GNUnet 0.11.0

GNUnet is a new network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications. With strong roots in academic research, our goal is to replace the old insecure Internet protocol stack.
GNUnet provides privacy by design, improving addressing, routing, naming and content distribution in a technically robust manner - as opposed to ad-hoc designs in place today.


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Oh shit, they changed the website too. Have they unfucked the UI yet?

Does it actually do any of that?

They also changed the logo. First pic related was the old one.
The new one looks very much like the GuixSD logo. Neat that they're keeping a rather uniform design.

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New logo is a reminder to vagina worship.

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When I tried to run this shit, it took up 90% of CPU resources, running almost as heavy as Freenet when it first turns on, but without going down. Did they fix this pajeetism?

The version in apt is still using the V-Tech Learning Laptop design. These are the people to blame for that, btw. They're credited under the "Artwork" tab

Jakub 'jimmac' Steiner Christian Muellner Alex Jones Nicklas Larsson

What is happening here?

It's a file sharing program, meaning those cis male abled nerds are promoting raep culture

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It's useless and will never catch on. Not even a cult following.

I'm waiting for GNUnet browser using Guile instead of html, css and js. The state of today's www is insane - three different languages for displaying some shitty text and photo of a soyboy drinking a coffe. Just for that thousands of exploits and security holes.

the timelines are crossing again

What makes guile better then html/css? literal shit is better then javascript so guile should be better too

XML is an ugly reinvention of s-expressions, (guile (scheme (lisp-dialects))) use. Scheme is good for writing domain specific languages, for example language GuixSD uses for system configuration.
You can have one language to rule them all.

You can have one language to do everything, why it hasn't been done is beyond me.

The only single language that could do everything equally well would be a lisp, and then only because it would do everything equally badly.

HTML isn't just s-expressions. It is text with markup embedded in it, where that markup can have parameters passed to it. You can describe it as a tree, and encode that tree using s-expr, but the result will be way uglier even than HTML.

I'd just like to interject for moment. What you're refering to as Vagina, is in fact, Female Reproductive System/Vagina, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Female Reproductive System plus Vagina. Vagina is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning Female Reproductive system made useful by the Female genetics, chromosomes and vital system components comprising a full RS as defined by PENIS.

Many sex users run a modified version of the Female Reproductive System system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of Female Reproductive System which is widely fucked today is often called Vagina, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the Female Reproductive System system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Vagina, and there are people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Vagina is the fuckhole: the part of the system that directs the benis to the other programs that you run. The vagina is an essential part of a reproductive system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete reproductive system. Vagina is normally used in combination with the Female Reproductive System: the whole system is basically Female Reproductive System with Vagina added, or Female Reproductive System/Vagina. All the so-called Vagina distributions are really distributions of Female Reproductive System/Vagina!

Guile is also better, because it is the official GNU extension language and in all lisp dialects programs are data. You don't have to have a separate languages for describing a webpage's content, it's look and behaviour - you just have one language.

Look at SXML. In my opinion it looks better, than HTML. It removes unnecessary closing tag.

So can s-expressions as well. Here is how Guile does it:
(div (@ (class "tableau") (id "derp")) (p "Hello everyone, " (a (@ (href "#")) "OP") " is a faggot."))
The corresponding HTML:
Hello everyone, OP is a faggot.

I use Guile to generate HTML pages and it's a pretty simple process, since SXML is just a list I can transform and splice in arbitrary Scheme code, and once all transformations are done I render it to HTML.

How does it feel, Lisp weenies?

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Don't forget, women are the devil.

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I agree. Only us based russo-israeli homosexual magapeeds are allowed.

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Is GNUnet safe like Tor or I2P? I don't think so. If I use GNUnet when I share CP, I will be arrested. It looks like similar to Freenet. Many pedophiles who use Freenet were arrested.

With webassembly you can replace almost all javascript with pure C. You can even load binaries directly into the browser so the goyim can't even see your obfuscated javascript.

You still have to use a little javascript glue to use it, and your still using html/css to actually display anything.

Many pedoniggers who use Tor are also arrested, and on the other hand many pedos use Windows 10, share their shit over Facebook and Twitter, and get away scot-free. Stop trading CP over the internet like an idiot, or better yet stop masturbating to children you jewish degenerate.

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You disgust me. But fortunately you will never reproduce. So there's that.

these people deserve the rope but nobody has every been arrested because Tor traffic itself was de-anonymized, it happened because:
-exploits in tor browser
-total failure in opsec

if there are vulnerabilities in the tor system itself allowing the traffic to be deanonymized then it's only glowniggers that can do it, and they are unlikely to show their hand to arrest some pedo


I hope you do get arrested

Comfy as fuck, w3c shill.

I'm liking it already.

Yeah Free Software sites seem to do pretty well in that regard. I rarely have to touch my blockers or anything to fully use everything on a freetard page.

based and gaypilled

If you read Richard Stallman's site, he says he really likes Lisp. It's one of his favorite languages along with C.

wtf i love lisp now

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Hello everyone, OP is a faggot.
HTML allows for ommission of closing tags on and a few others. Other tags are likely to span several paragraphs, so it's better to explicitly close them. This is actually one of the classic complaints about lisp, that it's impossible to tell which paren closes which, so it's funny to see people bragging about it.

give an example of when its hard to tell which paren closes which

Why does your messy look like girls bits in the inside?

Lol, no. In lisp it is always possible to tell which paren closes which, because you can't skip a closing, like in your HTML example.

> HTML allows for ommission of closing tags on and a few others
And that's an awful thing and should never have been allowed. In fact, I'm not even sure if it is allowed or if it's just one of those things that the browser will fix for you because we can't expect web-devs to not be retarded.

Just use a text editor that highlights matching pairs. It's useful for other languages as well.

What are you talking about? Rendering HTML or XML has been babby's first Lisp exercise since forever.

Take . It's unclear where the a and div tags end, because your eyes have to scan a mess of parens to see it. Post any non trivial lisp and you see the same shit. Hardcore lisp fags use a number of editor plugins to try and overcome this I believe.

Sure, you could sit there counting the parens like a faggot. But then you could memorize the intricacies of the HTML5 parsing rules too.

God bless the living standard. After the fuck up that was XHTML, they gave up on policing browsers for being overly permisive and just accepted it.
strictly worse than being able to see at a glance what matches what. Also is of no use when the opening tag is over a page above the closing tag.

You don't count them. Experienced lisper just lets them grow freely.

Why would you need to know where they end? Just know they because every ( has a ) and if you must really know, just move your cursor and use parenthesis color matching

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It's shit, use this link
I like the design of gnunet it corrects and mitigates almost everything that the other distributed and anonymous networks fails to do but be careful with one of the developers, one of the is a social justice warrior, he's making his own tail/head OS based on gnunet, he's also part of guix and emacs contributors who accepted to add a CoC to the communities, as long as Grothoff is the head og GNUnet things will be ok (I hope).
The gnu logo is shit until you see the female reproductive part, I prefer the old logo.

Fuck me
The gnu logo seems nice until you see the female reproductive part, I prefer the old logo.

And who manages the indentation, if not the programmer?
Ane what did I say?
Yes, you can solve these problems with editor configs. Enough editor configs and it'll look like your writing html, but lisp is getting stored on the disk. The fact is, these are problems that the editor needs to solve, rather than benfits of using lisp.

You can't unsee it.
And you know what's worse? They're just some generic ready made logos with nudesign.
There were unlimited possibilities and they chose to go the LibreOffice way.

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I'm not into advertisement fagging I have a standard but fug knowing this is extremely discouraging, I know that you only judge by the code but dam this is discouraging
Maybe if someone mailed Grothoff about Tyson tan acquaintance of making logo/mascots for free/libre software project maybe it would be better.

The problem with SJW ideology is that they do everything to incite violence when it comes to social interaction, even if they don't want to do so.
They take responsibility for what people else say.
They try to fix people instead of listening to the people.
They don't connect with their own needs they don't connect with other people's needs.
It's really a concentrated of creating constant passive violence.
I recently was approached by someone and he talked about non violent communication it took some time for me to understand it and it's impressive how it's correct about a lot of things.

Like when you don't beat someone up to get your point across? Because being aggressive, like calling you a faggot, is not the same as being violent, which requires physical force.

That problem doesn't even exist, but the solution of course lies in editor plug ins. Your have no point.

Not him, but why did you take an issue with that? Why did you feel the need to say what you said?
And by the way, I disagree with you, but I don't want to be convinced, right now I want to know what drove you to write what you wrote and why does it matter to you.

I suggest that you research the term "non violent communication".
I'll give you a short of what it is about.
Gandhi considers and has proven that there's two kind of violence, one that is physical, and the one that is passive.
Gandhi (and a lot of other people in history) has observed that passive violence is what leads to physical violence.
Calling someone a faggot in this conversations context isn't passive violence because it's an example, now calling someone a faggot
for real (unironically) is passive violence.
For example instead of saying that he's a faggot you could formulate it like this:
I do not like that this man is being sexually attracted to another man, because I think that males are biological made to reproduce with females and that not fulfilling male/female bonding is harming that man's mental health. I think the displaying of that man in an effeminate way in public is also a worrying to me because his behavior indicates to me that he mentally suffers and that people seems to accept his mental suffering is also alarming to me, I do not like seeing people suffer and not recovering from their bad health, I wish them to have fulfilling lives that brings joy to them and the people around them.

Another example of passive violence is with user
In his sentence, this part:
Is a form of passive violence too, because in the context he strictly said that he does not want to be convinced thus meaning that what ever you would say does not matter to him.
Of course I suppose that user did not mean that in this way because he afterword asked you to ponder on your own post, but the way he formulated does not help user to engage in your request.
Non violent communication is a way for people to be able to understand the underlying needs behind feelings/words, thus establishing mutual communication.
Same for the sentence:
This is an evaluation. user as mixed is own feelings to what he read and made an interpretation, which is called evaluation in NVC.
user you're on the right path, I encourage you to continue, NVC is hard but I think that anyone willing like yourself can do it.

I'm posting the magnet that I was given, I suggest the folder Non violent communication which contains the audio book.

This is bait but whatever.
Define safe.
Technically GNUnet his safer than Tor or I2P but any meshnet network have all one vulnerability which is if you don't have enough servers then you are traceable. GNUnet corrects a Tor and I2P problem tho is that even if the server/nodes are CIA nigger even if the whole network is 60% composed of CIA nodes it doesn't matters, packets are anonymized and distributed like what torrents do, of course that depends on your own options, you can ask for no anonymization at all.
No it's not.

pick one faggot


If pedofags get arrested for sharing CP then that means it's by no means secure, nigger.

Were you born retarded or did you do it yourself?
Never use an anonymization service that actual criminals don't use.

Has anyone else, in the history of using it, actually got it to work?

The name, it says violence when there isn't any. It's like people saying employment is slavery, or hitting on a girl (while ugly) is sexual harassment: it may be something you don't enjoy but the two are not the same at all. It diminishes the worse act and makes the more benign one seem much uglier than it is.
Same reason I say anything in a imageboard, I felt like it. But I think you know that already and only made the post to use "violent" communication. which is a bit funny.
Am I that interesting? It sounds suspiciously close to "microagressions", "stare rape", etc, which raises a red flag.

Pls no Judaism.

Not him.
I don't agree. Please pay attention to how the sentence posted in
The sentence is "Non Violent Communication".
A three word sentence composed of "Non" "Violent" and "Communication" meaning a Communication that is not violent.

Here's the example you used to compare Non violent communication to Violence in general:
This is an example based on the evaluation that passive violence is equivalent to physical violence, which is not correct. Passive violence as effects on mental health while Physical violence as much more effects on physical and mental health.

user you made an evaluation from on user's intent towards your post.
I repeat myself but please understand that non violent communication is about building a form of sincere understatement between yourself and people. You can believe what you want, non violent communication isn't about judging what you can and can't say/believe it's about expressing it in a way that makes yourself clear on your needs, the faggot example from post is a perfect example of that.

I've heard of microaggression before but never looked into it upon now, from what Wikipedia says I consider that microaggression is also a form passive violence since it relies on evaluations.
From what I've see on youtube people are also using the microaggression term to justify their physical and passive violence towards other people. A simple solution to that is to never use the term microaggression it only puts fuel on fire.
Also an evaluation.

on a scale of autism just how much is lisp

Any decent programming text editor has highlighting for matching pairs.

These "decent" text editors, who just go on highlighting and correcting things are the real cancer.
It numbs the programmer's mind, make them lazy and sloppy.

You either code with notepad or you're shit. Just use another thing to compile - but writing is notepad.

Look at this low-IQ subhuman.

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Zig Forums is full of highly skilled programmers. Why don't we have a distributed imageboard built on top of GNUnet yet? It has built in anonymisation.

It's easy to build, but difficult to moderate.
People would flood it with CP, and nobody wants to seed that shit from their own connection

I'm beginning to believe that its the glowers who flood these anonymity networks with CP. You don't need to cause a denial of service or coerce developers into inserting backdoors. Merely (the thought of someone) sharing CP in a system where responsibility is distributed across the nodes is enough to scare away most people.

No, it certainly isn't easy. The problem seems not that hard at first, but then you need to have features like the whole thing not falling apart because too many people disconnected, anonymity, some kind of speed, etc. I built a prototype once but keeping it anonymous on a separate network is very hard. For example if a CIAnigger sees a upload spike of 16MB from you, then sees posted a 16MB video of rms singing, he'll know exactly whose fault it is. There are other solutions with their own tradeoffs but if you're within a large network that's much hard to pull off.

I don't get the CP floods. Today it's rare I think, but years ago out of nowhere some random board would get flooded while there are dozens of other ways they could trade CP without pissing people off.

have they developed GUNTnet beta yet?

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I just tried it in my debian installation, and it werked for file sharing.
Can't seem to find logs for it, or a man page. But it did not work at all last time I tried it, so that's cool.

Nvm, there is a --help option.
I'll mess around with this for a bit it looks nice.

This could be prevented with neural networks automatically deleting (((porn))).