Brit/pol/ #2640: Norsefire Edition

Over 100 MPs aim to destroy rules and keep Britain in EU, new study shows

No-deal Brexit 'to leave shelves empty' warn oyveyers

Westminster Bridge chaos: Man arrested near Parliament after attempting to flee police

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first for cleaning your treadmill with a damp rag


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its grim up north

Good lad.

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Sometimes I forget this board is basically /r9k/

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You sound like a whiny bitch, lad

for youtube-dl lad
if it fails to download on some less mainstream site it sometimes works if you inspect the specific media url, rather than just the url of where you're viewing it.
(for firefox and it's forks) click on the green padlock, then show connection details, then more information, then media, the look in the list and look for something that is listed as video feed or whatever. then try adding that to youtube-dl.
at least that's what worked for me

I laughed

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I wish people wouldn't rant on about the Kalergi plan tbh, it's not going to redpill anyone and it makes you look crazy.

I miss when pol would call niggers googles

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yeah it's bullshit tbh.
a paragraph's from a libshit fantasy essay that carries as much weight as an episode of star trek.

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Nothing wrong with making people dislike Bolsheviks tbh lad.
tbh though I think it might have backfired, now every edgy teen has moved on from National Socialism and has started identifying as some kind of Bolshevik

Yeah I'm starting to hear a lot more people on radio phone-ins and other places essentially openly stating that they're leaving people no other option than violent revolt, and getting a sympathetic ear. These are just ultra normies too, the illusion of our democracy is falling from their eyes and they're starting to get pretty righteously pissed off. Maybe they're doing us a favour in the long run.

Thank you once again lad, you've been most helpful. Cheers.

USS Liberty one is pretty good tbh.

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more good news

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I bet our royal family had a 'how do we ensure this doesn't happen to us' meeting pdq.

if you want to convert the edgy ones away from Bolshevism just preach Accelerationism tbh

this is the first and final red pill tbh
still hurts

She wasn't even pretty smh

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allowing communists to exist in government while removing all the pro-monarchy fascists was a strange part of that plan i reckon

Very true

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Then again the left/center does this all the time with the "Nationalism causes bloodshed" stuff and it seems to kinda (?) work.

I say shoot both the Bolsheviks and the Tsar and his family tbh

Is it even something they say though?

Yeah, it was called the restoration Charles II.

tfw no Inn called the Bread of Garlic run by Peter Kay somewhere 30ft underground with a library in the back randomly generated name tbh

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based centrism

It's more of a Libertarian thing tbh, mention anything to do with a bigger state and you'll get spammed with pictures and ideographs about Hitler and Mao.

More like radical extremism, kill the revolutionaries and then kill the people they are revolting again, make the rich eat communists and then shoot the rich for crimes against humanity.



What did the naughty rich bois do?

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I just wish people would stop LARPing and recognize our governmental model a few hundred years back was the strongest and most efficient form of government that ever existed

On January 31st, 2019, Brendan will pay his last alimony check and will then be free.

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Cannibalism from eating all those communists and deliberately fucking the country over for profit

Not sure if I'm more annoyed by their pointless shit flinging or that fact that they think their cool for doing it.

Also fuck Libertarians

Why, lad?



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The Alimony Ends

31st January, 6pm (EST) (about 11 bongs)

good lad

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Because their dream world is literally just feudalism with workhouses.

Will we enter a new golden age of film, lads?

Had to check if I made a typo. smh, lad.

idno, lad. I like freedom.

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OOOooo looka dat muskrat

Nice lad, decent summary though I catch a whiff of muh Evropa sentiment

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I just like freedom.

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Pretty much tbh I kinda disagree with the Spengler and Evola bit though tbh



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Good lad. Hope we get to see him fullly un-Justed tbh

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Q predicted this


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Should've read the fine print tbh

Evola and Kalergi were on good terms. There isn't much libshitty about either of them, they were both autists who were intent on orchestrating some grand pan-european dream. The EU bears only slight resemblance since ideologues tend to hinder unlimited bureaucratic and mercantile interest. The EU isn't even anti-European in the way that dafties say it is, it's just run by wildly incompetent Williams who don't want ideologues and doctrinaires to compromise their 80k sinecures. At least that's what I think.


what's even going on in this video?

that guy is such a faggot god I hate him

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evola is nietzsche but for nonces

hullo i hate women

T-thanks lad.

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I liked the illustrated book of his you posted the other night


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Give a good reason why I shouldn't just ban you for ban avoidance.

His plan for Europe was a fairly right wing (socially and economically) Christian superstate (the current EU is purely economically right wing and socially non-existent, while also being secular) , his writing about muh mixed race was likely because everyone kept bullying him about his dad taking the imperiumpill.


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Kemper is the OG serial killer anyway.

women are fucking obsessed with serial killers

It's left over programming from when women were trophy wives for the best warriors in the tribe.

This lad.


Women are obsessed with handsome serial killers lad. Not all of them.

this is why they learn languages easier smfh


and enjoy horse riding, it reminds them of being carried back to the enemy tribe after a raid.

I fucking love this clip, all smiles one second and then flips like the maniac he is.


Why thank you.

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*kills your Gran*

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Why the fuck do all movies set in medieval Europe show it to be a permenantly muddy, cold shithole that never stops raining and whos inhabitants are deformed subhumans that have never felt joy?

Why arent there any movies showing how beautiful medieval Englands countryside was? We have love songs and poems about summer written back then, a lot of people had beautfiul meaningful and fullfilling lives back then, probably more so than now tbh

also they can use it as an excuse as to why they're hymens broken

wasn't shipmans kdr 1/200 or somehting?

smh medieval art was so full of colour it was seen as positively gaudy by moderns

no one knows for sure but his body count is at the very least 250. Probably closer to 300. Anglo superiority reigns even in the really despicable stuff it seems.

because memmies lad

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he was baste tbh

Gotta make what came before look shit since it makes the utter shit we are in now look good.