Brit/pol/ #2638: Scoobydoo Edition

Holocaust Memorial Day: 'Shocking' levels of denial remain
Five per cent of UK adults do not believe the Holocaust took place and one in 12 believes its scale has been exaggerated, a survey has found

Health secretary says martial law 'isn't the focus' for government
In an interview on The Andrew Marr Show, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government isn't specifically looking at martial law in the event of a no-deal, but is "looking at all possibilities."

Heavy snowfall could cut off villages in the south east of England this week, Met Office warns
A band of rain pushing eastwards across the country is likely to turn to snow on Tuesday evening, with up to 3cm likely going into Wednesday

Navy warships 'virtually unprotected'
Britain's main warships are “virtually defenceless” against the threat from fast attack vessels and suicide boats, defence experts warned last night

HMS Astute: Sub almost colliding with ferry in Irish Sea has shocking bad luck
A submarine called the Astute has failed to live up to its name following a string of calamities

Iran announces oil discovery in untapped region
Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh has told the media that the national oil company NIOC struck light sweet oil in a hitherto untapped oil region.

German Intelligence Used Antifa ‘Research’ to Build Case Against Populists
The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) have been accused of relying on information from the far-left extremist Antifa movement to build their case for surveilling the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party

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Why would anyone use twitter? It's insufferable liberal's and socialists disappearing up their own arse hole's and uppity furriners.


yeah but you can call them niggers

xth for cool looking unbuilt bridges

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Hope you lads have spent the day remembering the holocaust.

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They should have got more republicans and Romani.


Stupid cunt

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There's a severe lack of thinking when it comes to demographic changes tbh

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bit racist init

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Which one is it scoobydoos?

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He sounds based to me

Did someone say Holocaust?

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I thought they were pushing it when they had people who were 5 or 6 at the time telling stories about the camps.


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Is that him without makeup? Fucking hell he was born a poof.

cooking guinea fowl for dinner lads fakkin luv guinea fowl me

I get what you're saying but I don't think anyones born a poof, he could just exercise and eat more and get a normal haircut and he would probably look normal. He only acts this way because society made him that way, he's literally a multi millionaire at 19. Our society massively incentivises this behaviour, do you think it would be smart of him to give up this lifestyle and go work a shitty minimum wage job instead? That's what it makes me think of.

Literally everything in the media and TV is encouraging his behaviour here.

So would you do it? You could be a multi-millionaire from it.


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Think I found Westie at the JamesCharles meet

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Looks like an evil ventriloquist's dummy brought to life by some wicked sorceror

oh no

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No I'd rather make an honest living.

Gonna give DF a go

pretty apt considered that's what he basically is

exactly lad

there are so many gayboys in obscene amounts of makeup just walking around nowadays.

What is an honest living?

Good lad. Remember to watch some tutorials and read a bit before you dive in.

noncehunter, brickie or neet

Providing value to society, not just catering to the whims of the free market.

these fucking robots dear god

cops defending sending anybody who misgenders a tranny straight to the rape pens

Having to force people to do it shows it's not natural tbh

But he is providing value to the people willing to buy his stuff

the cops are just so fucking open about how totalitarian this shit is. Its literally thought crime:

So the police just record every hateful thing you say as a point and if you get enough points you get slammed into jail?

God I can't wait until the shoe is on the other foot and we can get these people fucking fired and have them investigated by secret police for the slightest left wing utterance, I'm sure they would be completely fine with this. "We're just sending the police around to make sure you're not going to do anything." They totally wouldn't complain then.

That is a genuinely good poem btw.

cunt gets rekt

No because he just teaches overweight and unattractive women to coat themselves in a metric ton of makeup in order to hide their imperfections, rather than encouraging them to adopt a healthy diet or lifestyle. Hate your true self, never be healthy, coat yourself in synthetic chemicals, not a good message for society in my opinion.

I see

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hooh boy

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Top fucking kek


I remember seeing a cap on /tv/ from SA or reddit where they thought 8ch was a myth.

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She'll never lrn2code.

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think you lads might be getting rused

got to be

y'don't say

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He sounds like a closeted fag.

Clearly took him up on his offer then.

surprised at how well I performed while feeling so shit

It's the power of being in your 20's and it's being wasted like this lad.

hangover bounce lad you'll crash by 7pm

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yes fucking please

I guess deep down they know its cannibalism.




Thread of Carlson clips.

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Dont they hate each other?

that was from ye olde year of 2015

pretty sure that was all speculation


Batten is randomly posting facts about Mozart on twitter now.

what on earth is he one tbh, I thought it'd have something to do with the UK but it seems random

Sam did call Charls "Toxic" in HydeWars tbf

top spy tbh

Pretty sure they do lad

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smdh I wish I was a cowboy

If I had a time machine I'd go hang out in the wild west

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Spat over money was the theory I read.

have any lads been to brazil

that got disproven

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How was that done?

was posted in the thread a month or so back tbh