CIA Glowniggers thread

I think the 3letter agencies might be trying to spy on me.
This or my VPN provider is actively collaborating with them to spy on me.
Here a description what I mean:
So now I want to ask what the odds are that I am on some govt watchlist.
I never thought I am interesting enough for govts but maybe they now just want to have everyone who ever posted on Zig Forums in a govt database and spy on them for life. Or am I just paranoid and this was all coincidence?

My VPN provider has a warrant canary and they state up until March 11th everything was fine. As this was one week ago I cannot do much with this info for todays problems. Have you similar stories that happed to you? I just wanted to shitpost and have fun browsing memes and dark humour. Why do normalcattle always ahve to ruin everything?

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I will go to Zig Forums again just to test if it happens again
I think when it is 3 times in a row it cannot be coincidence.

To any govt agencies reading this: I do not care about you filthy normalshits. I have no intention to shoot up anyone. You people are already genociding each other. For me the christchurch happening is just a hilarious case of normalcattle destroying each other and bringing the societal collapse into fruition. So leave me alone while I watch you burn each other and go do your normalfag shit. take it as a letter but i'm not sincere, user

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You won't like what I have to say, but it's probably true. All coincidence. I've had cases where my TV, laptop, or light would turn on suspiciously during the night, and it seems to be a problem with power or whatever tells the electronic to turn on. As for your VPN stuff and the nz thing, it's likely that your VPN just had a temporary suspension on the site enforced by someone. I doubt it was targeted at you

I just been shitposting on Zig Forums and there were no incidents.
Probably just (((COINCIDENCE))) but I will post ITT if I see something else.
Fucking government rulecucks
they have to destroy everything

Zig Forums has had a huge influx of users since the event. Slow down could just be related to that.

Switch your ISP and get a different VPN immediately. Make sure the VPN doesn't have WebRTC leaks, and read the VPN's privacy policy. If it stores private data, dont use it. (Private data aka data that can be used to identify or track your activities)
Get a linux distribution that doesnt have (((systemd))), and use encrypted LVM
Switch all of your email accounts to something else. Separate personal emails from business emails, and use an email service that encrypts your emails, and doesn't save any private data on its users. Disroot is a great example.
Stop using Jewgle Chrome, and dont use (((Firefox)))
I suggest using Pale Moon, since it has addons (that you will need as well). An even better choice would be ungoogled chromium.
Install addons that protect your privacy by blocking trackers and invisible trackers (Privacy Possum, Disconnect), Addons that remove ads and block 3rd party connections that track you (uMatrix, uBlock), and use noscript and smart HTTPS. You could even go further and use random user-agent to prevent browser fingerprinting. Get a cookie deleter that (preferably has a whitelist) deletes cookies after a certain amount of time, as cookies can be used to track you as well. The more you do to protect your privacy, the less the chance the FBI has of tracking you. Constantly changing behavior patterns instead of opening up the chans, open up something else, like your email. Then, when you want to use the chans, switch to another VPN server.

sounds like coincidence and paranoia to me. need more info (eg which vpn provider)?

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Get better internet Jamal.

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Not sure how your network is setup, but if you just have your tower plugged directly into the "box" provided by your ISP, then it could have been the glowers sending a WoLAN to your computer to turn it on (do you have that feature enabled in BIOS/UEFI?). Although, you probably shouldn't be too open about your setup. There are, without a doubt, glowers on here (or could be a glownigger honeypot... hmmmm).

Most people are not interesting to the glowers, but anyone on this website is now, especially after that shooter person name dropped it. The people on here telling you that your computer turning on by itself "is normal" are a bunch of DC metro glowing NIGs.

Protip: don't
The moment you restart your router is LOGGED and metadata will represent that bot your router downtime + VPN downtine matches.
>polposting on (((VPN))) over (((ISP)))

If you don't have a firewall setup that ensures that you can't route packets if your VPN connection drops, this is nearly meaningless. Anyway, VPNs are for securing your traffic over public wifi and frustrating marketers and ad networks, not combating glowers.
If you've ever used Tor, I2P, Freenet, or even searched for Tails or Whonix, you're on a watchlist. Welcome to the club! You should have all of your friends do the same. The goal is to get so many people on watchlists that the watchlists become meaningless.
If you're concerned, download the Tor Browser Bundle, move the security slider to the highest setting, and browse Zig Forums through the hidden service. VPNs are child's play.

If you've tangled on this site for awhile chances are you're in the mid tier of the watchlist. I myself know I'm being watched, but I've done no wrong so they can watch me fap to hentai for all I care.

if youve typed "salsa" into google you're on a list nigga you wont be list-less unless youre an amazonian tribesman

also youre nowhere important to be considered a person of interest lmao do you think the nsa gives a heck about your cp collection ??

fuck outta here

Everyone is on a list, but not every list is the same

Maybe some aboriginal-polynesian seamen tribe is much more anonymous than anyting inside Erica's continents.

The chances of being spied on are slim, however your data may be stored based on your browser, OS, and ISP. VPNs are not safe and are required by law to leak your IP and browser history if the goberment asks at least in the US
As I said they leak your information
If your using Chrome, Stop. Google is run by kikes, they install spyware on your computer, pull data from sites, all for a few ad sheckles.
Dont ever use Jewtube, dont ever use Discord, dont ever use Spotify, if its popular along normalfags its because it collects their data to march their interests. Put in the work and do shit yourself.
Use the Tor Browser with Duckduckgo
You have no control, poor privacy policies, they watch you masturbate, and they're a monopoly. Get Gnu/Linux for offline and gaming most games are a botnet, and TailsOs for browsing.

Even if this is unwarranted paranoia, I went through the same thing. Its important to act now, because they will soon run the government, and when they do installing Tor will be a "freedom crime" or some other bullshit like that. The internet was never made with privacy in mind, it was originally made to serve the government and forever will.
Anyways, I'm still nee to this stuff but ive been trying to make myself as secure as possible but im still new. Ill save this link, ask me if you need anything.
P.S this site it pretty cool:

OP is a Zig Forums dissident. 2015 or 16 was almost also the same timeline when my computer turned the webcam on without interaction. The best that I could do was to trust my intuition that day and angle the laptop lid towards somewhere else before I slept that night because "why not" and my camera cover keeps on falling off and I can't find a fucking masking tape.
Woke up in the middle of REM sleep (my eyes are still crossed/wonky or something) and found out my laptop webcam turned on. The led light is on indicating activity. What I did was force shut it off. I was literally owned but too sleepy to know what exactly happened. It's like waking up in the middle of forest fire.
The lesson: Using ethernet was a bad idea if you have odins eye hardware (intel + intel gigabit + sidedoor intel UEFI). They can just use the management engine or something similar that I don't know is in my hardware, send packets over your computer assuming it is always on listen mode and bam - free access. The fact is the computer was in sleep mode but it's too suspicious why the camera led indicator turned itself on. (I don't remember if I was using windows or linux at the time).
The point is static IP and ether is dangerous. Especially if it's not NAT-ed or firewalled properly in the router level. They have the backdoor, sidedoor and frontdoor.
Soros Tor has fakenews analytics.
I see you're new but on the way of being blackpilled.
Just make sure your opsec isn't going to bite you(r) back.
Any law enforcement reading this, fuck you. You're not a patriot and a traitor. You deserve to burn in hell. Think about your children for a second, you're a sellout and a worthless piece of shit in humanity and the entire biomes below 4D.

FUck off CIA


Today we have Quantum Computers they can Hack everything and spy on everyone.


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Tor? Are you kidding me Do you have any idea how many hacks they have for tor now It want to make yourself anonymous you got a use something that's not commonly used

You sir sound very informed. Please, go on about how X is more compromised than Y.

Obscurity isn't security.

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nice paranoid schizophrenia, OP

true but by cross-referencing lists they can narrow down suspects and me and you and most people here are probably in the right lists to get us detained by FEMA once shtf

Nah im retarded dont listen to me

This, Windows Me is clearly the superior choice for general webbrowsing.

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That's what I was looking for.

Pajeet, don't you have a stack overflow post to answer?

Yeah that's why nobody uses passwords. Fucking retard

Chain a VPN with tor and l2p daemon running on external machines which act as routers, remove wifi from the workstation machine and only connect it via ethernet to the router machine which is configured to allow only connections via tor/vpn/l2p. Sort of like a matryoshka doll of anonymization networks. Even if your workstation gets owned you are still gucci my dude. CIA BTFO.

Also, don't keep files with identifying info on the workstation machine, of course.

Then suggest where, edward snowden

you people here are so fucking clueless about everything regarding computers that you might as well try to explain a fly how to file taxes. It's utterly pointless with you cucks.

Lol, maximizing the attack velocity vector? Non-free motherboards and non-free BIOSes are your greatest ally!


Doesn't Spybot Anti-Beacon or similar programs disable telemetry on (((Windows)))? Asking for a friend.

I used to rawdog pol for years before cripplekike sold us to jim. Then i stupidly kept rawdogging it until i got a personal visit from nice men in suits with a black unmarked SUV asking me questions about nazis.






Do not use retarded hack put together by thin-skinned morons on github, you fucking retard.
Stop and think carefully about the situation: you're trusting a pulic, somewhat popular tool that claims it can stop a closed source Os that is being actively developed from spying on you.
Now, maybe Windows really spies on you, in which case Microsoft will certainly work around what the tool does to continue spying on you, as the tool is public and popular so they surely know about it: then you shouldn't use the tool.
Or maybe Microsoft does not spy on you, in which case the tools does not do what it claims to do, meaning its devs won't even get the most basic details right: then you shouldn't use the tool.

TL:DR if you use Windows trust it and don't run shitty hacks on it, if you don't trust Windows don't trust shitty hacks either and use a different Os.

I have noticed SSL failing for Zig Forums fairly often. It's probably time for new pictureboard and moving on. I need a solid tutorial for install pictureboard scripts like tinyboard and vichan. But I'm having no luck with support for that so I'll probably install something well supported like PHPBB instead. Moderating a board is practically a full time job so it needs to monetized from the get go and that is another consideration.

But yeah, definitely consider and exit strategy.

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You can't just put that shit out there without expanding on it. What were they asking you? In regards to what you posted?

It's probably a larp, but he's not wrong. Everybody who's for gassing the kikes should make an effort to evade the feds and corporate spying in general.

The point of the surveillance state is to spy on everybody, NSA.

ive been using tor for mostly everything. it is pretty easy and it just werks
join me anons


Also remember to use the tor url for Zig Forums or you can't post oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion

It's been pretty slow the past week or so, probably because of so many anons switching over to tor after Tarrant btfoed a mosque, but it's usually really fast

bull fucking shit
the network actually works surprisingly well, can watch HD video and everything
the problem is actually that most sites block tor for all or some of their functionality

What sites have you found that block tor? I haven't come across any

cuckchan but I don't browse it much these days due to it's cancer
That and the website of the place I work at

knowyourmeme doesn't allow any kind of access
4chan doesn't allow posting
8ch doesn't allow posting pics which are half the fun of using an imageboard
I haven't tried more mainstream sites but I imagine gmail and similar sites doesn't allow to create accounts

oh and oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion (8ch domain for posting from tor) sometimes goes unusably slow

Some hardware manufacturer forums like and return 403 when attempted to reach through Tor. Pixiv returns 400. Reuters becomes broken. Still, sites that ostracize Torfags are a minority in my experience.

Actually seems to work. I tried reaching it just now through TBB and opened new account form, and it didn't complain nor look broken.

I think 8ch must be running a separate server just for tor users and it gets overloaded during peak hours, because the tor site being slow is a recent thing. Either that or someone's dosing it.

add to the list
it shows a cloudflare google captcha that goes on and on forever

Werks for me, try getting a new circut

Noob larper.
Try browsing the tor vulnerabilities history. - Unsecure browser.
If you want to be anonymous literally a cloned MAC and wheels is all you will ever need and not be dumb about exposing your browsing habits or if you still haven't gotten over using your phoning-to-26-IP-addresses spyware OS which is to say you sound like that certain winfag 4channer who just posted on 4/g/ very recently.

go back to Zig Forums you fucking nigger






I wonder (((why))).

Masons, Masons everywhere...

Judensheim pls go

I love Donald Trump! Heil Israel MIGA 2020!!!


Whatcha saying schlomo?