Based Microsoft Does It Again

Eat shit, haters. I can already hear the freetards scrambling to get their hands on some actually useful code.

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It relies on proprietary Windows components (UWP). The only one that benefits from this are the execs that no longer need to pay pajeets to maintain the calculator.

Funnily enough, the calculator has become hot stuff because every change in visuals or UI has been tested on it due to the easiness of doing so.
So the calculator has been a very tweaked app for a long time, full of changes all the time.
Even M$'s attempt to create a new visual language has made its roots on it first.

But really now, both Microsoft and Apple's future has been pretty grim in the past few years.

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Now I can find out why that fucking splash screen is necessary.
Shit thread, sarcastic or not.

t. assmad freetard

This is a good thread.

Do you literally work for Microshaft? This code went on Github like 8 minutes ago. Two things you will notice from this screen cap.

8 minutes ago code was code was committed to github. Also there are 169,115 calculator projects alreaedy published on Github. Why does anyone give a sailing fuck about any of this?

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Every tech website reported on it. We know the press has a hub of news who gets dispersed.
So, what happened: Microsoft paid this new to appear in the press centralized news feed, and every tech site subscribing to it published it.

Then comes faggot OP, working for free and spreading this news here as well.

can you even build this calculator?
there's way too much shit on github that doesn't even bother to explain how you can recreate the 'configure' files that aren't included in the repo.

They don't. I just wanted to see some angry larper kids lose their shit. Mission accomplished.

tell the truth. How many GBs is your windows-tan collection?



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Look guys!!! Microsoft totally aren't an evil company who only care about fucking people out of their money and data! They really do care about free software! See look, they open-sourced calculator.exe! Why would they ever do that if they didn't care about giving back to the community? What ulterior motives could they possibly have?

Are you ok?

They are in the process of transitioning, because they don't have to follow the capitalistic doctrine of exponential growth anymore. After this war ends capitalism isn't needed anymore, only on a basic maintenance level to keep the slaves docile.

That's not even the real calc.exe, it's some new version exclusively on W10.

Leave it up to the retards to conflate an open source model with anything remotely free software. The only useful application for the term "open source" in [current year] is to virtue signal, because it certainly doesn't refer to the applicability of the license, nor its portability, nor even its source model.

There is obviously a clear distinction between free (libre) and open source software. If you can look at the source code, it's open source. If you can also freely distribute portions of the software, it is libre software. Every libre software is also open source, but not the other way around.

Nobody claimed that windows calculator is now libre software, so I don't see anything wrong with this.

What the fuck? No, Microsoft simply died as a consumer company with Windows 10 and is set to become some IBM of sorts.
And Apple's hardware strategy failed when it didn't realize smartphones reached a zenit and their overpriced shit doesn't fly anymore with people.

As service providers, both companies are shit, with some meme products such as Office and Beats.
These won't do anything because the newer the people are to tech, the less attached to them they are, and in the past years we've also seen this, the tech world and the internet being populated with outsiders.

Google is the only company with a serious foothold in the market, with monopolies like YouTube, Chrome and Android. It also has Maps services and their own pseudo-Office.
They're making a new OS from scratch as well, Fuchsia.

So that's that. Next decade, if humanity survives, we'll witness a power shift, the ground for it has been laid out for a time now.


the calculator (even the open sore version) has telemetry enabled

It's a terrible visual language, though. I'd fully welcome a return to the 90s interface style.

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You suck at your job, and it's a fairly easy one.

Here's the thing that most people fail to grasp: Beats had a streaming service with all the licensing deals already in place. This, not the shitty headphones, is what Apple wanted when they bought the company.

because its microsoft

i thought that you cant just buy those


To be fair the bad performance is probably due to OOP and C#.
All that the pajeets do is to follow the flowchart standards of OOP programming that creates crappy bloated programs but allows for easy documentation and standardization, something vital in the "enterprise"/"corporative"/"current state of the programing market in current year".

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Its already being pozzed

Don't be foolish OP, that's just a calculator based on nonfree or even patented libraries, you can't modify. It is useless regarding users' freedom.
I'm waiting for Microsoft releasing the source code of something useful, like the NT kernel.
Also look at Android - it is "open sourced" (hard to call it free software), but the most important parts of the operating system are still nonfree, like playstore, bootloaders, etc. They only pretend to be good and "open", whereas they keep power over users.

Wow that's fucking big.


It's truly ridiculous. When you launch it, it starts of with a slash screen and loading in a framework, that they use for UI.
Win7 style calc.exe loads instantly, but his abomination needs a while to get all of it's dependencies.
It's a sign of the times. Like Etcher becoming the most popular software for flashing USB images. A 100mb+ javashit electron package that essentially replaces dd.

This is true.
Github is full of shit code. All of those are calculator programs though so they probably all work because calculators are like the easiest thing to code.

We should just reverse engineer Windows and open source the results. Save Microshaft the trouble.

YouTube, Chrome and Android are not monopolies.

Bitchute, Firefox, Ubuntu phone or any Linux you can install the phone application on.

>Actually suggesting firefox

Beats as a service is irrelevant. Every single person out there uses Spotify, and if they don't, they use another competitor, not Beats.

But you know it would be actually easier to write it from scratch?
Reverse engineering over 10GB of binary files and then be sued for that?
No thanks.
I don't care about Windows, there is already GNU/Linux, but if you do care, you can support ReactOS.

Apple's shitty products still sell like hot cakes, stay delusional tho.

You're the delusional here.

It wouldn't be worthy, there are tons of legacy stuff bloating it.

You mean ReactOS or windows?


I know, better tell it that user

Reminder that all the source of NT Server 4.5 (of the year ~2000) was fully leaked. Several parts of windows 2000 were also leaked.

Reminder that apple stopped providing sales numbers, and that in the past, analysts's poor predictions were actually the double of what they had said.

"microsoftissuebot added the Resolved: Won't Fix label an hour ago"

Reminder that this is not predictions, but Apple cancelling manufacture orders due to low demand.

Reminder that Apple lost 50% of its company value in 2018 alone.

It doesn't matter, the source code is still nonfree and you can't legally use and base a free software project on it.

they need to dd if=brain.img of=my_brain on themselves

not everyone is a license autist. at least you can read it to find the botnets that everyone here always talks about even if you dont use the source for anything else.

Only a retard would use Etcher instead of Rufus.

Both have nice sounding names that makes you feel reassured.

If a program is based on a nonfree library, botnet can be hidden in it. If you don't compile something yourself, you can't be sure, the thing you're running is safe. If a program is dependent on nonfree compiler, it can't be trusted either, because a compiler could add backdoors.
Not everyone is a cuck. I only use software I can trust and control and shitty windows calculator doesn't fall into this category.


I'd rather an open-sourced AmigaOS than this.



why not? Copyright is a monopoly granted to works that are placed before the public. Microsoft's source code is a trade secret.


yes, Im the one who thinks hes intelligent

No, the guy is right. When the marketshare is simply overwhelming, it is a monopoly.
You might have 10 companies in the market, one of them having 91% of the market and the other 9 having 1% each and this is considered a monopoly.
It doesn't matter that there are alternatives, if they're inexpressive or incapable of competing, then there's no competition.

Firefox isn't an alternative to anything because it's a worse evil than Chrome, for instance.
And then you mention Ubuntu, one of the crappiest distros out there, or Linux for phones, which is simply dysfunctional.
Or Bitchute, which doesn't have any reach or content compared to Youtube.

It's like saying

Chrome doesn't have 90% monopoly tho yet

That's not what monopoly means. listen to your friend here

Microsoft was once sued and had to pay a fine for having the same monopoly on Internet Explorer.
It's like you don't even know the definition of the word.

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You're either drunk or on drugs, maybe you're a retard.

Edge recently changed engines to Chromium due to pressure. This is monopoly on the works and Firefox might follow the same way.
Opera did that in the past as well.
That configures as a monopoly, you either conform or you're out.


Windows wins again!

let's watch the geniuses of Zig Forums try to decode these strange and mysterious incantations

They might. But they haven't yet. Neither has safari.

This board is 18+

why cant everyone just use standard css values? all those browser specific values are stupid and bloat

Clearly apple has a monopoly because there are so many apps out there exclusive to iphones

No, because there are the same thing, but for Android.
That's true competition.
No, just search "pages broken in firefox" and you'll see this is not competition, this is a massacre.
There are faggots writing scared gay articles about it as well.

Of course, we're not a firefox away. Things ended already because Firefox is unusable.
Its extensions, once its most proud possession, are either being abandoned, discontinued or deleted as well.

So, fuck off already.

Pick one

If an app doesn't have an android version, you pick a different app that does. If a website doesn't have a firefox version, you pick another website that does. When no such websites exist, then chrome will have a monopoly.
That isn't what monopoly means. If you don't like firefox, then say that

So it already have.

Why do you think that phrase I said configures what I think a monopoly means?
I already expressed what it meant, and it wasn't with that phrase.
Actually, there are loads of other reasons for Chrome being a monopoly on the web, one of them being that they rule web standards, or that they default ads and search engines, but that's getting too complicated for a certain someone to understand.

What website doesn't have a firefox version, nigger?

Websites with browser-specific versions? What deranged 1990s bullshit is that?! Websites must to be coded to W3C standards, and if a browser shits the bed, the browser must be fixed, not the website.

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looks bretty comfy, anyway to rice linux to look like that?
am noob pls no bully

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this is 90s bullshit. The new mode is WHATWG standards, which go off of "living standards". That is to say, however browsers already behave is the standard. If a browser adds a new api, it's up to other browsers decide to support it, at which point it becomes a "standard". Otherwise developers can still use it - but they run the risk of having to rewrite their app for different browsers. If they don't bother rewriting. then their site is browser specific.

Xfce or LXDE with the right GTK theme

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To what end is Oprah still in business?

Opera is now a Chromium based browser, owned by Chinks and has an addon for free proxies which makes it popular with slightlyabovenormalfags.

It's probably chinese botnetware. There is no reason to choose it over any other chromium based browser.

A calculator, the easiest thing in the world to make.

That looks like fucking shit. There is no design there. It's just a bunch of black squares. People that like this shit should just rip their own eyes out already.

Ironically enough I can't find a lightweight GUI calculator for linux, the closest you can get is a scientific calculator with independent libraries for large amounts of different functions. Does the microscam calculator compile on linux and support either FLTK or qt5?

just use R, python, node as your calculator

I just tend to press F12 and enter math as javascript. Works just fine. little calculator

On second thought I will stick to the current scientific calculator that I have. Linux needs a more lightweight calculator though. This python+thridpartylibs+heavygui shit like gnome's calculator is, well shit. If I wanted to use python for lazy 1+4902 tier calculations I would open python in a terminal.

Should be
>(((Hebrew))) OpenType Layout logic

Good luck finding something that doesn't suck ass. The Unix people are incapable of designing user interfaces in general, text or graphical, (and Microsoft can't do it anymore either), but especially GUIs (their excuse is that it's bloat, even though it was already possible on 70s hardware and they are so unbelievably incompetent that they couldn't pull it off well in almost 50 fucking years). It will never be lightweight either. Even if it's completely featureless, I can guarantee that it will be heavy for what it is. Writing your own is pretty fun, but using an interactive programming language can be good enough depending on what you want. I wrote one before but I tend to do that since I always have a language like that installed anyway.

I haven't tried every calculator out there or anything, but I have done that with a lot of shit like image viewers and file managers and other basic shit, and honestly, it's all garbage. Might as well keep the devil you know.

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seriously wtf

I can open source my calculator. Its actually slightly better.

she didn't throw her clothes off. that's a melted fairy in the background.

the code is free but who will look at it

What the fuck is the point when 99% of programming languages have the ability to run calculations more efficiently than Windows Calculator, and there are a million and one programs created solely to Calculate?

This is fucking stupid

Reminds me of Pic Related

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