Thank God that the """"Socialist"""" community on Reddit, with over 150,000 subscribers, cares so much about important issues of economic equality like……. the fact that there weren't enough women in Dunkirk.

The left is fucking dead. Feminism killed it. Even explicitly socialist communities are now overrun with this idpol bullshit. Zig Forums is the last bastion of leftism.

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Liberalism deadens it, compromises it, and we have to suffer fool like them and you?
Next you'll be telling us all about the hidden messages in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms to breed out white males.

Why are you sniffing around liberals (progressive/socdem) pages? Just politely post one of those Parenti speeches.
Stop your whaling and do a better job of influencing people.

Have any of those retards ever got out in the streets during summer?
That's what women LIKE to wear. They LIKE to show skin. And there's nothing wrong with it.

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Gee, maybe if feminazis stopped blemishing our terminology with their repulsive identitarianism, that would be easier.

Are you saying they're legit socialists there?

In this case, it's like letting Nazis, manarchists and Vegan-liberals onto these leftist spaces. So I stand by my statement. Be a better debater and turn the conversation to pressing class struggle and environmental decay.

It's such a shit infograph it ought to be easy to shoot down without sounding like a "brocialist"

Wew lass

I'm saying they (the SRS SJW goon clique that raped it) are the largest, most official looking socialist presence on the largest discussion site on the Internet. /r/Socialism is, after the socialism article on Wikipedia, the very first thing anyone interested in socialism is likely to see.

This isn't about debate, it's about social engineering, feminazi goons fucking and blackmailing their way up the hierarchy of Reddit and imposing rules to make genuine debate impossible.

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It's a good thing Rush Limbo doesn't get royalties every time people say that.
Yes of course Google prioritizes the "socialist" pages that have been most compromised by liberals. It's to be expected. Pick them off. Bring the fight to them. Or quit.

I got sevens too

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Is there anything more pathetic than this vulgar economism?

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I too used to be wary of using "feminazi" due to its original source, then in the 2000s I read literature justifying misandry on the basis of "prejudice+power", logic that could justify any atrocity in history from discrimination to genocide.

Zero hyperbole: 3rd-wavers are nazis

We are literally talking on an anonymous splinter subforum of a leftist splinter subforum of a refugee subforum on a splinter site that can only continue operating after being kicked off every "reputable" host, ISP, CDN, and payment processor, in a lawless 3rd-world shithole, funded primarily through anonymous decentralized cryptocurrency.

Directly engaging with them is beyond impossible, as we have been completely ejected from or suppressed within the activist orgs we built, and even hinting identifiably at our agenda is enough to have our careers destroyed and be blackballed for life from politics. We don't even have our backs to the wall anymore, we're rats skittering between the studs.

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Of course they're Nazis, they're liberals. But socialists are feminists of a more genuine sort.

Okay. You opt for quitting. That's fine

The only winning move in an internet crusade is not to play.

It's not that I opt to quit, it's that my presence as a non-PC leftist is forbidden by the CoCk/ToS and HR departments that rule there. I can't quit what I'm not even allowed to begin.

Our only option is to destroy Google, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., every legacy leftist org, ensure they aren't replaced by something similar, and rebuild the entire left from scratch, all without revealing our identities to anyone beholden by the corrupted establishment we once built.

That's a very tall order.

Well of course it's forbidden, These companies are only using IdPol as a way to try to get more money out of a "Wider audience" and this also has the side effect of people not being allowed to criticize their shady practices.

The SJWs simply have been the useful idiots of porky this whole time. And this is only a way for these big media conglomerites to consaildate their power and control.

heck Facebook and Google so bent on being thought of as "The Internet" so that people will forever stay in their bubble so they can make more money and control the narrative. In fact in many parts of the world, this is already happening, so many people in the world think of Facebook and these other social media platforms as "The Internet".

There's more idpol here than on leftypol, so what are you chatting.

That and that in some parts of the world they just have that as their only service provider

There are even retards here arguing that SJWs aren't really that big of a deal.

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/r/stupidpol is good

Reminder ISPs, CDNs, and (with the privatization of ICANN) sometimes even DNS registrars are now censoring sites. The PC poz is killing the Internet as a free and open supernational system.

Stop browsing r/socialism. It has been taken over by liberals.

Even r/feminism isn't that autistic and it's also constant virtue signalling.

During the recent net neutrality thing, I heard about Tennessee having its own municipal broadband and some thought that this was the way to go to fight it. I also heard about some people setting up, or attempting to set up their own broadband.
Isn't it at all possible to create our own spaces, (a-la dark net or whatever that's called), an intra-net like large companies have?

I imagine the NSA would like to listen in to all its doings, but I'm just thinking it might be good to filter out all the trash, and reeducate the disillusioned in a better atmosphere. I donno. Does this topic needs its own thread?

remember to sage retarded threads

Or, even better, don't go on reddit at all.

Literally the best post in this thread.

It's time to stop.

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Sadly, since pole rights are licensed out, and CATV/fiber (unlike the earlier POTS & DSL systems) doesn't have "local loop unbundling" imposed on it, our only real options are wireless meshnets.

That means either RF like 802.11, or point -to-point free-space optical links. In other words, expensive, slow, congested, and extremely difficult to extend beyond dense urban areas.

Fortunately, until darknet packets are completely forbidden by ISPs, or net neutrality dies off enough that the "I" in "ISP" is phased out in favor of neo-AOL, that won't be necessary.

IMHO, the more probably immediate "game over" killshot threat to online freedom isn't attacks to network access, but to hardware supply. If all execution is moved back to mainframesthe cloud, there would no longer be any necessity for private individuals to ever have access to general purpose CPUs or local storage.

That means aside from aging legacy hardware currently vanishing into eCyclers, you won't be able to legally buy so much as an embedded Z80 core or flash ROM chip in a toaster or whatever to hack.

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/r/stupidpol is an improvement on the appalling standards set on reddit. That said, most of the userbase are ultimately cryptolibs and for all the posturing about how terrible r/ChapoTrapHouse is, you can see the same corruption has already begun to seep in.

Imagine being such a sheltered middle-class political hobbyist that you actually think some dumb fucks on reddit are the primary opponent to global revolution.

Son, how is information dispersed within an advanced economy?

This is the kind of statement that could only come from someone who has NEVER made an attempt to engage in real life politics.

Imagine being such a sheltered retard that you don't think there's anything wrong with hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed socialists not giving a fuck about socialism.
Imagine being so apathetic about leftism that you think it's okay that there are no legit leftist communities anymore because they have all been hijacked by SJWs.

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Pretty sure the majority of leftypol that disappeared actually took heed of one of the important lessons to be learned and that's the internet's a fucking mistake and you should go and organise IRL. It looks to me like our ideology controls a large portion of irl organising and all the cunts stay on social media trying to get popular and accumulate internet points.

Things to back this up:

We won the internal leftist battle. The dickheads can have their shitty social media clubs. Cheer up and go outside (to recruit for a radical union).

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N-no! It's not true! The internet matters! Everyone knows that Twitter and Reddit are the vanguard of world revolution!! They have thousands of followers, thousands!!!

Except they control the Democratic party, retard. The reason we don't have a left in the US is because of the idpolers masquerading as left blocking us out.

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So what you're telling me is that you're mad the Democratic party has stolen the title of "the left" in America, despite being the only person in this thread perpetuating that tedious liberal idea?

Good job, retard.

implying MRAs are not a stepping stone to fascism

Reddit is the internet's asshole, shitting out memes and conversation that's already been digested and serving it to a plethora of retards with bad humor whose irl actions are smaller than the number of women willing to fuck aut-right cucks for free. Stop caring about that shithole and organize irl where flesh and blood workers actually are.

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/r/socialism is garbage but this post only has like 250 points on a pretty popular subreddit.

If you're just going to repeat shit you heard someone tell you then you belong on reddit.

a lot of mras believe in cultural marxism. If that's not a stepping stone to fascism then i don't know what is

But the statement on the screencap is actually correct. Also nice quads!


No, fascism is not coming back, and even if it could it is no worse than the neoliberalism that we endure now.


MRAs are only a right-leaning group because for whatever reason, most of the left starting believing in female supremacy.

at the very least post-liberalism will become something adjacent to 20th century fascism in terms of brutality. it's already started

We already live in a police state.

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Both feminists and MRAs are right-leaning, because that is the nature of idpol.

You've taken a very important first step here. Now you have to take the next step and realize that the 1st and 2nd wavers were also Nazis. Feminism was misandrist from the very start.

This. MRA was founded by a Marxist. Present-day MRAs and other groups in similar straits turned to the right because the left refused to listen to them on account of having more of a desire to be popular than to pursue justice.


Fuck off, liberal.

Socialists dont agree with my desire to do sex with farm animals. This means social people can in fact harbor antisocial attitudes, by the fact they would disallow me from associating due to my sexual attractions.

Bestiality is sexual fetish that usually develops in the sexually unfulfilled. With the rise of a socially inept and chemically compromised lower class, deviant sexual behavior is rising with it.

Look, I'm a homosexual, have been since I was a little girl. I deflect the charge that it's degenerate by saying it's simply deviant, but no one is born with the sexual attraction to shit eating, feet, diapers, wallowing in foodstuffs, fur-suites, children, or horse dongs. That's all just sexual adventurism.

I feel like I've put too much into this and your post is probably just bait

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At best it's an unfavourable ceasefire, at worst, lol, what are you smoking?


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Fuck me, you're truly the worst. As if people haven't been fucking livestock and kids and feet and so on since ancient times.

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So you're telling me you had sexual feelings for your diaper when a toddler?
Or the family dog?
They're fetishes you purposely developed later in life because "vanilla" is not cutting it for you anymore.

I just have zero interest in the male sex no matter how "natural" I admit it should be.

Oooh please tell me more about my own mind. Yes to some extent these things are rooted in childhood, not that I'm going to go into that with you.

And you're a special snowflake right, so what you feel is true and innate but for everyone else, it's just conditioning. Even an anti-gay creationist that gets sucked off in airport bathrooms is more logically consistent than this, you imbecilic tripfag. Truly the theory that all of you have narcissistic tendencies is confirmed.

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Ha! Google, the Feds, and Comcast control that, and no amount of internet activism will ever change that.

If we're just going to argue based on plausibility then revolution in general is impossible. It's not strictly impossible for leftism to become the presiding influence online like the far right is at this moment. Is it likely, no probably not, but fuck we may as well just give up then. We have to try /something/.

>Bestiality is sexual fetish that usually develops in the sexually unfulfilled. With the rise of a socially inept and chemically compromised lower class, deviant sexual behavior is rising with it.<

This is a technical mistake. Deviation is the result of sexual unfulfillment when people can't practice bestiality. If I could have sex with farm animals I would be doing that instead if this.

I am unique, but not in being a lesbian. Though a minority, there's lots of those around.

Literally kill yourselves, you are horrible people.

this. if you actually learn about MRAs (instead of just listening to the rantings of Jezebel feminists), the movement was started by actual feminists who wanted equality for everybody and then gradually became anti-feminist when other feminists kept opposing them. I wouldn't even say MRAs are right-wing, most still lean left on most issues but obviously they can't be left socially when most of the left fucking hates men right now.

not an argument.

Deviation is
"the action of departing from an established course or accepted standard."
so if it is standard for me to be attracted to farm animals then anything could be considered a deviation, caused by inaccessibility to farm animals.
Sex with farm animals is still sex. Deviation would be the practice of non-sexual acts, such as slitting wrists, drug use and impulsive eating, as a replacement for sexual actions.

I swear you people baptize more corpses than the Mormons

You're having unconsensual sex with an animal. Thankfully no children can come of it, but it's anti-social behavior. Therefore not socialist.

But where I concede that both homosexuality and bestiality are simply deviant, ("a genetic dead-end", they also call me) the former is a sexual preference, the latter a fetish that need not be practiced.

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I'm defending something that is built into socialism from the start, against this mini-invasion of brocialists. I don't even identify as feminist either.

Egalitarians? We were here the whole time, sweatie.

I'm egalitarian. But this "men's rights" thing is a canard and just a part of this whole IDpol distraction, sugarbutt.

I don't think you understand. It's not that animals can't consent, they have no present or future obligation to consent. Consent with animals is irrelevant.
Misapplication of consent is antisocial behavior because people won't apply consent where it correctly belongs. That degrades the social system.
Having sex with animals is a neutral, or dilute. Nothing happens.

Since when is hating men a requirement of socialism?

k but MRAs are egalitarians, while feminists are not. You're obviously not an egalitarian either, since egalitarians support equality while you are a sexist bigot.

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It isnt. Many of these people are not exactly down to earth. It is not an earthly (realistic) requirement.


1st and 2nd wave feminism is not man-hating. That is 3rd wave liberal feminism.
But you're just a troll

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For instance.. I could just do sex with farm animals, but for these people there is the overburdening requirement that I blast off from this Earth and into outer space to do sex the way of the Martian.
"Abstract rocket science"

Aka "Adrift"

Aka "High on drugs"
When people take drugs… fucking farm animals on Earth appears light years away for the man on the moon.

Better that than a bitter, supercilious post-left dyke who thinks she's too good for the world.

I'm not bitter. I'm Epicurean
I'm not post-left either
The world is too good for capitalism, statism and any of the laws.

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You're both as fucking stupid as 8ch gets. You should both kill yourselves for entirely different reasons.

MRAs more or less took the worst parts of 3rd wave feminism. like all things that define themselves as the negation of another thing, they merely mirror their opposite rather than fundamentally subvert the broken paradigm. whatever its origins, by now its reactionary and/or misses the point.
'round where I'm from the most mainstream feminist demand right now is longer mandatory paternity leaves. its hard to take your clams of feminism = female supremacy seriously from this vantage point.

I don't think it unreasonable to call Rosa Luxembourg a feminist in a broad sense, considering she did adress politics from a gendered point of view, in her famous denouncement of bourgeois-liberal feminism for example.

on what basis do you make that distinction?

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And people act like I am crazy when I say leftists tend to be oversocialized

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I believe the fetish develops later in life.
Perhaps "yiff" is influenced from childhood by watching cartoons and maybe being exposed to some example of it, but the fetish isn't inborn.

With homosexuality, often you hear of it manifesting in some way in childhood. But for when it's not, I think in those cases we have bisexuals of some degree

Ted's pretty anti-social. I'll bet he's no-fap deviant
The "therefore it's not socialism" line is a bit of tweak on the nose. I wish for all of you to be sexually fulfilled (among other things)

so just a hunch? what do you think of people who have homosexual or heterosexual 'periods'? are they bi, even if they go exclusively for one gender for that period? do you subscribe to an essentialist system of sexual preference?
are you sure these 'childhood manifestations' aren't just post-fact justifications?

I'd call that a type of bisexual. "Gender fluid". It's just categorization. I don't think these things to pick on people. I've known some lesbians to be real bitchy over "fake" bis living as lesbians. It's not fair to the bisexuals

To use myself as an example; I'm sure. As a kid I was just interested in the nude women statues in this art book. Kinda grossed out by the males. Too young to be thinking about sex and lived a very sheltered and censored Christian life. I began to panic once I heard the opinion of my mother and sisters where about homosexuals. I kept trying to think myself straight. (Sorry. Never had a blog)

but you'd subscribe to some kind of essentialist system of sexual preference? if not, the distinction between 'innate' or later-developed 'fetish' would be rather meaningless, no?

If one is attracted to a human body, it seems to me normal. If I were to claim I like women because I have a male brain, the furry is claiming to have a cartoon animal's brain, the foot fetishist is claiming to have a shoe's brain.
Sorry if not follow. feel asleep

the implication is that you give preference to 'normal' then? do you not think that it is equally easy to exclude "genetic dead-ends" from this normalcy? how is the 'innate' as opposed to 'gained' sexual preference related to 'normal'?
I don't think furfags or footfags really claim that sort of thing generally. as a vague sort of footfag I definitely don't, though for me what is interesting in the foot is the contextual implication rather than the foot itself I guess

Why don't you guys give Bookchin a rest and go read some neurology 101 before peddling your (wrong) pet theories.

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Why are you guys responding to a tripfag instead of filtering it?

She's cute.

But haven't I already answered these things?
It's not so much preference is given to homosexuality over fetishes, it's that I want people to be healthy and happy.
I don't think you can raise a child to be a homosexual. Not so with a given fetish.
I guess that was my sleepyhead point there. (I don't say that I have a "male brain" just the regular two hemisphere thing like everyone else)
How do you mean?

nice strawman. Funny to see all the reactionaries come out of the woodwork with fallacious arguments.

and it just so happens that furfaggotry etc. makes people unhealthy and unhappy, whereas The Gay doesn't?
so sexual orientation is nature, fetishes nurture? is this based on data?
lets not get too deep into my sexual pathologies, but the point is that its not so much the foot that is sexually attractive, but rather the idea of a girl using their feet sexually, not to mention the bullying implications

Not only is revolution possible, it is inevitable.

It sure seems that way.

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There are a lot of people on r/socialism so naturally there is a lot of content so naturally there is a lot of shitposting.

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There are a lot of people on r/socialism so naturally there is a lot of content so naturally there is a lot of shitposting.

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Hitler was a furry

There are a lot of people on r/socialism so naturally there is a lot of content so naturally there is a lot of shitposting.

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Furries elevate faggotry to its highest form.

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