>no one will ever use a program you wrote


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the more people using your program the more free support you're expected to provide. unless you go full st. terry and tell anyone who isn't reducing the size of your codebase to fuck off.

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get a job and modify software that people already use

Almost half of them are duplicates because of old versions though

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A thread dies for this.

I feel like all the programming work ive done has been a complete waste

unironically this

You guys should try physical exercise, get that testosterone pumping. I can hear your balls shriveling from here.

Why would you do physical exercise when you could just go on TRT and get giant Chad balls without any exertion?

implying it works like that

Anyway I have a site that's pretty popular and that's enough for me.

Get paid for it

That's what Linus thought.

that doesn't make the work itself any less of a waste
now you just have some money

Keep trying. Eventually you will write something people will use. Something I wrote in PIC assembly doing a super simple job (lighting lights based on button presses) is in use by local government. All in a device I designed and built and installed. feelsgoodman.jpg

what site is that?


Website is great but the owners are cucks.

I made a shitty free rogue like porn game that was used for a short while till people got annoying so I killed the project. People using your softwsre isnt that exciting or will give you meaning in life defintly when you have other shit like a job or school.

The more programs you write the more likely it is people will use them, it's the law of averages.

Not if the chance that someone uses it is zero.
100 * 0 is still 0

I got someone proposing me $50 to keep working on a small tool... so I guess they use it.

i'll do it for $20

can't be zero if you release it

what tool? i'll do it for $5