Brit/pol/ #2634: Code Learning Edition

National Fish and Chip Awards unveils top 10 list of seafood takeaways

Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce is told to stay off social media and hide her address amid ferocious left-wing hate campaign over Diane Abbott row

More than 100 knife crimes A DAY in Wild West Britain: Crime stats reveal offences with blades rose by 12% in 2018, killings were up 14% and robberies jumped 17%

Foreign Secretary statement on situation in Venezuela'''

Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape

Mount St Helens WARNING: Scientist reveals molten rock 'rising FIVE metres a DAY'

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have fun lads I'm off to the pub to laugh about these cunts getting laid off

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*edits your opinions*

might camp out in the pub tbh

Good lad

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Superb Owl


Do pubs actually show yankball? Christ, how far this country has fallen.

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I'm going to go in my England strip and yell CAM ON ENGERLAND whenever the New England Patriots score a goal

Zig Forumsfeed news

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I didn't realise we had planes for public transport in 1918

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what is your opinion on this texts non-brainlet lads?


Not designed by a pan-European committee

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theres literally blokes out there living like theyre in the purge and broadcasting it on instagram live and the police still do fuck all.

These cunts have been at it for years:



What's up, lads?

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nothing much

Are we all schizolad?

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how can lads be real if schizophrenia isn't real?

what if we're all delusional except the schizos, who experience a truer depiction of reality?

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Schizoids will inherit the earth

good lad

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not seen that one for a while

Fuck you you dirty fucking subhuman piece of shit, your mum's a cunt

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Keke, that lad needs to be banned from life with a hammer in minecraft

keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek smdh why do people keep posting this my mummy saw me looking at this KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK smdh

how the fuck did you explain that lad

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idk she just walked away really fast keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I just told her it was some prank by a hacker on my chat room smdh

What did she say lmao

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knew it was coming when I saw the Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad image from /cow/


she's probably used to seeing him watch shit like that now

she didn't say anything she was just walking by while I was eating some oatmeal and watching mike tyson videos while reading brit then I clicked on le spic riding bike thing while she was looking at me and smdh

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lad she's going to put you in time out for being naughty and then she's going to high jack your trip and make everyone itt apologise

just leaving now mate

why the fuck do I find this funny

brit is not safe for home tbh

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You're fucked now lad, mummy will hold onto that memory until the day she dies, you eating oatmeal while watching men prolapse

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rubbish, anyway you'll be phone posting all evening. smh

lads, newsflash

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yeah me and another older lad at my gym are practicing slip training and dempsey rolls so I am watching his videos


It's time.

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smdh I hope she didn't see the whole thing

She saw everything lad smh, go downstairs and make coffee and see if she is spooked

I did everything seems okay smh

Why did you watch the whole thing

no I turned it off real fast when the bums showed up


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Is anal prolapse poster back???

yes lad


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wrong thread?

I hate gays

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It gets me more outraged than abortion posting tbh, it shouldn't but it does.

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"End the reign of scum" is a slogan used by French nationalists reaction to general underclass criminality.

I wish the UK patriots could copy it and patrol white crime ridden areas. Every single street in the UK has a well known wrong un the police ignore, imagine how much social capital a patriot group would gain just by intimidating scum out of white areas.

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Andromeda was their chance to redeem themselves for ME3, and they fucking blew it.

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Good, Bioware doesn't even exist anymore, it's only got it's Texas branch now.

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I love winter

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Good lad


What's the point of this webm? That they made it gayer?

Racaille is French for riff-raff/thugs/rascals/etc



The second referendum is off (for now): Remainer MPs DROP attempt to force through a 'People's Vote' and blame Corbyn for killing their chances of winning

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that pic looks a bit fishy

Like her big Scottish fanny smh

Do you?


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Alec Salmon raped me to this song

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*spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on thread*

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