Brit/pol/ #2636: Nick Edition

Crisis as police close 2.3m investigations without a suspect being charged

Cost of London's delayed Crossrail hits £30m a week

Bank of England Cuts off Maduro Regime from $1.2bn in Gold Assets

Islamist World Unites Behind Venezuelan Dictator Maduro

French minister condemns Salvini after Italian urges revolt

Amazon Facial Detection Software Identifies Dark-Skinned Females as Male

Brighton activist John Catt, 94, wins 'extremism' database case

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xth for the best wop

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For Him.

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He's hilariously incompetent tbh, can't wait for all the lefty luvvies to join volunteer battalions to fight for the spastic.


Why does he want to open fire on South-Africans so badly?

Just cut an infection out of my big toe lads, hurts like fuck

Religion in the Alt-Right
E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars magazine, Jim Goad, and Mark Brahmin on the Richard Spencer Show discussing the role of religion in the alt-right

Alouette is such a kino looking helicopter.

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good on you for performing the surgery at home lad. I hope you properly sterilised the cutting instrument beforehand and cleaned and dressed the wound afterwards


Based man surgery


saw a tranny today lads

Can't listen to Richard Spencer speak tbh, something about his style just rubs me up the wrong way.

you know what you have to do lad

what did drumpf mean by this

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now this is 4d chess

kino music tbh

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Jim Goad is a fucking retard, he literally used the Epicurean argument against a theologian


my sides

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the Gilette advert

You haven't watched the Gillette ad?

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I didn't bother watching the full thing.

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not only gayism but tummy oriented gayism

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i used an old bowie knife, it's a bit rusty but it should be fine. i actually used it to dig out an ingrown toenail on the same toe last week

That's the point. How didn't you watch all the e-celebs dissecting this ad?

some autists actually counted the number of "rapey" WHITE MALES and fem friendy black guys, it was close to 100% either way

There was originally a scene of black men objectifying women but that was removed. They knew what they were doing.

Why bother? It's clear what their intentions were about five seconds in, not going to sit through the whole thing tbh

lel gay

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all people with double barrelled surnames are poncy tarts tbh

"Nice guys" really are disgusting creatures.

really makes you think

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I love big pale tits lads

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t. secret bumlover

When are you getting a girlfriend?

t. projector

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this read like something from rebbit so fuck off m9


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yeah we need more poo and tits posts instead don't we

I never said anything about poo m8, you must be thinking about gay shite again

Leave him alone

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t. spammed boyish looking tiktok thot

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I liked that video

it is a lad, lad

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Could always be worse.

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Banning yank sympathisers when?


Sup moonfat

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Oh no

I don't get tik tok


why does Yorkshite produce such low quality posters?

no excuses tbh

That game really started to appeal to furfags

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I fucking wish

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is that pumba?

It seems to be part gorilla, baboon and hippo and maybe sloth with those claws. It's a mess

Also it is from 2007 so I guess they wanted the furfags from the start.



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jesus christ how horrifying

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A pole,a Canadian,Aussie,Steiner and the secret yank who doesn't reveal himself or he'll get banned.

Can somebody explain the free market in this case?

good lad good edition

good lad good post

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More to do with >women than the generation tbf

do you know alot about makeup lad?


Oh right he was on the cover of some magazine. But still weird how he is so popular to me.

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got a sneaking suspicion this lad might be a bit queer tbh

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His mannerisms are really gay and he calls his fans sisters. Don't make me post *that* video.

They want gay friends.

well he looks like a queer

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I've stopped going into that rotten cyst of a city. All it has to offer is arse diseases, wogs, mutts, cheap shops, knife crime, spiked drinks and mentally deranged cock loppers. They should rename it to Babel.

Can be said for basically every city tbf

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Seriously don't ask me to post *that video*. I don't want to post it.

don't even know what you're on about lad


You asked for it

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Then stop talking about it no-one fucking asked.