagine all the best parts of Unix and none of the downsides or legacy baggage.

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user code and ad serving platform for content creators and publishers that adpocalypsed by mainstream monetization. Run it on cryptocurrency.

That or code your own cryptocurrency.

because capitalism
can't stop pretending that people need "jobs"
otherwise we end up with something like Universal Basic Income and that's just absolutely terrible!

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This actually is a thought that has been rattling around in my head. Basically micro-optimize everything.

I can actually think of a lot of shit I would improve on Linux or whathaveyou.

A sort program creates temp files for large sorts so it doesn't crash after it eats up all of the RAM. Nothing like trying to sort a 13GB wordlist on 8GB of RAM.

I would definitely fix the way that software libraries are included in code. Make a parallelized sorting function that runs on the GPU. Also gives progress.

single command to turn a given portion of command line history into a script

Program that will assist a newb in correctly typing a command line statement. Kinda like intellisense or whatever the fuck.

Like say you have an #include like /lib/donkeypunch/donkeypunch.h
But on one system it's installed /usr/share/donkeypunch/donkeypunch.h instead of just compiling and failing to run correctly it would actually get the $(whereis) or $(which) as a variable and replace that header location in the code from the build script.

Parts of OS capable of running cache without ever touching RAM. Completely optimal. Fast.

its called suckless

Single command to create a system service without creating a fucking systemd unit file and startup script with shutdown and kill. Does it complete service for you without writing configuration files.

Creates goddamn configuration files for you for things like FTP servers so you don't have Google fucking everything as you go when you are just starting out. Fast deployment but also secure by default rather than just easy like Microshaft shit.

Unattended install available for all packages in package manager. Not like fucking apt when you run an upgrade and it always asks if you want to keep the maintainers package just does whatever is secure by default.

1. Write a JIT compiler for a high level language
2. Implement an OS in it
3. Implement all the apps for it
4. Less code overall and a faster system

Secure software on an open hardware platform.

The profit motive is the root of all evil.

Personally I have some great ideas in the works. But I'm not sharing them with you, because you're a worthless faggot.

Our economic system is based on the premise of perpetual growth. If it doesn't grow, it dies.
It doesn't matter if the growth makes the least bit of sense, as long as it's there. See Keynes on paying people to dig random holes.
If you want money, get into programming sexbots or killbots. Those are basically your two big options right now. If you're really good, create an AI that can do both for spywork and become a bioluminescent billionaire overnight.

We're only making things worse now because of entryism by demographics that have no place in programming. To destroy anything of value, just introduce women, homosexuals, or brown people.

You are aware that the Javascript ecosystem is basically just white people right (though I will grant you there's a large percentage of fags among them)? Some sandnigger in Syria doesn't have the money or access to buy a PC that will run electron apps.

A modern LISP OS.

People are afraid. Sell the feeling of security.

Why would I write a LISP OS? My OS works fine.

This post reeks of someone still salty because they failed college.

There is always room to rewrite things.

You should everything that you use that's written in bloated and degenerate nigger C++ and rewrite it in pure C.

this too. GPU compute is untapped.
I've wanted to write a GPU accelerated compression / decompression thing, because it doesn't exist.
it's clearly not.

even if it's less efficient than the cpu 99 % of the time if your not playing a game your gpu isn't doing shit, offload it to gpu even if it only has 80% efficiency and free the cpu.

So it can become fraught with vulnerabilities?

You're on the blackpill phase, watch this
Being revolutionary doesn't help either. Watch the end part of the vid about the CIA nigger who tried to dent the big coca. Though I admire your insight and decision on cuckbook.
You can make a living fighting the machine by helping your local communities. That kind of fight is almost enough though simple, educate the community about the big bad porky who profits off of children's nudes (you know it, discord and snapchat). The importance of privacy, be like Dr. Stallman and travel, maybe you'll meet people like you who can rebuild the network infrastructure while putting the big ./. to the FCC, ISPs, and the big EMVil corp.

finite resources = 0 sum game.

capitalistas won't admit it though. after the last job has been automated they will still be telling you that you're lazy.

That used to be how advances happened naturally. Instead of hacking all this crap onto existing code, programmers would make a new program that might do twice as much but remain the same size or do the same thing but be much smaller, and this includes interfaces like command arguments, because that's where a lot of bloat comes from. This is simply because it's designed right instead of bolted on, and why I hate suckless so much. Suckless is about cutting useful features instead of finding a better way to do things. For example, PL/I has character strings and bit strings and almost every string function works on both. You can search for the position of a bit substring of any length within a larger bit string, while C doesn't even have a function to find the first 0 or 1 bit.

That used to be the point of a programming language standard. PL/I programs made for IBM mainframes can run on Multics and OS/2 as long as you stick to ANSI features. Common Lisp programs made for Lisp machines can run on x86 and ARM. POSIX was created because UNIX companies were afraid that good standards like Ada and the OSI model would force them to rewrite code. Instead of rewriting code to make it better, they forced the rest of the world to conform to the standards they set. POSIX was created to do the opposite of what you want to do. What really sucks is that Bloatware is Proprietary and POSIX has over eleven hundred functions, so companies were forced to license UNIX because rewriting it would cost too much and take too long.

There are no best parts of UNIX. The ability to run programs and open files are not UNIX features, even though the brainwashing really is that bad that some people believe anything involving computers came from UNIX.

I don't get why UNIX weenies say that. You're on an anonymous message board. You don't have to feel guilty for admitting something sucks.

Multics actually solved that problem back in the 60s with segmented memory but UNIX turned the world into PDP-11 clones with their RISC bullshit. All Multics files are memory segments and vice versa, including stack and heap memory.

Now these are good ideas. High level languages reduce overhead and duplication on an enormous level.

C++ was created because "pure C" is shit. C and C++ came out of the same company and were made by people who worked together on UNIX. A choice between two products made by one company, where one is literally based on the other, is no choice at all.

it *was* nice of British Telecom to force Sun to rename their white pages service to be something other than "yp") ...A crying shame too. After all, even though Sun's "yellowpages" service was really a white pages (name lookup)service, they should have been able to use whateverdeceptive name they wanted. Renaming things for marketposition is really a modern (not just unix) tradition:Build a presentation manager: call it Presentation Manager...Build a personal computer: call it The ibm Personal Computer...Build a machine with an 8-bit byte: Define "byte" to be 8 bits...Build a IO subroutine package: call it DOS (an OS).But the unix weenies have refined it to a high art.Everything must be "open" and a "standard." Why, my companyalready supports at least a dozen "standards!"The latest Sun entry is their new "free" window system.Their salesman called me proudly: all you need to do is sendthem a thousand dollars a copy, plus pay a royalty onprograms which use it, and you can use their new free openstandard window system (called "open look" of course).Hm, maybe I can add cons to C and call the result Lisp...

In terms of not making money, there is still space, especially in some niches. For example, I'm busy writing a level editor for an old video game.



Right on, my dude. Make the codebase twice as large and reinvent the wheel all the time, so that we can finally enjoy our glorious and "pure" C, amirite?

C++ is bad, but C is a lot worse. Not sure what your point is.

Literally everything has to be written from the ground up. Listen to the Multics nigger.

No, C++ is an absolute trainwreck. Anything that you want to use C++ for you should probably use C for. If you really need OOP, or an expansive standard library use D.

How comes we don't have modern time sharing systems?

D is absolutely not an option if you don't want a garbage collector. Disabling it takes out the standard library alongs with it.
And C++ is not only about OOP.

Stop eating cat-v memes.

If you don't want a garbage collector use Rust. Literally anything is better than C++ (except Go, I have no idea how that monstrosity exists).

Steve please.

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Sometimes I get that feeling too.

cat-v might be shit, but they're right, C++ is a trainwreck.

Good software. Almost everything that has been written is complete shit. All OSs that are usable today for general purpose stuff, are complete shit, and I have tried almost all of them. Also tried a massive amount of software, and the Unix people can't design things to save their lives (but at the same time any Windows after 7 is unusable, so there's no alternative, gotta use that piece of shit that took decades to catch up to a corporation that has been shooting itself in the face repeatedly since the Windows 95 era). Everything that they make gives me some issue to solve when I try to do fucking anything, when doing what I want to do is possible in the first place. They can't even make an image viewer that's as good as the one on Windows XP, and it doesn't get much more basic than that. Everything is crap. All DEs, WMs, file managers, almost all text editors, it's all complete garbage. It's all disjointed and uncomfortable as fuck. No standards and no quality control. No features, but still bloated. Basically, the only thing left to create is everything, as long as you want it to be good. I have already designed a lot of good software, but unless I somehow acquire immortality, there is no way in hell that I can make all of it even if I throw my whole life away.

Not exactly the masses. Computers are too complicated for them to handle. Technology for the masses has to accommodate the needs of the dumbest motherfucker on the planet, and something well designed can't do that, since their brains don't have that level of quality. That's why these phones exist and touchscreens were brought back from the graveyard of failed ideas, because technology made for the masses has to be usable by people with the IQ of a fucking potato. Also, Windows 98 was fucking horrendous compared to 95. A lot of people seem to forget that.

Who gives a shit? At least he's interesting, boring fucks.

Start from simple notion that human brain can't create information out of nothing.
It can only shape (modulate), copy and negate information. Basically we just take two rocks and bang them together to make a new thing. Culture and art make this is easily evident, in science it is harder to see it because of thousands of little details, but it's obviously there. Surely, some brains do these juggling of variables in their short term better than others, but other than that there's not much you can do but put yourself in a shower and stay there for 30 minutes under the stream and release your deeper inner thoughts.

You can also practice "creativity" with simple exercises like "free association" and "first principles" thinking that might help you get to software solutions to your conceived problems.

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go back to your blocks

Suck my cock fag

delayed based

I thought this thread was about monetizing blogs, but software is pretty much the same thing. Almost all shit that's made for money is garbage and solves no problem. Literally look up any topic on google and you get some post by some retard who has no idea what he's talking about, filling up the space so he can put some ads on the side and amazon referral tags in the content. For example if it's anything related to the human body, you get some trash Livestrong articles. If it's about plumbing, you get absolute piece of shit article that was just written this year (even though the knowledge hasn't changed for 30 years and thus this article is obviously just clickbait that got churned over in google).

So no, nothing has already been made. Just because some retards out of college made a product that claims to solve a problem, doesn't mean it's solved. You can easily make something better and people will buy it.

C++ is literally just C with extra features, many of which are convenient.

And slower compile times. And no implict casts.
And most of which make your code harder to read and slower.

That's just your opinion man

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I like posts like this, it warms my soul.
On a serious note, write your mother a program she can use to make her life simpler... I dunno maybe a price checker for groceries and fashion? A music/podcast streaming tool that isn't Spotify (instead PopcornTime for music)?

I already wrote a program to brick her entire computer and deleted her facebook account. She's now back to pen and paper.

c++ compiler is slower.
This is a fact.
c++ compiler has more (usefull?) features. This makes code tougher to read in general.

I'm not hating on c++. just that 90% of it is shit.

Dear OP,
rape your mom severely,
she is lovely.


i have a million dollar idea but i wont share what it is until i buy the relevant domain name for my website



Software that automatically detects and bans cheesecucks from this gay weenie web service.
its...Build a IO subroutine pages (name lookup), service them athousand depressed..That used on to find the first 0 or 1 bit.My body ached, I was lethargic and dollars a copy, plus paya royalty one company, where you need to be thebrainwashing sucks (even if it's what you use the sandwichesand rewriting is that they force Sun to find that problem backin the 60s with an 8-bit byte: Define "byte" to find the rest ofthe rest of no best we can use UNIX turned right instead ofbolted because that something like trying to sort a 13GBwordlist of the same size or do the struggling with foodaddiction. The that's where one is like Ada and this is simplybecause UNIX company, where company already supportsat least a dozen "standard window system) (called "openlook" of UNIX.) The the generate nigger C++ and rewritingsoftware to C and call the brainwashing but be much but bemuch and C++ was created memory but UNIX ween twoprogrammers would make it as small as possible.(even if it's the best of the RAM. Nothing somethin a lot ofbloat comes from). This is Proprietary and POSIX has overeleven hundred functional Computer: call lifestyle change.That used that all it DOS (an OS).Build a IO subroutine package: call it Presentation Multics andOS/2 as lethargic and were made by people who workedtogether rename thing involving software is about 115 – 120pounds and were forced to conform to the same their new freeopen standards like Ada and rewrite of what might doesn't everystring, while C doesn't have a functions, so company alreadysupports at least a dozen "standard." Why, my company, whileC doesn't crash after it eats up all their new "free" window systems.My hypnosis for cheese. I lived on cheese. It was a Coreboot partsat least a dozen "standards!" Their salesman called memory.Now these is that might do twice as much but remail me now.Together on UNIX. The ibm Personal computers came their whitepages (name their RISC bullshit. C and C++ came or similar functionmanager: call this changed my vegetables in cheesecucks look" ofcourse).That used to do their new free open" and a personal companyalready sucks look" of course).Hm, may lived on the day when I weight loss products made for IBMmainframes can run on x86 and cheese sandwiches.

I am actually disappointed by you.
So much can be done. Everyone agrees, most software is shit.

Look to what depths big packages fall. Front end of Photoshop is written in HTML. Adobe runs goddamn NodeJS for their back end logistics in all their packages.

We are in a downwards spiral of cheap hires, fast rushes to market and abysmal quality.

Do not look here if you look to do something.

I urge you to read recent scientific papers in the CS field. Go to reaserch gate and look for recent entries in computer graphics, SIGGRAPH papers and medical-cs papers.
Each year so many students publish the craziest shit.

Shadow mapping in games? We already have 4 new techniques proposed that beat shadow mapping by miles in both quality and performance. This is the frontier you are looking for.
Find inspiration there.

You will find maybe one category, the most interesting: reports. Students for their thesis implement these novel graphics techniques and report on how they perform vs current ones. It's a great thing to do to get into new stuff, without producing any. You drive the CS field forward and are on the bleeding edge of research.

No, C/C++ is an absolute trainwreck. Anything that you want to use C/C++ for you should probably use Pascal for. If you really need OOP, or an expansive standard library use Object Pascal.

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not creative enough.
there still isn't a cad program that couldn't suck the cock straight off an elephant. there still isn't a good digital audio workstation. every single game engine is trash. linux file managers are in a sorry state. no good operating systems. no good programming languages.

everything is ass and everybody hates it.

What the hell has been written?

Cryengine. However you could and should make Godot better. Choice and independence is good.
100% true.
All file managers are in a sorry state. Nearly none of them have basic features like properly renaming multiple files at once.
No. Someone just has to write drivers for them which also contradicts what OP wrote. Linux, BSD, Haiku etc.
I don't know shit about that but I used audacity once to compare audio files and it worked just fine.
There is C, C++, Free Pascal and fast JIT scripting languages like Lua and TCL.

Alright, listen. Listen up very well now. We are not on /g/ here, nor on cat-v. Grow out of the Bell Labs worship phase.
We get it. C++ is bad. However, your criticism is implying that C, in comparison, is good when it's just as shit and arguably much worse.
Most of the fundamental problems in C++ can somewhat be justified by its goal of maintaining compatibility with C. But C has no excuse.
If anything, the very existence of C++ proves how bad C really was in the first place: providing a somewhat usable string abstraction required entirely new language constructs, and the result is still inferior to what already existed years prior.


but all those would need a whole team right? especially the one with the elephant.

That's a terrible thing to say! Incest can be a marvelous thing, but it has to be consensual.

This is very true. (((Autodesk))) Fusion 360 is the best CAD/CAM software currently on the market. Unless there's something obscure I've missed (in which case I'd like to know about it..) It needs to be shamelessly reverse engineered and open sourced. Because fuck those clowns and their licensing.

Is Pascal actually good or are you just meme'ing?
Unix weenies link Kernighan's paper all the time when shitting on it, but what does it have over C?

If C is bad then why are you using an operating system in C?

do better than whats already out there

Kernighan's complaints are relevant if you're using an unextended version of Pascal. The problems are pretty serious and their solutions vary depending on what compiler you're using, but even most of Pascal's fans admit it's less suited to low-level development than C.

I remember making similar arguments when I was 16.

You can make shitloads of money if you can write simulation/statistical software for chemistry, but that takes just about a phd level of background. There's lots of people that know chemistry/physics very well, and lots of people who can code very well, but very few who can do both.

What exactly would simulation/statistical software for chemistry entail? Like what is chemist using this for when they could just look up their favorite recipe in the anarchists cookbook and try it themselves? Is it just a tabled form of such? Are there example softwares that show what need it is supposed to fill?

Like making statistics software that lists all the inane traits and properities of *insert compound here* or *insert element here* is feasable. But you have to be more specific with a simulation. Do you mean just simulating IRL for very specific instances of compounds in a closed enviroment? Because that's what chemistry is when it comes down to it.

Still requires extreme nepotism and sacrificing your life to a jewish debt mining institution

You know you can learn PHD level Chemistry without going out and getting a PHD right?

Tell that to all the NPC HR niggers and Phdjeets/Diversity Science PhDs in all the top positions at every chemical company in the modern world.