Brit/pol/ #2641: Gallows Edition

Brexit: MPs back May's bid to change deal

Tusk CELEBRATES Remainer attempts to block no-deal Brexit and REJECTS fresh May talks

No-deal Brexit will lead to thousands of deaths from heart attacks and strokes by driving up the price of fruit and vegetables, study claims, but critics brand it 'Project Fear at its very worst'

2,000 clergy sign letter saying welcoming trans people into the Church may 'harm' children

It’s Wetherspoon workers like me who have to push out Tim Martin’s Brexit propaganda

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le rope le salt


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xth for martial law

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This reminds me tbh I saw a half eaten Greggs in a toilet today

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Important poal

linksposter should be on that list

tbh tbh

lads should i be happy that no deal brexit was voted down or not

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Why would he put himself on it?

Toppest of keks.

If we go out without a deal then I'd be very surprised.

This is just utter bullshit. What the fuck is the point of lying in a reddit thread?

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Moving from Brussels to Strasbourgh with huge environmental and financial waste simply because of the selfishness of individual countries and inability of them to agree is indicative of the state of the EU and that man is completely justified in basing his vote on that story alone.

why are the libtards on r/uk mad, please im a drumpf brainlet

surprised he didnt put me on there for liking milas itty bitty titties

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Seems about right.

F5 :^)

Great poll tbh

Good lad

When we kicked out the non-anglos what do we do with the Scottish and Irish?

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top dog

the reddit mentality is so fucking cancerous, all those pseuds getting their upcummies by endless circle-jerks. I never really understood why it was so maligned by the anonymous parts of the internet until now. unbridled faggotry reigns.

What was done before.

4 races under one banner, English, Welsh, Scottish and Uslterman.

send the scots to ireland and let them fight it out.

And the Ukrainians?

Sounds good tbh

Shove me on an embassy job to Ukraine.

Think we should just nuke the Uke

I hope the remoaner faggots are right about complete civilisational collapse after Brexit. I have plenty of food and weaponry in the shape of abundant gardening tools.

dont forget to buy lighters and lighter fluid in bulk


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That thread is overflowing with high-minded contempt for the idiot working classes to such an extent that it could only be peopled by leftists.

Good stuff tbh. I'm actually glad these cunts are as devoid of self awareness as they are. A revolution needs a truly rotten villain.


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I better stop before he starts spamming CP or something.

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FBI Concludes Las Vegas Shooting Investigation, Finds No Motive

that would be less shameful than living in modern society tbf

If I could be bothered to write anything other than posts on an imageboard, I'd write an essay on the leftist zeitgeist titled 'Pride and Conceit: How Treachery Has Been Rewarded'.

About fucking time
Ha, I'm surprised any of these hacks can put their name to the drivel they shit out, Wetherspoons is honestly the best food for the best value I've had, the steak varies depending on the area but its always a nice environment when theres not a match on

Speak for yourself lad

sound like a softy william version of lauren souther, all these alt-light e celebs books are literally never read and just another form of crowd funding for their stupid publicity stunts.


I'm so shocked lads, who could have known?

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link for the above

It's almost as if the people who pay wages exert some kind of socio-political pressure on its employees, how unlike any other establishment tbh.

Excuse me but I am half way through BAP's "Bronze Age Mindset" right now.

The reddit tortured-genius-amongst-a-gormless-and-hostile-public social type is probably the worst subset of people. They need ovening. their political being is about sublimating the isolation they feel as dweeby impotent nerds into a brave crusade against bigotry. faggots faggots faggots.

Wetherspoons is basically always terrible. It's one saving grace is that some of them are in nice buildings (which they are despoiling). The beer is terrible, the food is terrible, and they're filled with hobos by day and slags and deanos by night.

I'd still find it interesting to write about the extent to which self-regard renders leftists utterly blind to their being pawns of the powers that be.

7 votes

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imageboard posters are the aristocracy of the internet.


anybody else remember the retarded shit that slided in 2016 like the y x breeding strategy retardation being applied to political ideolgy

naah lad, we're the monks in the monastery

Tbh they could probably say the same about us, but accuse us of transferring our own personal issues into a brave crusade against degeneracy etc. They COULD do, if they weren't all too gay and closed minded to even entertain the idea of understanding us.

Btw, I agree with you. Leftists are unremittingly pompous and completely self deluding.

I went past what I thought was a whetherspoons in my home town the other day. Now the signage has all changed. OR it actually used to be Yates's. If it was a Whetherspoons, I'm surprised it went down tbh.
I shall now leave a cryptic gchq proof clue as to be my whereabouts: choo-chooooooooooooooooo

Any good? Considering getting it.

I'd say you must live in a shitter area than me but thats impossible. The beer is the same as most beer across England with the exception of a few, most of the buildings they take up that I've been in were being left to rot and the food is nice. Go write your book.

It's poorly written and a bit weird, I'll have to finish it first tbh.

this the real blackpill is that nobody will ever read it because in the future reading will be declared racist

So you don't think leftists are conspicuously myopic?

Half of us are aspies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)/schoizos and we are unironically more settled people than the average redditor.

*declares jihad*

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literally everybody here hates lefties already lad how old are you?

the realy redpill is leftists in general are far better and smarter than rightists when it comes to organising and creating real political change. Rightists would rather day dream aboout some ebig race war than create a phone bank with his friends and like minded neighbours.

At one point there was actually a yellow liquid dripping (into a bucket) from a light fixture (which was on) right next to the bar. The beer is always awful in the spoons, and the food is even worse. Wetherspoons has a reputation for being filthy too, so look out for rat shit. You must have a deano sense of taste tbh.

This hypothetical essay wouldn't be for imageboard users. Tbh I just said I felt like writing such an essay because it's a fact that has always struck me.

as a rule, chain pubs are shit soulless dumps

just ate some pork shoulder and cilantro with a little bit of cucumber lads

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diablerizes >(you)

Ah yes, the yellow shit dripping from the light at the bar, the one constant throughout all wetherspoons across England. They sell the exact same beer as everywhere else. Where do you normally go out to eat then?

All this shit is what rival companies conjured up to slander spoons.

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magnum and a packet of Quavers

Very good lad don't forget the secret ingredient

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what do you mean by myopic how are leftists myopic when they clearly plan for the future very effectively, have you ever considered that 90% of """""leftists""""" are just gayer neo liberals.

The game is rigged to favour them, lad. And also to dis-privilege right wing thought. You can't really compare the successes of establishment marionettes with people who are rendered pariahs by the establishment they oppose.

Do you think it was the fucking students creating the change in the '60's?

Gramsci's fundamental argument is that of subversion and the winning of hearts and minds, something that has been a constant since the end of WWII

I suspect that if most "Socialists" had a choice they would just pick neoliberal open borders with a welfare state over actual Socialism tbh, in fact that is likely what most of them think "Socialism" is.

Imperial Martial law tbqh


hullo! EXCUSE ME!

why is the game rigged in favour of them? Perhaps because they were also historically better than the right at organising and manifesting their political will? Did the Queen give them an unfair advantage or somrthing?

The students mattered m8, metapolitics matter.


Too full up for supper


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saw that tweet too m8

I don't know that they plan for the future more than that there's always a clear "next step" for a fresh generation of leftists to push for. What looks like a planned trajectory of progress could arise from the unplanned activities of leftists organizing around those obvious "next things to reform" repeatedly


Miss him tbh

I mean they are conveniently blind to the fact that all of their talking points come directly from the establishment; and that they are little more than shock troops working against the greater mass (who they snobbishly denounce on the grounds of social status) - all the while literally viewing themselves as guardians of the poor against the rich and the privileged. It's like if the school prefects attempted to convince the mass of pupils into believing that kowtowing to the insane headmaster was somehow an act of rebelliousness. Best of all is the fact that said prefects have been successfully convinced by the headmaster that the narrative is real, and that they are both his well-loved prefects and the rabble rousing rebels who cause him such consternation.

Not to sound redundant, but it's all fucking doublethink. My belief is that leftist's are particularly prone to doublethink because they are utterly superficial and conceited.

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muy bien amigo

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Great now I'm trying to work out if I just copied a tweet I saw or came up with it by myself.

He still posts videos sometimes tbh.

It must certainly have helped his cause that big business, the educational institutions, the banks, the lobbyists, and the paid for politicians were all on side.