Nothing is better than the smell of roasted bacon!

Nothing is better than the smell of roasted bacon!

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Hells to the yes my nig

Hi, cointelfa

pot calling the kettle black

Euromaidan protests. That cop got smashed in the face with a molotov. You comrades remember Euromaidan?

The difference between anarkiddies and scientific socialists is that we see the killing of pawns of the bourgeoisie a necessary evil, while anarkiddies turn this into their entire goal and have nothing else but this. Have a good day, kiddies.

The difference between anarchists and bootlicker-communists is that anarchists act instead of just talking about it and thus really harm the system, while you cowardly bootlicker-communists will never make a difference, because you are castrated eunuchs!

Yeah, broski. Anarkiddies have totally done more than communists.

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And in the end nothing is left


the pot calling the kettle a nigger

roasted roasties are better.

A true communist society, is a stateless moneyless society, so yeah bootlicker-communists haven't done anything!

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Oh, look, another bootlicker who does not understand what real communism is…

Real communism is obviously randomly attacking police officers and alienating workers.


Like i said, communism is a stateless and moneyless society. And "police officers" are nothing more than dogs to bourgeoisie. A cop would shoot you immediately if he got the orders of his rulers, so fuck yourself, bootlicker! A.C.A.B Only a dead cop is a good cop! And how are anarchists who fight against the capitalist state, alienate the workers, who are just wage slaves?! You are so fucking stupid, faggot!


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Ah a trump-supporting bootlicker spotted, who doesn't understands that the police are only there to suppress him and not to defend him… kill yourself faggot! How can someone be so pathetic to need the police to defend himself, state-cuck!

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The people can police their own neighborhoods, bootlicker.


it is because your mother + you = gay

The police are a gang that gets paid by the state to protect rich people's property, and "keep the peace". So no fighting, no fireworks, no driving without a working tail light, no smoking weed, no walking around naked.
When bootlickers talk so lovingly of them, it's always about protecting communities. If a community needs protecting, it ought to rely on itself to keep vigilant, to keep their children safe from predators, to resolve arguments etc.

The motives of the two are complete opposites. One gets into the job to throw his weight around, beat up some minorities, shoot his gun, and cover for one another when they get in trouble. The other is to protect and serve his community, his friends.

This isn't feddit

shhhh….its a woman. you might activate NPCMS.

Will my neighbor come over and put me in cuffs if I play music too loud?

What seems to be the trouble, young lad?

In the age of headphones?
Lets up this scenario a notch. Will the neighborhood watch prevent you from abusing your spouse?: I suppose they would. They should intervene and all parties should come to a peaceful deal.

Peaceful deal? PEACEFUL DEAL?!

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People don't normally like mayhem.
If our differing tastes in music irritate one another, we may fight, or make some concessions, or both in turn.
If lovers have turned bitter, fights ought to be discouraged and the two separated for the sake of both parties happiness.

I advocate Epicurean principals and free love.

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Not surprised.

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my god anarchiddies are so delusional

Shit meme. Individualists are some of the nicest people.

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If he is an anarchist, he could easily kill you! A cocksucking bootlicker like you wouldn't have a chance, because you would be dead before you could call the police and the pigs would just be 3 hours later at the crime scene! ;)

God sucks my cock and the only one who is delusional here, are you state-obeying bootlicker!

You mean some of the most retarted people

“Authoritarianism” is a shit meme. All politicis is the oppression of one class by another, until the dialectics are advanced enough for the abolition of class to commence.

Oh. A memer.
Duh. That's what anarchism is all about.

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Don't worry user, the irony of calling someone else a memer while posting with le spookman flag wasn't lost on me.

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you're supposed to fry that shit

This picture has so many layers of goodness.

Tripfags never were the brightest.

You mislead with your limited English skills. Probably unintentional.
Keep it up. Think of something else as boring to shitpost over.

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No u.

that's why you strike first and then rape later

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Your father is a pedophile priest with AIDS who has raped you when you were a child!

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