Anti-imperialism is a dumb red herring

I feel so much closer to Socialism now we've had nearly 100 years of Anti-Imperialism and pretty much every single developing nation on earth is pro-US because we consistently backed reactionary national bourgeoisie waving a red flag plunging developing nations into civil wars for decades.
Anti-Imperialism and Third Worldism has done wonders for Socialism! Hey guys, want to defeat capital, instead of striking at the hearts of nations that actually make up the vast majority of global GDP and capital, focus on nations that have the national GDP of a single town of those major nations! Make them mildly state-capitalist and anti-US, that'll sure show global capitalism.

Third worldist anti-imperialist gang celebrate, after 100 years we've helped bring Socialism nowhere closer!

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Fuck Palestine and Syria, am i rite fellow leftists?

Why should leftists give one iota of a single fuck about Syria and Palestine or any other third world shithole? They're literally, and totally absolutely meaningless in terms of building Socialism.
Syria, Palestine, Iran etc ARE NOT EVEN SOCIALIST, THEY LITERALLY KILL SOCIALISTS, why in fuck should you give a single fucking shit at all?
This all goes against a Marxist understanding of the material development of capitalism anyway. These countries need to go through the various stages of Capitalism to develop their productive capability, as long as they exist as possible markets, Capitalism will survive to expand and consume those markets. As Marx himself say talking about Capitalist imperialism "drags even the most barbarian of nations into civilisation".
Also literally why should you give a single fucking shit about nations that are absolutely meaningless to global capital? Man North Korea sure has turned the rest of Asia Socialist, same with… uhh Cuba and South America! Oh boy China, gotta love me a Socialist country with stock markets ruled by Billionaires and Vietnam, the same and literally besties with the US these days.
Anti-Imperialism has done literally fucking nothing to help Socialism, it's anti-Marxist and is just a retarded fucking juvenile hangup of Leninists who can't get over petty Anti-Americanism.

Gonna need a source on that mate. Also, isn't it obvious that countries most affected by imperialism should be aided firstly and are the most likely to radicalize, as opposed to the countries that benefit from imperialism?

Go look at documentaries of Palestinian Socialists literally driven out of the country or disappeared by Hamas.
Syria has repeatedly attacked the YPG, imprisoned and disappeared Socialist activists throughout especially the 80s.

Doesn't fucking matter if they radicalise, they are literally fucking meaningless. Their countries are underdeveloped shitholes. They contribute meaningless numbers to global production. Every single "Third worldist anti-imperialist" country aside from basically cuba alone which moved to a non-aligned stance has just turned into a reactionary nightmare cut off from global or just capitulated to Global capital like China and Vietnam and now starting Cuba.
Literally only the developed world matters when fighting for and developing Socialism, the first world is literally where pretty much all global production and capital is.
What has been the benefit of Anti-Imperialism at fucking all? Pretty much every developing nation on earth is pro-US. "Socialist" revolutions mostly just supported red flag waving nationalist bourgeoisie and embroiled countries in unnecessary civil wars for decades.

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Watch this vid, brainless anti-imperialism is retarded but your shit isn't much better either. In fact, I'd say it's worse.

Already seen it, but it's still wrong. It's not our job to push anti-imperialism which is absolutely reactionary and anti-Marxist. Because by resisting global capital, you ironically prolong it's life, by always allowing new potential markets for Capitalism to exist and simply slowing it's own production.
Late Stage Capitalism exists once Capitalism has nowhere else to go and starts to consume itself. Socialism cannot win until we've entered a stage of late stage capitalism because there is always a reason for capitalism to rapidly expand until that point.
Also again, how does supporting Syria, Iran, Russia etc support Socialism at all? None of these countries are Socialist, they're simply "Anti-US" these countries literally all support Imperialism themselves, just anti-US imperialism.
Also what has anti-imperialism done at fucking ALL for Socialism? Honestly, again, most developing nations in the world are pro-US, pretty much all are reliant on US capital including China and Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia and now sadly Cuba. Doesn't that kind of point out where Socialist struggles SHOULD be? the big dominoes? a certain group of 7?

The "leftist" Clinton-Obama administration did a good work filling Latin America full with right-wingers.

Besides, I don't want the religious to radicalize, that makes shit only worse.


Neoliberalism gave us this neofascism all over the americas and europe. Our biggest enemies are neoliberals.

Vulgar anti-imperialism is useful for oversocialized Western radicals who are driven by ressentiment towards their domestic working class populations because they are seen as reactionary and a lost cause. It deflects the reality of the Left's marginalization and irrelevance and allows radicals to rally around a (usually poorly-understood) foreign population that is perceived to be "truly revolutionary", and to posture around a perceived threat to the current US/NATO hegemony. It's also a great way to virtue signal about how radical you are, filter out and ban people you don't like for being insufficiently anti-imperialist, and it all costs you nothing because "anti-imperialism" never goes beyond arguing with people on the internet.

A real "anti-imperialist" position would necessarily begin at home, with a strongly anti-interventionist and anti-globalization political movement aimed at preventing hegemons from bombing/invading other countries, and at restricting the power and mobility of international finance capital so it can not come to dominate nation-states. Of course, this kind of movement does not exist, because it would require effort and a degree of compromise/working with existing bourgeois political forces (such as American libertarians), and therefore does not allow the same degree of virtue-signaling and feel-good slacktivism that comes from Twitter arguments and banning people from Zig Forums.

good post. Anyone remember Zig Forums BO's grand anti-imperialist master plan?
A flyer campaign

I don't really understand that head line.
South America is and always was U.S friendly.–China_relations

Yes, and?
Brazil main exports are agricultural and raw material stuff and China is the main buyer of it because they need to feed their billions of people and use the raw stuff in their industry.
What the fuck does this has to do with anything related to Brazil friendship with the U.S?
I hope you are not proposing that Brazil should somehow cut relations with China because that would literally broke Brazil's economy for good, in fact, their agricultural exports it's literally what still keep their economy going.

the US (where I live) should've never been pro-Israel in the first place

I would've made that happen had I lived back then.

its Israel co-ercing us through neolibs and neocons to support their stupid ass. should've nuked it the day it was created. WW3 would've happened sooner and fuck this gay earth.

Exactly which makes them important vehicles for breaking the USA's monopoly on global power

Which does what exactly for global socialism?

You really cannot see past state politics, can you?

Socialism cannot coexist with America as long as it is THE global hegemonic capitalist power. Any socialist movement will be crushed by the US the moment it becomes even a minor threat no matter where it is.


Do you remember that thing called the Cold War?
How did that end?

With the world getting closer to socialism.

No. On the contrary, we are closing barbarism.

Socialism cannot coexist with any capitalist power. It does not matter whether it is America or China or Lichtenstein. Dumbass anti-imperialists are still acting like it's 1917 and the world is divided into empires.

I wonder what anti-imperialists think would happen if burgerland somehow disappeared overnight? Do they not believe yuropoor or china posses the ability to manage the global capitalist system or do they think these capitalist powers are somehow less aggressive than burgerland in maintaining capitalism?

I disagree, if a velvet-ish revolution were to succeed and demsoc were established I think there's decent odds that we could outcompete the capitalist world on quality of life til they had no choice but to appease their populace with reforms.

A capitalist EU or China could just as easily filled America’s role.

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Socialism cannot coexist with any capitalist power.

I will never understand this belief. what's to stop a non-imperialist socdem state trading with another socialist one if they share interests?

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Nah, OP is closer to a neocohen, not trying to white knight Zig Forumstards just saying

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