There's this clearnet imageboard hosting CP, won't link because that's illlegal and don't want thread deleted

There's this clearnet imageboard hosting CP, won't link because that's illlegal and don't want thread deleted.

By now the authorities should be aware of it (it's been up for more than a month I think)

So my question is, how come it has not been shut down?
Don't the authorities have the power to do that?

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honeypots, they may have seized the site but it might continue to function so they may collect more information on the type of people visiting it.

Get ready to be raided.

This. Happened to silk road.

Most likely the hosting or site admin are just lazy. A porno site I regularly visit got spammed with the stuff and it was up for about two weeks, I and others were sending reports and e-mails but no one appeared to be in any rush. My opinion is people generally just don't care very much. Sucks in one way, some of that content can be very sad but really just ignore it and get on, life isn't some perfect Barney-esque vision.

Triforce (144,155 and 180chan) are fronts for the biggest global child abuse material distribution network, operating out of Ukraine for at least 20 years. This network is fully protected by FBI and Interpol, spawns server farms all over Europe, and is part of the international jewish crime syndicate. It's a necessity for global politics and has been used as a tool to enforce censorship on the internet, to strengthen the draconian copyright laws, to blackmail politicians and dissidents, as a tax fraud ring to make law enforcement look good, as stable money income for the khazarian mafia, as a pool of poison to create public uproar, while lowering their defenses towards the acceptance of pedophilia.

Still wanna ask why it hasn't been shut down?

No, they are just hosted on ecatel/novogara/quasi.An infamous bulletproof host that abuses liability laws. Most of the sites that harbour CEM never moderate content until a specific post has a valid takedown or legal complaint. With valid complaints they comply in about 24 hours and forward information and access logs.

Owned by (((whom))). As for the takedowns and the complains...that's a racket to give the illusion that the law is enforced. FBI and Interpol literally play domain hopping with the triforce for the last couple of years. The network providing the material was never touched, neither were the server farms in Europe. The current triforce emergency page is even hosted on a German domain. It's a carefully crafted racket where they use filhoster and link shortener to make money, until they get too mainstream, at which point they are given to the authorities to be presented as yet another epic strike against child abuse. Just look at last years "Depfile" take down. They literally put the cuffs on one guy; a hikikomori recluse living in a shed, solely responsible for the servers. The Ukraine connection stayed low for about a week before they switched to another hoster.

depfile was run by the guy who ran the bulletproof host maxided, they arrested him and another adminstrator.

There's a few things. If the sites are legitimate and not a honeypot:

Of course, it could just be a honeypot, which makes sense. Agency approaches the owners and tells them they'll reduce their charges if they help catch more people.

I think it's much simpler than all that.

Honestly, I think in most cases the authorities just don't give a shit. CP is out there everywhere, if you're strict about it -so not obvious 6 year old sexual abuse- but stuff from 15yo girls etc. a lot of the mainstream porn sites (if not all) probably technically host child porn. (as according to law in most countries) Following up on that would be impossible. Hell, even identifying 14-17 year olds as such often is. I just read an article the other day that microsofts bing didn't block the appropriate keywords and apparently was a very good cp search engine because of that.

It's not even that though. I doubt the authorities care much about actual, "serious" child porn either. If they can get at somebody easy enough or if it's festering in a big fashion at some particular corner on the internet sure, but else, eh. What do they gain from it? Most people will never hear about them arresting 1-3 pedos for a handful of pics. A lot of law enforcement agencies are mostly preoccupied with looking good and justifying their budget, so they only go after high profile stuff. It's the same reason they don't SWAT your local weed dealer even though he posts about his exploits on jewbook.

It's also funny that people here on Zig Forums think that all these specific government institutions are 100% by the most elite of hackers and social engineers playing 7D interdemensional chess 24/7. They're just as wasteful and inefficient and stuffed with stupid people through nepotism as your local city government. Else the internet wouldn't be what it is now. Corporations are much more dangerous because they actually have an incentive to do well.

You don't see the bigger picture behind it all. Since the beginning of the internet the Ukraine mafia was distributing child abuse material, then came the big government intervention on CP in the early 2000s. During this all the international producers for underage material were banned, all the nude-modelling studios, the Hollywood angle, the teen porn scene, all the private sharing sites were culled back, and strict rules where forced on all the open web pages like 4chan and the likes. Yet the distribution network of all the material that existed was never touched by these shutdowns and investigations.

So jewish mafia in Ukraine aside, let's look at the reason why CP was banned. "for the kids" WRONG! The jewish copyright lobby demonized pedophilia to get the public into a witch hunt so that they would vote in the laws that would give the lobbyists the freedom to censor the internet and push the copyright laws into absurd spheres.

In the end we have jews being the distributors of illegal child abuse material, jews were the majority of the producers for "then legal" child pornography, and jews who used both sides to end the freedom of the internet with censorship and copyright. At no point in this constellation of abhorrent organized crime was the protection of any child ever more then a marketing slogan. Furthermore, today, the Ukraine connection is bigger then ever, the copyright lobby archived everything they wanted, internet censorship is about to get finalized in Europe, and the clearnet is being flooded with CP material on hundreds of mirror sites, creating interests in millions of users, entire movements of children freely sharing themselves masturbating online, and of course fresh abuse content from inside the family units shared for all to see. Also the migration invasion and the destabilization of western civilization created an increasing number of semi professional child abuse studios, who exploit crypto to get rich quick.

I want to believe you, but how do you figure all of this is true. Or is this just speculation?

Also, why would they use CP as a tool for censorship (meaning the masses voted thinking it'd be stopped) but then make CP widespread in the clearnet?
Won't the masses hate it the same?
Look at the recent video about softcore pedophilic content on Youtube, the people ended up hating it and holding Youtube accountable.

I kind of buy the censorship angle, but not the push for normalization of pedophilia.

are you new to the internet? """CP""" is hosted everywhere on the clearnet. plz explain what you mean by CP so we can actually have a discussion, since it's probably literally 1 picture of some young girl naked, or some pictures some teenagers made of themselves, neither of which is CP by any sane definition

is this some fucktarded kind of bait? why are you on tech if you don't understand how search engines work? there is no magic combination of word blocking aside from blacklisting sites one by one

No, they are more willing to have more bullshit laws because of this. Holding youtube accountable means enforcing laws on it because of some bullshit they have no control over.

I mean, all threads are about CP, and ranges from toddlers to 16 year olds showing pussy, asshole, sucking cock, moms sucking their boys, everything.
Similarly, the boards are titled appropriately ,there is a board for boys, for girls, for people who want to make money of of CP.
It's all legit CP.

I don't think it was CP, but just children showing themselves in sexually compromising poses.
Still pedophilic nonetheless.

One group of jews lobbies for censorship and copyright laws to get control over the internet. The other group of jews is endlessly making money on the distribution of child abuse material. Could even be the same group, but I doubt it. Anyway they combine their rackets, while one group goes all out war against pedophilia, while the others keep the distribution on the down low in exchange for loosing all the competition on the market. It's a win-win...unless you're a child.

Are the media jews telling the public what's going on? Another crime angle of pedophilia is that it is by law forbidden to watch, which makes investigations and reports impossible, without consequences. They are strong-arming the public with fear and intimidation into staying away from their crime rackets. Which is also why that article I posted was posted anonymously to wikileaks. You just don't get this kind of information the legal way anymore.

It makes sense now.
I thought you meant they want to push normalization of pedophilia.

But they just want censorship and profits from it.
Also, are you sure they're jews?

No wonder they discourage Tor

I'm glad I used Tor for those delicious U-15 videos.

Of course they also want that. Pedophilia means opportunity for blackmail. Why do you think the catholic church, which was created to combat jewish usury, is now filled to the brim with pedophiles who love and protect jews? jews pushed abortion, homosexuality, transexuality, bestiality, necrophilia etc. into this world. They are the producers of filth controlling the porn industry, prostitution, and every piece of smut you've ever seen.

No. They use censorship to get full control over it, then use it as a weapon against us, just like they did to every other institution they infiltrated. They are called "nation wreckers" for a reason.

Wrong. By the letters of the law in the US for example, that's exactly what it is. Child porn. Walk into a police station with such pictures and tell them about it and watch how they dismiss you because it's not CP after a "sane" definition. I'll wait.

There are certain keywords pedophiles use to mark content and they get filtered from search results and don't return anything. There's also certain combinations of words that will throw on the NSFW filters so you won't get results. This is all automatic and not filtered by human minds. Please educate yourself before you post this uniformed noise.

That was literally the point. Nobody really cares. Are you slow in the head?

Why would the maifa give a shit about the internet? You're argument is retarded.

Moralfags heh. The best place to get CP isn't even on the web, and most English speakers won't ever know what it is.

Maybe for you
Probably the same reason Triforce hasn't been shutdown. The hosting company doesn't care, even if they are getting tons of reports on that site.

It's about the control of public communication and the flow of information. If you control the media, news, marketing, politics and education then you can decide what the public is allowed to know, and if you#re a lying parasite like the jews who control all these avenues then you use it to corrupt and destroy the public, so that you can enslave them. A recent example is the yellow vest revolution in France. This is a historical event of nearly 20 weeks of violent public protest against a fascist regime, and all the jewish media across the entire planet is censoring this information (minus Russia but that's a different situation). This is not only a massive global conspiracy between the news agencies, but proves that all the world politics institutions (like the United Nations for example) are part of organized crime that works together against the interests of humanity.

The internet today is the main hub of information for the world and controlling it means you can spread lies, while censoring the truth. This is how wars are started, directed and won. This is how you indoctrinate the human race to do what you say.

On a sidenote...I assume you're still very young, so it's okay to not know these things. But not just accept what I wrote as truth, instead use this knowledge to search for answers yourself. Never stop asking questions, and always ask yourself "what if it's a lie?"

Fuck off Communist cuckold. We're fascist here.

That shit's been dead since, like, 2008.

Does that sound like Zig Forums ? If you use the term fascist for yourself you're helping them. Also don't say "we" it's bad optics and against the code of anonymous imageboard culture.

Go to the triforce, follow the links back to the source, and you will end up with artbbs and bigboard. The same material and groups from the usenet days in the beginning of the internet. They never stopped distributing.

It depends on where the server is. Do you think if the server is in Syria or Somalia, Syrian police or Somali Police would concern it? Maybe not!

good lad

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Well if being that specific, parents are pedophilic by definition. unless of course you're one of those deadbeat dad sorta guys

ChanZ Gateway - 144chan 155chan 180chan - Triforce Emergency Board

There is no CP technically. All nipples and pussies are censored.

Every country has its own laws. So if a picture is illegal in U.S. doesn't mean it is also illegal in another country.

You sound like you're the same age as the girls featured in this "CP".

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TBH I still can't wrap my head around how can people find children attractive to such an extent that they'd through all the trouble in order to acquire/share CP when it's and shunned penalized everywhere under the sun. Are pedos really that unable to hold their boners in check?

t. normalfag

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We use tor, we're fine.


name 1 country where cp is legal

you clearly haven't seen a child's pussy

Go to /baphomet/. Or contact the inflationfags. They're the ones who take down sites. Both are similar but the former do it ironically and the later do it out of genuine malice.

In some countries, under 22-year-old women's lewd contents are illegal but in other countries, under 15yo girls' lewd contents are illegal.

And in some countries, nipples or pussies are the guidelines for what is legal or illegal, but in some countries, only showing much skin in lewd contents are illegal.

Each country has its own guidance for what is legal or illegal.

You say simply CP, but it is an umbrella term. You have to say at least what age is illegal and showing what parts of the body is illegal.

It means that a certain picture is illegal in Saudi Arabia but it's legal in Japan. And a specific video is illegal in U.S. but it is legal in Sweden.

I don't know the exact law of the United States. Maybe a content showing under 18-year-old girl's pussy or nipples is illegal but 18-year-old or older girls' sexual videos are legal porns in U.S.?

But in some countries, legal American porns are illegal.

It's possible that there're people who have never watched CP, but it's impossible there're people who have watched CP only once!

Children are really cute and beautiful!

I like girls 12-17. There's some variance, but I'm generally not interested in girls much below or above that age range. Women are practically ruined after that. The most attractive girls I've seen on the internet were /b/tards that were probably underage. Speaking of which most CP is self-made. Don't be fooled by the innocence meme, they're a bunch of little sluts. They want to fuck and I want to fuck them. They're an objectively superior forbidden fruit that I'm not allowed to have. That's why it's desirable.

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Good. This means you're thinking clearly. The guy to whom you replied doesn't seem to understand that his two supposed prongs are contradictory. If pedophilia was normalized and child pornography decriminalized, those currently utilizing the outrage generated via propaganda and manipulated sympathy to gain more power would basically be shooting themselves in the foot.

Not if it's normalized, dip. You can't normalize pedophilia without decriminalizing child pornography, and decriminalizing child pornography kinda destroys the whole blackmail angle since you can't hold the threat of imprisonment over the head of whomever you are trying to blackmail.
Because power corrupts, and the Catholic Church has centuries of entrenched power. Those who are willing to harm others to get whatever they want ALWAYS end up infecting powerful institutions where they can be sheltered from the same laws they pass and use to oppress others. This isn't a Jew thing; it's simple goddamn human nature.

This is simply retarded. Abortion exists as long as there are women who don't want to bear a child and know how to use parsley. Parsley isn't a Jewish invention. Homosexuality was around long before Jews were; transsexuals were held sacred in cultures far older than the desert rats as those bearing both halves of humanity within them, and has nothing to do with this modern trend of glorifying mental illness and self-mutilation; bestiality exists as long as there are people who find animals attractive, and necrophilia is much the same.

Take a step back from your conditioning. Jews are responsible for a lot of manipulative shit but, if you keep thinking they're responsible for everything that makes you feel icky, you're just going to end up muddying the waters and failing to see what matters.


You are a weak and bitter male. What appeals to you is innocence. It's no different to normal porn, the idea a girl could be so young and naive that she can't see what a fucking loser you are. Only you are so pathetic, you seek literal children. Let me assure, they want Justin Beiber or whatever, not you.
If you were truly a great male, young pure WOMEN would be fighting over you. More likely you are old and regret wasting your youth instead of becoming a man. Get over it, you lost, consolation prize is a used hole. Just be grateful you get that instead of nothing.

People will die by their sexual deviancy. They give them selves over completely to it. It's obviously not worth it, and if they were able to hold them selves in check they wouldn't be deviants in the first place.

Is it a chink in some back-alley in Hong Kong?

Yeah but don't most people user TOR?


nipland until like a decade ago

Well said.
How is this thread Zig Forums-related btw?

The old 'you like something because you cannot have something else' argument.













Where are all these shills coming from?

Oof, the racism in this thread!


Looks like some Soros-funded controlled opposition to me.