Brit/pol/ #2635: Lynching Journalists Edition

Justin Welby: I don’t mind if Anglicans convert to Catholicism

The second referendum is off (for now): Remainer MPs DROP attempt to force through a 'People's Vote' and blame Corbyn for killing their chances of winning

Yellow Vest Fears Said to Steer Macron Against No-Deal Brexit

BBC considers setting up international base in Belgium after Brexit

Missionary 'may be charged with genocide after exposing jungle tribe to disease'

Mark Zuckerberg 'killed goat with laser gun and served it for dinner' Twitter CEO says

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1st for daftyism

Not a fan of the normie line saying the dutch are our closest equivalents on the continent they are fucking strange tbh

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I love agreeing with lefties but for different reasons.

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xth for Anglo Juche

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Lads (((Roger Stone))) was arrested by a fuck ton of FBI agents armed to the teeth. CNN was there to video it.

I can get behind this

jesus memi responsibly

they won it last year IIRC
also, someone interrupted the UK song midway through to protest about palestine

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You mean the tariff reform league?

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juche isn't commie tbh it's its own thing

-Do it, poo lord. Fucking dare you.

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This should have happened but we can't go back in time tbh

he doesn't specify from which country tbh

It's Marxist Ethnic Nationalism basically.

i wonder how the IRA and its supporters in norn justify attacking the UK when its ireland enforcing the hard border?

Juche is just Autarky but gay

with all the trannies and queers in the army the ra would probably win

is it gonna happen again lads?

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taigish women


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They only have 7,500 soldiers.

Because Britain initiated Brexit, Ireland's reactionary.


Fuck me lad, they must be serious if they're sending both of them…

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i don't think they need to learn to code, they've been programming NPCs for years lad

Only entrenchment on the border would work for the Irish and last 12 hours if the EU doesn't step in with Spanish/French/German reinforcements

They are genuinely shocked to find out that people despise them.

Dr Stephan Corry I presume?

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LEAKED: Photo shows ENTIRE Irish army mobilised heading towards the border

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props to that lad driving for being able to pedal hard enough. irish special forces training must be really paying off.

Nah lad, it's just the photo cropped out the horse that was pulling


id imagine it would be more efficient to have the fat lad pulling while skinny hold a potato infront with a fishing rod

er lad?

tbh there were lots of taigs in the army in the world wars tbh

Empty threats, as one would expect.
another on the boycott list tbh

this is what I referred to they would be under an eu command smfh


I don't really drink lad tbh

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Ah, Paddy & Mick are free to scrounge another day then


L-lad.. is that tinned haggis and doritos?

Nippon Pride

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Journalists can't learn to code because it requires FACTS and LOGIC and libtards have neither.

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Decided to change the flag

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okay, now this is aesthetic

Based police catching the real criminals.

The most retarded of all American laws, land of the free except when you cross the road. They reason they won't remove the law as it gets them easy arrests which look good in statistics and they get money from a fine.

Muh gunz save yet another American citizen from a tyrannical government

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God I want to be there when two 5'1 police thots try to arrest Steiner for crossing the road

The physical contact alone would likely cause it to end in a double rape and homicide.

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I really fucking hated that episode as a kid, DW was an utter cunt and had it coming.

Fucking hell can this even be measured in %

Where's the swastika?


D.W sympathisers are the first to go in the Anglo Juche.

Swastika's are a memi.

The dreaded Finnish-Argie.

meems are life.

100% Finngolian

is that 22st?

clearly not, lad

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salad fingers was shit

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Get back to me when it's Burned Face Man

I liked Llama's with Hats.

Salad fingers was literally what edgy emo girrrls watched at school

Perfectly good flag ruined.

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>Goes around school with a t-shirt saying Saying Smash Patriarchy and Chill and a loaded Beretta 92 in his pocket

What do you think happened, lads?

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must be a long way off their arrest quota

Is he a sieve now?

His head is now.

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Have you already got ahold of the bodycam footage?

link the video then

There's no gore tbh.


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Must be all those Somalis being born here


Unionize, they said.

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It's Cheddar Man all over again

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It's a week early this year. Last year it started on 7th Feb.

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I just saw an Ainsley stencil on a sign lads

wew it's on streetview,-1.9114573,3a,30y,13.7h,87.62t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sOgiNKQEO9fDWMNuToIhKbQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656