So you are the faggots who think that genders are just social constructs… how retarded are you?!

So you are the faggots who think that genders are just social constructs… how retarded are you?!

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You seem to have misspelled on your address bar

You just use a different language, call it how you want, some people want to pretend to be girls and vice versa.
Plenty of people seem to enjoy that stuff too.
They call the biological thing sex and the acting thing gender
(genotype and phenotype difference, been in existence since at least the romans)
You call them by the same name, and refuse to use any word to describe the factor that differs in people's way they dress. (Though you probably do have words for the individual styles, trap, twink, lesbian (the style not the orientation), cuntboy… whatever.)
all these individual words, between sane feminists to centrists and intersectionalists to anti-idpol-ists, are just variations of what they call gender.
There is no reason to become an "ideal man", though there are positive male characteristics.
There is no reason to become an "ideal woman", though there are positive female characteristics.
Just as this is often enough perceived by some stupid people as a fight between to teams.
It's all just a language game you faggots (as in, burdens, negative weight or baggage.)

What does the CIA have to do with you being a fag that seriously thinks that genders are just social constructs?

Are you chemically castrated?

One example of a way to get outside the regular male-female range during phenotype formation. That means how people look.
And just how what we eat and how we dress and how we act determine what for example determines "masculinity" and "feminimity"
And some people call that gender. Oh no, he use different word than me. Very bad.
Or idk, that's the answer to the point in the OP. What's your point now?

It has everything to do with you thinking that leftists believe that.

Ok, then have fun by sucking cocks and by letting over men fuck you in the ass, you eunuch … xD

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What do you base this accusation on? Do you have brain damage? Or are you just pretending to?

Said the castrated faggot who thinks that genders are just social constructs … xD

There is only one gender. Women are property.

Back to reddit with you xD

I agree.

That's rich coming from aguy who have tranny porn saved on his computer.
Do you have something to tell us user?

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It's for ree-search

like pottery

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No, I'm at the CIA and have taken a picture of you on your cam.

So you are the porkies who think that money is just social construct… how retarded are you?!

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Oh, cool. Anything I could put on IG?

Well congratulations, you shitposted the porn collection on your PC and accused the opponent of being attracted to it, now what's the next step in your master plan?

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I'm all for abolishing gender and replacing it with sex vouchers, measured in hours, minutes and seconds of erotically necessary intercourse-time.

Typical shortsighted utopian, sexconomic activity can only be measured in fuckjoules, after all can one limp dick's hour of fumbling around be compared to one hour of chad's thundercock?

Read Marxxx anytime

Money is just a social construct, retard!

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Think again about why user would make such a post, and about whether you interpreted it correctly in that light.

Genders and races, however not!


No, right, Jew!

Gender is a spook.

This is not a porn collection, but a picture of my cock, a picture of a cunt I fucked and a picture of this castrated faggot I have photographed through his cam, since I'm with the CIA!

Vacuous observation

Yes, a penis and a cunt are in reality the same…

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Ironic reply.

Those are sex organs, not gender organs.

Because gender really means only if you identify yourself as a peach or a frog, after all, your Jewish professor said that and that's why it's right…

Exactly. It's vacuous to point out that which you define to be true.

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Yeah you're not understanding me. Gender is applied to nouns in certain languages, such as Spanish, which have masculine and feminine nouns. Gender being applied to people as a substitute concept for sex is post-modern bullshit.

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Not anti-capitalism but anti-white and anti-man propaganda and they are not capitalists but Jews!

Sex and gender are two different things.
Sex organs are biological.
Gender is what a society consider to be a man or a woman, just like the blue color is masculine and rose is feminine, so it's a social construct.

The Jews are neither capitalists nor communists but always only Jews!

Don't understand something? Lost a debate with someone? Tired of thinking? Call them jews!

There is nothing to debate, you just talk irrational nonsense and call it intellectual… you are a joke, faggot!

Gender is a word made popular by a child torturing psuedoscientist. You're a faggot for being so big on using it instead of sex

You're the only one here who think talking about gender is intellectual and it looks irrational nonsense to you because you don't even try to understand basics concepts.
The only joke here is your ignorance.

Wait, we're still funposting, right…?

You don't even understand basic biology, faggot! And your jewish-marxist doctrine of egalitarianism is the biggest bullshit ever, that's why no communist country ever has functioned!

Gender is a biological fact and it is exactly these Jewish pseudoscientists that you gay leftists are referring to!

I'm saying gender is not biology, it's sociology.
Sex is biology, you still don't understand the difference between the two, you must have really bad reading comprehension.