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Brexit: Theresa May scraps £65 fee for EU citizens

Rolls-Royce vies for UK nuclear role

Ukip declares it ‘stands with PewDiePie’ and urges followers to subscribe over T-Series

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First for ==THINGS==

why are there trans children suddenly everywhere?

when was this ok? Its literally never been an issue before

Activists have been hammering it enough for it to catch in the minds of children. It's an infectious mind virus, in the same manner as anorexia or suicides.

The same way to tell a thin person they are fat for long enough and they'll starve themselves to dangerous levels. The fashion industry has done this for decades.
Coercing kids to question their own gender is simply state approved psychological abuse.

They usually target kids with pre-existing mental illnesses like autism who are more likely to believe they have gender dysphoria when they are told so.

Gets kids on expensive drugs that they will be on for the rest of their (short) lives.

why can't I have a slag lass friend to suck me off every now and then smh

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Slag posting tbh

An effeminate population is a submissive population.

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spencerite gay alt right shit is apparently popular in Estonia these days, this party is projected to get 20% of the vote.

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women falling for memmies like good goyim

Alex Sim-Wise is a mummy, lads

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They actually seem pretty based and redpilled

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thats a bit gay

stop posting ur selfies

they are theyre just stuck in alt-right 2016 mindset.

They have it on easy mode in Estonia tbh

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mmmm looks like some high level jiu jitsu here

Just like in my animes, yum

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I think Estonia to Denmark is the correct population size for a country tbh

Crypto noncery


what's this?

Yeah, I prefer her in the 60's look tbh.

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Makes me kinda wish humans had litters, so your kids could all grow up together

every single time i watch these vids i think how annoyed id be at the woman if i was the dog tbh

Don't know why this country even bothers to maintain the facade of centrism at this point tbh.

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Which one lads?

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based and electorally viable pilled

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the middle but dye him black lol

yeah women suck at being pack leader tbh

far left looks like a good boi

We also have streets named after various commies and a few commie bloc flats named after them.

60's look is always good

Organised local nationalism allows daftism at some points tbh

yeah middle looks stuck up but the two blacks are goodbois

You have any streets in your area with prestigious names, or of long dead heroes or battles won, and the area is a dump now? Gives me feels.

They look older and I wouldn't want to see them pass

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They do look like gudbois though

right hand blackie is the goodest boy. I see the loyal in his face

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this dudes in the estonian parliament

>tfw there's a social housing commieblock near me named after Rhodesia

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just doxxed u m8

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Based William nationalism.

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Was souf fc involved in the downing of this lad's plane?

Estonias election is in May, theyre projected 20% right now and theyre openly alt-right.

thats what the lass at my work who stares at me all the time looks like smdh, wish she would stop doing that its bothering me

just walk by her desk and say "looking good tonight ladies" then walk away

I tried being friendly but she just looks down until I walk away then starts staring at me again the next day. smdh late 20s, early 30s women are so mental

Looks like a garbled translation, is this is a reference to the Russians the Soviet Union settled in Estonia and Estonia's upcoming anti-Russian purge? It'd be funny to watch the media change gears and promote the plight of the Russians tbh

Yes, he's talking about getting rid of the Ruskies in Estonia.

Lad just post her stuff on >>>/milkers/

I will do some day.

report her for sex harass


Mummy May wants your kids chemically sterilised and castrated without even a doctors opinion. This is the beginning of the end lads.

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helmer a baste

any lad know if there are English subtitles available for this film Праздник (2019), the official version posted on youtube only has them for the first 30 minutes unless I'm doing it wrong



seriously uncanny valley face there

vegans aren't humans lad

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its daftie time

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went into high gear around the time bruce jenner came out as mentally ill. no doubt there were also some freaks peddling it before then.

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Split wang

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shame we couldn't save the poor lad
Unironically cool tbh
History travel best travel

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Is that noncey watkins looking over her shoulder?

now that is a taig nose

latvians are finoids right? Most finnish people have those weird huge nostrels.

I thought that was a local lad? its a civic pole or something? idk



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Would be funny if he'd visited Salisbury cathedral

No he's from the Latvian National Alliance party who are in Latvias government.

Here's some of their members giving a flower to an SS veteran.

the balts are very based

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here he is after btw

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Twitter lads vote for Gamer Mosley

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looks wholesome, why are they falling for the tiki mene?