I want to use machine learning on news articles to predict future events...

I want to use machine learning on news articles to predict future events. Does anyone know how to efficiently create a database that has full length articles with date, source, readers, and biases?
We can use existing databases to quicken the search.

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use SQLite.

you're gon need some hosting for that big database of yours my man. Try this one mzunguhosting.ml/

I need your credit card to verify ur legit

Those are my options so I'm hoping there's a good database available

there's lexisnexis.com/en-us/products/nexis.page
you'll have an easier time selling your snake oil if you base it on the twitter firehose, though.

Thanks m8
As for Twitter do they allow unlimited use API for less than millions of dollars?

no idea, but you could prototype your idea off the fediverse instead.
example conclusion: "tranny posts > 3% --> civilization trending towards collapse."

Similar programs already exist and are used to guide automated stock trading algorithms.

that's what I was planning on
Are these programsavailable to the public?

please look into hadoop sir,,

Hadoop just runs computers parallel in a network. Mapreduce part of it might help some after I get the data which is my first problem

I've heard of mastadon but not the fediverse before. I'm tentative on using social media/blogs since there are many shills that can inflate topics. I might do it anyway to see what I can make of it.

I was planning correlating key words such as nouns with corresponding positive/negative words. Eventually i plan on developing a database that stores simple concepts but as with any project you've got to get it working before you perfect it



you're literally asking how to make the web bot report.

this shit is older than you.

I've seen a guy's database that predicts future events based on an amount of spider crawlers that crawl all over the internet. It indexes and bases its conclusions on a tremendous amount of data. Sadly you have to pay to see the reports (they are monthly and there's a maganize of them too), but the archived (~1 year ago? 2? 3?) reports are free.
And also sadly, i forgot its name, although it is something like "webcrawler" or you can just search for web spiders and/or crawlers.

and your plan was to use news articles?

Hmm... This kind of sounds like this one game...

They may be biased but they're more influential than 10,000 nobodies on Twitter with 0 followers

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