Good news guys. We can install Windows again

Good news guys. We can install Windows again

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LTSB is the best Microsoft/Windows distro, right?

Windows 7 > any Linux distro
Things will never change

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Windows 7 and Windows AME reign supreme over any other versions of Windows. 10 LTSB is snake oil, it has all the same telemetry in it. Its only quality is that it gets fucked by updates less.



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Read the article you phenomenal cunt.

Fair. All they say is they may not renew a phone tapping operation. Probably a lie, but no big deal if true. Who the fuck cares about phones?


TempleOS is designed by GOD so it's clearly better than anything else

Remember that one time they lied to congress about a mass surveillance program while spying on the congressional oversight committee the entire time?


Microsoft still spies on you.

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You're not wrong, but the programming story for AmigaOS is dogshit.

Also the hardware is old, failing, expensive, and hard to come by.

DId you posters even read the article? The only program supposdely halted is the domestic (USA) phone metdata collection program, and the only source is a replication senator.

Spying is only one of many reasons I removed windows from my life. I find it genuinely more difficult to use than Linux, it's updates are slow as fuck, it's desktop experience is utter shit and it's (((background services))) are annoying. Having to spend half an hour on removing only 20% of it's bullshit is not worth the shit experience. I'd honestly rather just install Android if I wanted a shit OS.

and this

remember the asimov telemetry engine, you have to modify the install iso to get rid of it, etc etc. past 1511 or so micro$oft began adding in-kernel spying to windows 10. the spying is so blatant that it even contacts domains with "nsatc" in the url.

also, your windows ame link was updated to a (((basic ""pro""))) 1809 version, not even the ltsc.


One favor deserves another


Is that supposed to be an insult?

no. y

I need to read more into what "limited hangout" means.