Brit/pol/ #2633: The Devil's Gateway Edition

New York celebrates legalizing abortion until birth by lighting One World Trade Center pink

Gibraltar issues boost over border - ‘We don’t need to fight!'

Laura Kuenssberg reveals secret plot to block EU exit

EU Mediterranean migrant task force in doubt after Germany withdraws ship

‘Several Down’ as Shots Fired at Florida Bank; Massive Police Response

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Bit grim… it's like celebrating the legalisation of euthanasia or something.

anyone here speak Umbongo?
oops forgot link

Isn't that what they drink in the congo?

BIG oranges tbh lads

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>New York Has Finally Updated Its Archaic Abortion Law

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tbh lads

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DIGGING HIMSELF A HOLE Travelodge digger driver ‘HAD been paid but didn’t check bank account’ before trashing brand new hotel over ‘£600 missing wages’
The labourer is set to be quizzed by police after he was 'located' in the Merseyside area today following the rampage at Liverpool Innovation Park

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why though lads

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oh god

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jesus christ, the lad's one spark away from having a pan fire on his own head

*slaps him*

Low IQ autists tend towards selfish idealistic leftism, high IQ autists tend towards AnCapism and then become more authoritarian right wing when they see the flaws inherent in that system.

To cover up how depressed they are.

tbh every autist I've ever known (including myself) has been an extremist one way of the other. There is no centrism in autism.


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Schizoids also tend to be drawn to extreme and esoteric political spheres tbh.

When was this announced? smh


depressive realism tbh, they see the world how it is not how they want to see it

Months ago you fuckin druggo


death to asmrfags

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bad hombres

Pure kino lads
I won't cry smh

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really makes you think

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When even reddit notices something you know they messed up.

Civil War in Valenzuela soon.



They trying to oust arelad?

Jej. Venezuela has such massive oil reserves it's a juicy pie for the yanks to take tbh.

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cant wait for the footage tbh

why is every british person on instagram such a fucked up piece of shit

We are really dead today, is it a day off at GCHQ or something?

Too many lads decided to have a go at testicular destruction, all had to go to A&E

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The commies in Venezuela have put the army on the streets with live ammo.



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Meeting up with mates and we're all gonna play it together in the dark with some candles lit. Expecting to be spooped tbh.

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theres still 13 million white people in Venezuela.

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I can't imagine there's many British so why would I care?

Nah I just bought an xbox 360 with a bunch of games for like £60 and I'm going to play through shit I missed.

I knew a qt half venezuelan girl who was blonde and green eyed and very cute

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I think I can wait a week

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its been dead enough over the past couple of days that i have come out of perma lurking to try and keep the posts going

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Played the demo. It wasn't even slightly scary tbh. May get scarier once that fucker starts stalking you.


Are you easily scared? I found Bioshock and Dead Space pretty scary tbh. Outlast as well.

China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt - and encourages you to report them if they seem capable of paying up'

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the first was the only scary game in the series tbh. Kamiya deliberately tried to make RE2 into an action game because he didn't care about horror

I just mean I can wait for it to get cracked

literally just outsourcing debt enforcement.

I hate having days off

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I feel like I've had a stroke for fuck sake

who wants to party rn?

Hulk Hogan is back in court with his ex-wife fighting her claims he 'cooked the books' and 'hid' millions from her, including smackdown $115M payout from Gawker over sex tape


institutionalised wagie


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women are the great satan

nice moves brother, remember that there is only the party, nothing else.

*sleeps through alarm for 4 hours*

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Bet you any money they'll bring this to the UK and incentivise snitching with cash payouts and a chance to win a barratt home

*Thrusts towards unsuspecting women*

Kek, I have only done that once, I told my king wagemaster that my bus hit traffic and he granted me forgiveness

sick sick world

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what is it like to be a neet? I walked to work through an Ice storm today and wore those autistic boot webs that help you walk on ice so I would not fall over

It's fun for the first year or so but then it's shit

yeah I have only been neet for a short time period and it was only okay at that time because I was a dumb zoomer who used drugs

They'll always be loyal to their paymasters.

Yeah, but they've made an effort to make it scary and people keep going on about how scary it is, but it really doesn't seem to be. I literally couldn't play the first one or the remake as a kid. Tank controls made it so tense and the atmosphere (particularly on the GC) was extremely unsettling.

It's joyous and life-affirming lad.

yep especially in times of chaos. as much as john steinbeck is a twat his characterization of how the state would act in a "happening" is very real. in grapes of wrath all the local authorites apologize to muley graves all day long while they bulldoze his house

Been NEET since June tbh and I already want to end my life tbh lads, the memmies were all lies

Joey is a horrific beast tbh


I was NEET for 3 years and it made me feel like I had brain damage and soul death tbh, you always think to yourself that you will find a job at some point but that never ends up happening


living on your own?

No I live with my quasi-deano brother and turboomer mummy who literally cannot understand that it's not the 60s anymore and that 90% of job applications are done online only now and rejected outright by a computer that doesn't tell you why

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Pretty sure I've developed a personality disorder from being NEET for so long tbh

yeah its not hard to become a mentalist in this time period. so easy to get isolated

Join a place that puts you onto work for commission, they will make sure that you find somewhere

low iq individuals cant handle NEETlife they prefer the security of servitude to their boss dommes

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Yeah it is bad, I have been in work for about a year now and I still feel like I am getting over being alone for 3 years, it's fucked up

I feel myself going slightly mental sometimes

just walk in the shop and hand the manager your CV ;^)

keeek that pic is what the future is for all of us

You are all suffering from grass is greener syndrome

I know this too. I'm lucky if I get a reply. Roping has crossed my mind.

never kill yourself lad