Wireguard Might Finally Come to Linux in 5.2!!

Wireguard hype thread!
Wireguard is a new VPN protocol that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography. It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPsec, while avoiding the massive headache. It intends to be considerably more performant than OpenVPN. WireGuard is designed as a general purpose VPN for running on embedded interfaces and super computers alike, fit for many different circumstances.
It has been and continues to be considered unstable and incomplete, but that time may be coming to an end in the near future.
WireGuard has been designed with ease-of-implementation and simplicity in mind. It is meant to be easily implemented in very few lines of code, and easily auditable for security vulnerabilities. Compared to behemoths like *Swan/IPsec or OpenVPN/OpenSSL, in which auditing the gigantic codebases is an overwhelming task even for large teams of security experts, WireGuard is meant to be comprehensively reviewable by single individuals.

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I like it... but I have no use for it. Convince me I need this, user! Convince me.

Wireguard is going to be more secure and more auditable than IPsec and OpenVPN. That much is clear.
If this becomes commonplace, which would be sped up by Wireguard being available OOTB on all Linux systems, then you would see the benefits even if you're not implementing a VPN yourself.
If you work for a company, you might be able to VPN in if you're working remotely. Currently this would be done with IPsec or OpenVPN, but it could be done in a more secure and performant way with Wireguard in the future.
Or let's say you purchase a VPN subscription. This would make your connection faster and safer to that service.
AzireVPN is an early adopter that already supports it
PrivateInternetAccess is waiting for it to reach a point of greater stability, but they've already backed the project with a donation.

I'm interested in VPN technology, particularly it's encrypting capabilities and ability to detect hacking attacks,and reroute itself to a different modem connection network. I dunno if ll VPN's are like that, but that's how I was described.

I dunno if all* VPN's are like that


Why do UNIX weenies hack everything into the kernel? Operating systems in the 60s were already modular enough to have separate drivers and subsystems in supervisor mode that can be replaced and upgraded separately from the kernel. Rings and microkernels were designed to take as much out of ring 0 or supervisor mode as possible. Linux is going in the opposite direction of trends since the 60s, putting more and more in the kernel and making it part of the Linux source where the ability to use software is dependent on specific versions of Linux.

Perl generating assembly is pure UNIX brain damage. UNIX weenies say C is "portable assembly" but they need Perl scripts to generate assembly. That's what a macro assembler does and macro assemblers are far more powerful than the C preprocessor.

Subject: future globs (was "UNIX mindset...")RS writes, in response to the glob wars:> Given the move towards kernel bloat, I fear that one> alternative we might see some day is moving file name> globbing into the kernel. "Let's let namei do it; namei> does everything!" Blech.Plus, namei is undoubtedly the single most hacked-over pieceof code in the entire kernel! It was already battered tenyears ago.Nowadays, it's more complicated than that. First, we'llneed a System V kernel globbing interface and a BSD globbinginterface. There will be new system calls forthis--setglbent() and getglbent() for Sys V, setfilename-globbing() and getfilenameglobbing() for BSD. Of course,they'll have different arguments, and BSD will modifynamei-globbing only for the current process, while SysV willmodify it for an entire glob-group (a new conceptualgrouping of processes).Then, V.4 will have to provide for both mechanisms. Theselection of globbing will be based on the file systemtypes, a kernel examination of the process's PATH variable,and the endian-ness of the processor in use. Next, we'llneed POSIX globbing, which will be almost like both but notentirely compatible with either, with switches to enablemore-nearly-BSD- like and more-nearly-SysV-like behavior.

Because they chose shitty Linux over the GNU Hurd. Torvalds blindly copied the kernel of Unix.

Perl was chosen at the preference of the programmer. Has nothing to do with C.

You are easily the most annoying poster on this board.


Why don't you offer a counter argument? Too much braindamage to come up with one?



I have multiple times. You ignore them and keep spamming the board with your retarded bullshit. Why would I repeatedly give the same counterarguments to your spam copypasta? It's a waste of time.

Sure you have. Post links or kys, weenie.
I'm not based LISP machine user.

nice. then i dont need to do the patch hack for the kernel every time

It's not Linux's fault that non-monolithic systems didn't become performant until well after it became a dominant platform.

I think you meant to write Windows. Also it's GNU/Linux. Nobody uses just Linux.

Why doesn't Zig Forums create a VPN company?
We could sell VPN access and use it ourselves at the same time!
With wireguard this will be easier than ever, who's in?!

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Partially it is. When GNU/Linux started to work, everyone forgot about GNU, the Hurd and alternatives. Years of not knowing about GNU made it and the Hurd underdeveloped and GNU/Linux as a whole inconsistent. There are some efforts to unify the system, but one of them is unfortunately systemd. There is also the official GNU distribution - Guix System, which on the other hand is great.

Better idea: let's set up the first Wireguard lifetime subscription service and then disappear with the money.

There ARE lean and secure TLS libraries though. The problem with OpenSSL as I see it is that it's unmaintainable garbage and it supports every cipher and protocol imaginable, regardless of security, 'cause muh legacy and 'cause it's fucking old as shit.

I forgot what it called but there's a free software on community repo that allows you to create p2p vpn with your friendo. I never tried it myself so I don't know how to use.

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I'll work on the logo!

The TLS library might have some impact, but OpenVPN itself is bloat as well. Just one or two of the many files in it is just as large or larger than Wireguard's entire codebase.

Well, that does sound pretty neat.
Though, wait a sec
Let's wait at least on that shit before pushing it into a kernel LMAO

I was going to upbraid you for a shitty, shill-style OP it is, btw but I'm actually glad now to find out this information OP. Thanks.

np, frien!

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illiterate here, will this wireguard works on limited environment (like, openvz vps with 128mb ram 128mb swap)? for really limited user ofc (2 user max).

i ever set openvpn on that, but apparently the openvpn killed itself when the ram are low. now i'm ended with socks5 ssh with key auth, and jailed user (because just needing socks5 proxy). i hope this new vpn protocol could gives new light for really limited environment

this, what happened to "do one thing and do it well"

that's great but what kind of nasties are being slipped in now that the kernel is being maintained by mentally ill bluehairs

Please remember the name of it because i've been looking for something like that for ages

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If only they'd had a bit of patience to wait the 29 years and counting for HURD to be ready.

More like 36 years, because the development of the "GNU OS," of which the kernel is a part (as the interjection pasta likes to remind us) began in 1983. Plus there were as least two false starts in the mid and late '80s, the second of which dragged on for years while Stallman figured out whether Mach would be released under terms that permitted him to cuck everyone with the GPL.

It took 36 years to get the GNU OS to pre-alpha status. I think in another 36 years they might be ready for a beta release. Looking forward to 1.0 sometime around 2100. The good news is that if we develop space travel at a significant fraction of c, which is more likely than the HURD development picking up, it will be possible to benefit from the effects of time dilation during the wait for the HURD to become viable. Verily, I say to you, there are some shitposting here who will not taste death until they see the HURD of GNU coming in its kingdom.

The snake, finally just started to cross the river.
Prophecy foretold in advance to dull workers,
Prophecy awaits approaching to the dark age,
The black snake must slither and prey upon the beast that foretold the lie.


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I didn't think there was anyone less optimistic than I about about GNU/HURD.

I really fucking want Arch/Hurd to happen, but I sincerely doubt it will ever replace what I have now.

I'm not but I do know of something like that, it's called ZeroTier. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZeroTier

Yes it will.

Nice. I was just about to ask if any VPN can use this. It looks interesting, so I may keep an eye on this.

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What's the FCC's stance on high powered gimballed wireless anntenae mounted on steerable VPS drone dirigibles powered by solar energy and homemade cold fusion reactors serving as a decentralized flying VPN across the US countryside?
Would they shoot it down?

If you made a cold fusion reactor at home and made everything open source, unpatented and publicly accessible/understandable even to laymen the petroljews probably unironically come home to you and fucking kill you and confiscate all your files like they did to N.Tesla or Stan Meyer. Same with making diesel/petroleum by carbon cracking like the national socialists scientists put into mass production by 1939, it would totally destroy them.

Unpatented hydrogen powered veichles would also equally destroy them, the only one on the market being Toyota Mirai is a big step up into the future.

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But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it if you are able, because it's the right thing to do.

If you published all that knowledge to the Internet, what's the point of killing the genius behind all that? Won't the knowledge be already out in the public?

just publish it anonymously then

Yeah they'd probably fail if you mass distributed it with enough interest, if tesla was alive today there's no way they'd manage to confiscate all his shit. They would probably try though.

If (((they))) wanted or even cared about the enviroment the slightest instead of fucking jewing us by sending all jobs to literal third world slaves treated like animals, everyone could have free energy and solar panels is a good start to that. We'd also have and able to buy nearly infinite amounts of synthetic carbon cracked fuels for literally nothing. But it's always about the shekel.


Humanity could be so noble and free of a lack of resources/energy/food/clean water if only the good guys won WW2.

You're implying the good guys didn't win WW2? top kek.

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Now that's some quality LARPing. Good job.

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We've had nothing but liberal, and now marxist policy for 70 years now, we've had no real nationalism and no real self determination, are things getting better faggot? Are we richer? Better lives? Not at all. If you see nothing wrong about this world then why is it the "good side" that you speak of has almost 100% dictated everything since 1945, has waged millions in wars for israel and destroyed other countries who as much "dare" oppose democracy with media and finance all owned by a bunch of jews?

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Pathetic people like you are fucking deluded and so far up your ass you can't even see a hint of light and you think that's so fucking great while drowning in shit, you're probably living feces as well considering your NPC fag tier response.

It's hard to take somebody seriously when they're not interested with intellectual honesty. Why should I engage with that kind of dishonest person?

You're the one being dishonest lol. None of what i wrote was wrong in any way shape or form.

That's where you're wrong.

Rich, "Muh 0 argument feels over facts". It doesn't work like that.

But that knowledge already exists, it's just no one does it in any commercial fashion because then the (((established scientific community))) will start to hunt them down and/or have it paraded among less-credible conspiracy theories to further sow doubt.
The best bet would be build an airship with large solar panels on top that you'd pretend are there to power the VPS but are only there to recharge the emergency battery which can power some avionics and start the backup diesel generator/APU in case the Reactors have to be shut down and restarted.
You could theoretically post the airship blueprints under an open source license as long as you leave the choice of power generation to the end user and don't specify anything about the internal powerplants beyond certain specs that the end user's generator and APU systems would have to fulfill.
For maximum shitposting have the airship host an IPFS-over-I2P node containing secrit documents about anti-scientic fusion reactors on an encrypted partition.

protip: the air force doesn't like unidentified aircraft floating above land












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Yeah, right, and the moon is made of cheese.

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