EU Puts An End To The Open Internet: Link Taxes And Filters Approved By Just 5 Votes

EU Puts An End To The Open Internet: Link Taxes And Filters Approved By Just 5 Votes

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probably the whole point with this

Sorry I ignored the thread with the retarded anime.

Users will revolt. I think far too many people have come to value you-tube, and I think there is no chance the copyright genie is going back in the bottle - People will never again pay $20 for an album. The vast majority of people don't understand how copyright prevents them from sharing free music on youtube, and don't really believe in any kind of underlying basis for the law. They will revolt.
If nothing else, this will accelerate darknet. If EU does go through with something that modifies the architecture of the internet, in a user-untenable way, launching a a darknet service that offers the missing functionality same day, and advertising it well, may result in people adopting the darknet.

They do support it, but the main drivers of this is the privately owned media in the EU, particularly in Germany (e.g. Axel Springer, Burda, Bertelsmann). Since these shape public opinions politicians are particularly beholden to those corporations even more than to any others were they get comfy jobs as a reward for being enacting pro-business legislation.

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I think not, this law won't be applied across the board but only to censor targeted content, the EU has given itself incredibly power to shut down almost any content they want. They'll leave the distractions up, that's for sure.

Users will not do a single thing about this nor remember it after a week.

Never ever rely on "the people" for anything, at this point they're 60% shitskins, 30% brainwashed drones, 9% people who can't be bothered to care, and only the remaining 1% cares to some degree. Out of those 1% only a small portion is willing to fight against it. Out of those willing to fight, 99% will only join some uprising if one gets into motion, but won't be a part of the founding of anything bigger than a forum thread.

But we live in a "democracy", so no matter how right you are you're still wrong because the overwhelming majority was programmed to disagree with you.

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These. Nothing will or should be done to fight this. Nobody will fight back. It's better to just accept it and let it happen. Eternal 1984 here we come!


Most likely
Absolutely not, everything should be done to fight this and many other things.

haha good. Dumb euros will know that the USA is still the only free country in the world. America #1!

Nothing we do will work. Just accept that the kikes won forever and there is a 100% chance we will be bowing to Big Brother for all our lives. We fucking surrender. We have no support and no followers. Everyone but us is celebrating the shit out of this.

So what's the best suicide method now that this board has been fully submerged in blackpills?

Suicide by cop

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Hopecucks eternally BTFO. Kikes won forever, as blackpillbros were predicting

That's a good one!

Stay delusional.
But you know, that big corporations behind this will probably try pushing the same filters in the USA?
Also how is your net neutrality, burger?

Honestly, I've just don't care about anything at this point. It doesn't matter how many people rally together. No matter if it's 2 or 2 million or even 2 billion, our rights as human beings are entirely meaningless. All it ever takes is one wicked, twisted person in the right place to render anything and everything people have to say completely null and void.

The human race is just inherently fascist by nature. That's the way the world is. And nothing will ever change that. Nothing whatsoever.

Why even bother trying to fight a flawed system? It's impossible to win.

Might as well just sit back and accept it.


They're pushing the same shit in Japan too, and I can't do jackshit because I'm not tech literate enough to refute, nor do the politicians know what they're doing because it's the Japan Business Federation's doing.

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East India BTFO forever. Now nips can be just as blackpilled as us. There is literally nothing we can do anymore.

Yes, we're all in this together, it's hard to comprehend for those who are still unaware of the conspiracy against all non-jews.

FTFY. Now that kikes have won for good and we are literally the only people protesting, we know for sure we have nothing left. It's over.

They've almost won, though there's still more you can do today than tomorrow. What are your plans for the next few years?

And nothing will stop them from completely winning

There is nothing we can do. We are literally the only people on earth who care about this and won't forget it in a week

What are your plans for the next few years?
Nothing. Just crying in the fetal position if I haven't already ended myself. I'm sure many others will do the same.

On an unrelated note, I had this kinda devious idea: since basically the EU will filter anything that it doesn't like, how about we start sharing lewd content with the EU flag plastered onto the main character getting fucked? The filters can't distinguish context, anyhow, so it would utterly destroy them on the world scene.

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It was shelved after much protest from the very unions (Manga artists, publishers, etc) that pushed for strengthened copyright protection against pirates, but it almost turned into a Japanese Art.13; it's being reworked as of now.
"Criminal crackdown urged on illegal image downloads from manga, novels and other works"
"Japan shelves bill on stricter copyright control after academics, manga artists and fans air concerns"

This is what Americans actually believe. The more freedom you give to corporations and their owners, the more wealth they will take away from you for themselves.

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Pretty sure most of the big companies will just block Europe instead of developing a system that would only put them in compliance with the laws of a ever-shrinking percentage of the world's population. Europe isn't the center of the world anymore, chicom money and amero-israeli puppet states are far more profitable.

Protip: All the big websites already have upload filters.

LMOA. Literally fake news


found the LARPer

This has nothing to do with this Article 13 shit.
This isn't a link tax.
Try again, LARPer.

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Literally the first sentence. There is no link tax.
Stop spreading FUD and stop posting this stupid FUD spreading woman.

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There is no link tax. There never was a link tax. Nobody even proposed a link tax.

Shalom my fellow European, the EU certainly has done nothing wrong and truely has the best interests of its constitutent peoples in mind- don't you agree?

Article 11, which is a part of the same copyright law, is indeed a link tax.
Get your fucking pitchforks europoors. You may have reduced gun rights, but that doesn't mean you can't acquire them through other means. Fucking frogs have you beat at this shit.

Firstly, this isn't a law, it is a directive.

Secondly, if it is indeed a link tax you surely shouldn't have a problem backing up your claim with a quote from the directive?


Californian subhuman detected.

Nice murican education you got there, m8.

you mean instead of a black rectangle there is a eu flag instead?

Says the Californian LARPing as a resident of the European continent.

fuck off the fuck back to reddit. any sort of "openness" already passed 20 years ago. link tax? it's been impossible to browse over Tor since 2011 or whenever cuckflare shat up the internet, precisely because they made unnecessary captchas which are the same thing as link tax from a user perspective. if you think Tor is an edge case, kindly fuck right off. open internet means I don't need to be tracked to use it normally. Politics is utterly irrelevant. All that needs to happen is for developers to stop being faggots


I thought more along the lines of melting the EU flag onto lewd girls getting pounded by ugly bastards, but I like your idea even more

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The US is only free for women.

It fights men with every step.
No child brides == no freedom for men.



here's a perfect example of the daily bullshit we've put up with for the last 20 years of what OP claims was an "open" web

>Your access to the NCBI website at has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site. This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack. It could be something as simple as a run away script or learning how to better use E-utilities,, for more efficient work such that your work does not impact the ability of other researchers to also use our site. To restore access and understand how to better interact with our site to avoid this in the future, please have your system administrator contact [email protected]

So of course a normalfag walks by as I'm visiting this page and goes zomg what are you haxing bro! And on other days I get weird looks by library staff. All because I wanted to browse the internet in a sane way which would be possible if it was "open". It's not even cuckflare this time, just your typical government website. It shouldn't even be an option for web pages to run code as you access them (neither on the server nor the client). If anyone cared about openness (as opposed to muh monetization), they'd publish on Freenet or at least make de-facto plain HTML pages.

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This is why blackpills win in the end. Loterally everyone but us is supporting Google and FB now. They have become God thanks to this!

Very much C y b e r p u n k indeed

Can you glow any harder?


You don't understand do you

Fuck copyright and fuck you.

EU is

so long EU
t. brexiteer

The US is only free for women.

It fights men with every step.

No child brides == no freedom for men.

(BTW: The GPL is revocable)

If your traitorous politicians ever get around to it that is. even with the porn license law, that's still easier to get rid of than some shitty international legislation

browsing that site rn via whonix bruh and it looks fine

Yeah, you can keep your crumpets for all I care.

Put your willy away for a few days. You might achieve something.
Soros has full on Trump Derangement Syndrome. Everything he has tried since 2016 has backfired hilariously.
Having to pay over 400 million per week for a high democratic deficit will do that...

and reality is that nothing will happen. well maybe few stupid fucks close their site but no one cares about them.

If they had any fight left in their hearts they wouldn't be in this situation to begin with

Nothing lasts forever, even that situation something will break in some point

*sigh* that is really bad, not even need to say why

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*Put your willy away and pull out your fists

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This is why eurocucks should never have been allowed online, we should have helped the ussr completely conquer europe and destroy the entire garbage continent. Our only hope now is to reestablish the roman empire and let a new ceaser kill all his rival politicians over there

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it would mean checking every website, post, text in the entire internet thats constantly growing

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Yes, because you don't have the same IP address (or whatever state) as I did when I viewed it.

Sure, except on the big sites on which it has been enforced for years already, getting continually worse.

absolutely nothing is going to happen

Sadly nothing will break the ironclad kike empire anymore. They are everywhere and everything. We have nothing left. Fighting back is literally impossible. See

And no, the (((yellow vest (((riots)))))) don't count as real pushback.


getting a new identity takes one click from the browser, or a button press from ARM, you giant baby
not that i even needed to do that. shit just works.
if you want a permanent solution for exit node bannage, tor to a vpn.
it shouldn't take 15 years to figure this shit out.
here you go. cursory glance shows mullvad will take cash posted to them, so you don't even need crypto. $5 a month. they're outside the five eyes and tick a lot of technical and legal boxes. enjoy your anonymously leased IP for your tor connection.

data-hoarders will profit from this.

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Nobody revolted against (((copyright laws))) and the current definition of intellectual """property""". This won't be any different.

there is a 4th choice

This is what will end up happening. EU will just become like China.

many big site's i've noticed, MSM, already block the entire EU as a result of the GDPR.


Good riddance. News sites have no fucking reason to go anywhere near personal data so them just flat out blocking traffic from EU is _highly_ suspicious.

it's worse than that, something as simple as apache's automatic ip address logging is prone to the gdpr. even if you only hold it for 24 hours to get basic stats and catch DOS attacks, you might risk getting fucked by the gdpr, so have fun spending additional time trying to design a system to comply with every random request thrown at you or risk getting sued into oblivion by the EU at the drop of a hat.

I like the privacy sentiment but this was designed to destroy small operators. Big (((tech))) can afford to throw 500 pajeets at this and comply, some random dude running a wrongthink website can't, even if he isn't doing any real intentional data collection, but only running apache/nginix/whatever with default settings.
Logging IPs may be necessary depending on the jurisdiction you operate in.
If you have legitimate use for the logs you are allowed to log.
Oh no. You have to tuck away a static html document somewhere saying that you log IPs to get basic stats and catch DOS attacks and how long you store it.
The horror.

Don't be a fucking retard and stop spreading FUD if you have no clue.

Yes. Google WONT be affected. The biggest fish are the only one that can censor cheap and effective.

Do you remember the telstra ban on 8ch for hosting nz video's? Do you think FB would get banned? Ever?

That's because Google already has upload filters. What the fuck do you think all the good goy Youtubers that rake in ad money for Google have been complaining about for the last few years?

The United Planet of China.

It's a bad thing but this shit is embarrassing.

provide tor relays

What anime?

More evidence we need to gas the cuckservatives.

Taking as many jews as possible with you.

Surprised I haven't heard arguments that this is a good thing. Neutering companies like Facebook and pushing users into how the web was meant to be - hosting your own websites. Also, imageboards aren't big enough to be affected by this.

It was only a matter of time, but I'm glad that Sweden are accelerationists

ffs, can't someone just carpet nuke Sweden already?

I wonder who could be behind this

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