Brit/pol/ #2630: Freddo Nationalism Edition

Leave campaign mobilises for 'inevitable' second Brexit referendum

Cabinet Minister Warns Blocking Brexit Will Unleash ‘Political Tsunami’
Britain’s Secretary of State for International Trade has warned that if politicians refuse to respect the people’s vote for Brexit it could unleash a “political tsunami” with “unknowable consequences” for the stability of the realm.

Video of US teenagers taunting Native American draws fire
Footage of a group of teenagers - many wearing Make America Great Again caps - taunting a Native American man in Washington DC has drawn criticism.

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best sweeties

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reminder to harness the power of the moon tonight/tomorrow lads

reminder never to look directly at the moon during an eclipse

wrong eclipse type lass

reminder that there's a sharp increase in violent crime during normal fullmoons, never mind a superwolfbloodmoon

we should summon a doggoman

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uk chocolates suck these days

is he feading the dog treats?

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I think he's performing the last rites. These were friendly Irish catholic werewolves as described in the Topographia Hibernia by Gerald of wales

and again

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this is correct

wew IRL taigs were furries in the middle ages smh

these wogs are pretty funny tbh, they're BTFOing the animists and libs
>Wheres hate in the bible?
>Jesus said love not hate
*reads verse*

What's this?

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good pic

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watch from here

topkek lads, this is funny a fuck, they even start calling some wog a coon after he tries telling them to shut up

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tbf those nigs and chugs were actual ethno nationalists and the trumpcuck republicans generally believe in normie core shit like fag marriage and wars for israel

taking their land with facts and logic

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So this is some sort of normie scandal to demonise right wing whities? And they selectively chose footage to paint the whites as evil and the niggers as paragons of virtue? Don't keep up with the news these days.

I thought it was an anti abortion rally.

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they were at a pro-life rally, they from catholic school tho


catholic > prots once again

At the 1.12.00 mark in the video a load of natives come on with drums and their with some 56% in a maga hat. Then a load of maga hat wearing kids start dancing with them. Am I to asume that the entire narrative is bullshit and that the natives were actually on the same side as the kids or what?


do catholics over there support israel?

who cares its some psyops

Wake me up inside.

I don't particularly care tbh. Just heard about this story and then saw someone mention that point in the video. Normies are all such cancer that I find it difficult to become overly incensed by any of it tbh.


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yeah boomer catholic americans are turbo cancer, tend to vote demoshit but like wars. literally the core block of hillary supporters

…and the seat is vacant so technically the wogs aren't wrong wither

burgers are a strange lot lad


yeah poles, krauts and taig descendants mostly, also english descended catholics too. there are republican ones of course but the catholic boomer clique is weird. definately more likely to meet scoobydoo haters among catholics though
did you do this at church, lad?

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you mean teenage high school autism? yeah I think kids did that but I was a weird outcast who got bullied and hung out with the nerds in the library and drew stick figure death comics with a black weeb who watched hentai in the computer lab

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rofl why he stripping off

That's not even the weirdest thing he's said about his past lad

uironically stand with non-white ethnonationalists over the government fostered raceless consumer herd consciousness of american high schoolers

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school shooters are based if anything


stop spamming this retarded yank culture war shite

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im listening to what they're preaching

uks boring at the moment


your life is boring mate

Won't be long before it's here as well lad,the future will just be a crowd of wogs holding a nation wide notting hill carnival as a horde of norf fc lads chant vindaloo

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>ywn choke Ash Sarkar

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thoughts on this boomer lad

This is actually quite good as it shows communism as a disgusting foreign element on Europe.

looks just like one of the guys who teaches my martial arts

is she indian or did she form from the accumulated shit on the streets of delhi?

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fuck that is intense smdh a upper chest wound sound like a night mare

>ywn gather them all together and sentence them to hang from the neck until dead in Minecraft

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id smash that bent neck spastics face in with a brick
they don't disagree with condemning fags

I know lad, I know he fingered his cousin smh


Everyone needs to relax

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That scoobydooess on the right basically does porn smh

this tbh

This tbh
the wogs are calling out catholics again lad

All that milkers posting has worn me out.

You need a fucking cold shower lad.

Showing you age lad smh

And some lagers

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>tfw I just looked through most of /milkers/ and didn't even get an erection
canonize me lads


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Sri Lankan

Women are to get the right to check a partner's background under new domestic violence law named after mother murdered by her ex-boyfriend

wogs BTFO?

ahhhh I get it now, they just want to dumb down the bible for people. are they protestant sect or something?

It'd be really funny if the law was repealed on grounds of racism.


Just seems like a way for women to spy on their partners through the government, a further expansion of the surveillance state but done so through the guise of women's rights.

Either way it'll be a stark wake-up call for women. Shame it only exists for domestic violence and not all criminal activities.

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