Brit/pol/ #2637: God Bless Assad Edtion

Crisis as police close 2.3m investigations without a suspect being charged

Cost of London's delayed Crossrail hits £30m a week

Bank of England Cuts off Maduro Regime from $1.2bn in Gold Assets

Islamist World Unites Behind Venezuelan Dictator Maduro

French minister condemns Salvini after Italian urges revolt

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Nice save lad

hate pornography me

Good lad

why do people think anal vore is good?

Me too, thats why I like watching efukt sometimes, makes me depressed and laugh tbh


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Fully expected bollock destruction lad to reply to this, disappointed he didn't smh

xth for natalism

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tbh they get away with ridiculous legerdemain when it comes to this 'event' because its the core of the mythos of the 20th century. One day it will be rightly remembered as a tiny adjunct to the cataclysmic second round of pointless euro bloodletting.

Is that the daughter that was on his programmes?

Did you see my last post addressing you, lad?

It's nothing short of evil to want to drag everyone down to your level like that.

Not surprised Bush lad fucked it up with his gf because of his milkers collections tbh

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Smh I was in an urry

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yeah you are just arguing for the sake of arguing because you have some memi idea about how you will magically have kids by age 32 or whatever because you are like 19 but you've never really faced facts about that stuff.

Updated the thread with links tbh lads

t. the guy who first posted it

Before the Holocaust they endless went on about pogroms in the east (mainly Ukraine) with massively over exaggerated death tolls (which have now been reduced to few thousand instead of a few hundred thousand)

I'm getting an air of garfield about him in this image


do you think any spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) get redpilled from reading all our posts?

cheers fam


Same but only for non-Anglos tbqh

the big boys keep track of the interns

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We are pretty insignificant tbh, I doubt they even really know about us.

really jogs the nog

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Did you notice the hole in the bible? It's so silly.

I am arguing because I don't want a man to delude himself out of having a family and children. There is a reason dry cunts kill themselves when they find out they can't have children. It has meaning, even if you consider it just materialism. I am turning 27 in less than two months

I feel bad for the left over lasses because I don't believe in female agency like mgtowfags do

holy bible innit

I kinda miss that Russian slag(male), he occasionally made some good posts.

Yeah we agree there.

Daftie or somebody else?

Edgy for the sake of being edgy.
>he thought this was worth pinning

yeah its a fully fledged industry now, and a core part of every school's curriculum. I don't know if anyone else can attest to this, but in my school two kids were chosen to go to auschwitz to experience the elemental horror of a work camp with a train station and some railings.

tbh let them be taught in schools, when it's undone later on they'll just be angrier

Probably my favourite Sam Hyde video.

I think so, it's been a while and my mind is fuzzy.

I miss his old stuff

Threadly reminder to encrypt all your stuff
Threadly reminder to have a good password and not give it out to some thot
Threadly reminder to never give out a usb with your porn collection on in, to a lass

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I can't imagine her saying something that would get such praise though, but she is a sweet lass.

Bindi is all grown up wew

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*replaces the Holocaust with a curriculum about the plight of the Palestinian people against their scoobydooish oppressors*

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Threadly reminder to cut porn and masturbation out of your life.

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Was dafty the one like half of /newbrit/ orbited?

that was the russian trap

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what's with the penguin?

Isn't she a whore irl?


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I honestly can't keep track of these people, I remember leaked PM's with 22st crying about not getting noticed by one of the "female" posters.


what if you don't have a normal marital act?

Jennifer Connelly tbh

Smh lad you're not welcome here

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Looks like something out of the start of BR2049 smh

That place is almost as wrecked as your arsehole after Friday night

smh I just like that picture

She is best known for posting her breasts

By the bullet or the ballot this will be my board.

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yeah but what about when your brain is compromised from drinking 2 much grog?

But my anime bitches need me

That Damascus?

Always made me giggle.

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Who would Zig Forums's champion be?

Achilles if he wasn't played by such a pansy

One of them imo.

Stop drinking 2 much grog.

Then get one.





I forgot about the wristlet. Does he have any pictures of him in armour? I only ever saw the one with the shield.

easier said than done tbh

Wish it was Damascus after all

It's easier if you stop wasting time wanking.


I got a few, you'll need to ask one of the Bongo Bongo Land lads for more.

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I really hope I didn't get scammed out of this xbox tbh

Yeah a few, there's also a few where he got drunk and started posting pictures of him with random mummy's in Bongo Bongo Land there's also pictures of the wop

But laaad

Damascus isn't really a war zone tbh

Explains why he is so banhappy all the time smh


pretty cool hair though

He unironically looks the part tbh


He'd do pretty well as an SA tbh

Mate he looks link a twink

Its very gay but it looks pretty good in the second photo tbh

No4 short back and sides masterrace

Get a girlfriend, lad. Tired of this drinking and being in the background of films arc.

Didn't know he actually did reenactment. That's pretty cool.

Rares saved.



that right pic would be pretty aesthetic if he wasnt so ugly/swarthy

top kek

Got another one

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never realised that was him so I never saved it.

You get the point though, maybe I should have used Dresden as an example

Should have been obvious from the autistic layout that it was a yank city tbh

wtf is this

This tbh, interesting how he's never had a gf. He sounds like a movie star that claims to be straight but never has been seen with a woman smh. He's our Kevin Spacey, touching Zig Forumslads knobs when no one is looking