Brit/pol/ #2639: Local Jobs for Local People Edition

Over 100 MPs aim to destroy rules and keep Britain in EU, new study shows

No-deal Brexit 'to leave shelves empty' warn oyveyers

Westminster Bridge chaos: Man arrested near Parliament after attempting to flee police

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You'd think so but no.

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interdasting tbh

xth for hitler

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funny how your posts aren't complete shit when you aren't being 22st

Yeah, his post history is fine.

What a shame.


22st did nothing wrong

this is great

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Good lid

Why is that trollop so offended at a job advert?

22 lied and people cried

As it fucking should be.

Entitled FBPE-tier cunt I'm guessing.

22 was the best mod

this is her twitter description
rip LIEberals #JobsNotMobs

no longer importing cheap coolie labour from the east

I cant believe this is real

Absolute bell-ends.

God forbid British businesses employ British people, it'd put all the furrinahs out of work

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Can't argue with the chimps accurate political synopsis tbh.


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hullo yes, new Joe!

Reminds me of the grauniad's subscription begging tbh

She sounds like a poundland commie.

Her husband must have a great sense of humour. Imagine waking up next to that thing every morning and pissing yourself laughing.

Plenty of gender studies grads who can fill that gap tbh.

It's shocking. We're so fucked having to employ natives. I'll look forward to that mushroom cloud from my bedroom window.


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here we here we go

Never heard him have an orgasm on YT b4 tbh

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How many years do we have to endure this teasing?

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Sounds like a parody but can't find any indication of it being one tbh
Nothing on her feed seems like a parody, just seems like every other whingey cunt.

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bigfoot tbh

I wonder what these people actually believe and practice

food worship by the looks of things

Based bear looking after the lickle lad.

Modern day Mowgli

David Paulides is going to love this story.

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They're just atheists that fancy a bit of a LARP.

If it was a male grizzly the lad probably would have been eaten tbh

this tbh, funny how this recent surge began around the same time Skyrim came out

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Interview SA next

steak tartare tbh

All thespians are working alcoholics.

Lamb stew with mint sauce tbh

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very nice lad

True. First Marvel Thor film came out the same year. Then the Vikangz TV drama came out 2 years later also.

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When the latest thor film came out that carolyn bint went on overdrive.

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its an SA trolls himself episode


It's three people

u wot

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Delicious. I like my steak with a pulse tbh

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just muscle contractions don't listen to his lies lambs


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i respect pagans that genuinely believe tbh, like StJ

I respect him for actually doing research but not for following it. What's the point.


In China I once saw a frog restaurant. They were making a delivery and there was a whole pallet of frogs all alive and ribbeting.

wew that made me hungry

in Abyssinia they used to cut slices of meat off a still living bull, and eat it raw


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wew I am now no longer hungry

Anyone got any money?

Inside 'crime blind spot freeport' filled with invaluable art, gems and wine built on Jean-Claude Juncker's watch

Basically has has an Uncle Duck styled top secret area where no-one knows what he is storing in there. Whatever it is, he wants to keep it secret.
I'd like to hear what some remoaner has to say about it.

Poster seems a tad much, but would cop that book

the eu is corrupt, what a shocker

Daily reminder: Hang all the hags and fags in HR on the minecraft server.

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Bad day at work?

HR is a breeding ground for the absolute worst.


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every fucking time

no, but I wouldn't mind these dungarees. those land girls must have gotten very moist

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channel4 are currently interviewing the bear

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tfw deep down in the df mineshaft once again

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Fuck mosley tbh

Joe Owens new video is 100% everything I've been saying, does Joe browse here?

Fresh Cabbage

Yes of course and he nicked ALL your ideas Mr. Fuck Mosley-Man

Partially agree tbh


Enoch was worse

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good lad I'm on factorio at the moment

The only thing Mosley did wrong was think euro-federalism was a good thing, but that was after his political power was non-existent so no-one cares tbh.


What about Ireland?

what about it?

Also Ireland and failing to actually get proper political ground in the country.

Enoch was a normal person, he failed and let respectability neutrer him from continuing the fight. He wasnt a weirdo rich kid who had sex with his family members and decided to ruin healthy white resistance to the Windrush invasion.

Oswald Mosley failed and instead of accepting that and resigning himself he forced him and his Union Movement into the east end to try to get attention knowing they wouldnt achieve anything.

He wanted to let those buggers free and said we were oppressing them etc.