Glad to see the USA is finally taking terrorism seriously!

Glad to see the USA is finally taking terrorism seriously!

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She was wearing a hammer and sickle pin.

Also nazis call themselves socialists.

Sure. In the same way the DPRK is democratic, because it's called democratic people's republic of korea.

Doesn't even matter if she's a full on tankie or a socdem/progressive who doesn't know the implications of the hammer and sickle, the point of the post was that she's not Team Blue.

Chocolate milk. hehehe

If she was a Communist she would’ve used Mustard Gas.

apparently she's a psl member

Based PSL

Also that mugshot I hope goes down in history like young Stalin's mugshot and in 20 years she takes over the government.

Then when the bourgeoisie is being carried away they go "you can't do this! It's not fair!" So she stares at them for a moment and then says "but there's no need to cry… over spilled milk! Guards: take them away!"

Seems like a typical radlib stressed out by pittsburgh massacre. I mean yeah fuck them but it's just as stupid to conflate some young republican college kids with neo-nazis as it was for them to pull the ol' "nazis were not socialists" strawman. The young repubs are a bunch of pussies for denouncing her to the cops for having a harmless hissyfit and walking off.

Why are they such big babies?

it showed the true colour of his shirt

I'm surprised a PSL member did something besides get into internet fights tbh.

Young republican college kids are who make up the majority of the aut-right along with (ex)lolberts.

They are massive pussies who see almost everything as a threat to their petit-bourg existence.


If you don't think she's cool af, probably it's you who we need to distance ourselves from.

Yeah about that… see attached

Also look at the National Party in Australia which just shut down a Young Nationals chapter because it was taken over by baby fash. Funny enough, peeps were alerted to the fascist entryism because there was an unusual amount of young people joining a conservative youth group. That basically doesn't really happen until there's something fishy going on

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Apparently the spark that set off this spilled milk was the incel shooter who killed those women in their yoga class. The shooter was a member of this particular College Republicans chapter – but I don't know if he was still active in it

Either the media is lying or don't know the guy was further right than that, or she was an actual liberal, I suggest looking into the chocolate milk covered guy.

Let's hope she didn't hurt the feelings of a standard imperialist instead of a straight up fascist :☘️


She was upset about the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre actually. If you watch the video she says that neo-Nazis are shooting "her people" (she's Jewish), to which they in their endless wisdom reply that the Nazis were socialists. Since they just asked her about being a socialist it's pretty clear that they are actually blaming her for the massacre and the radicalization that she is calling them out for.

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The average retardican isn't imperialist they're just gullible idiots.

She could have taken the time first to say it wasn't real socialism.

Why are you so afraid of women?

How is that equitable with fear?

Why are American leftists so embarrassing?


*Bigger cringe*

I am certain Republicans who believe the Nazis were socialist will sit down for an intellectual debate instead of just immediately throwing out some 'gotcha' for anything about 'real socialism'. Have you never stepped outside?

I'd take a long shoah with her lol

Also I liked how the Israelite weaponized Chucky milk.

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Those Republicans deserved worse than some milk imo

Alas! The fascist biggest weakness has been revealed. Being doused with small quantities of flavored milk.

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What a hero.

Let's bail her out unironically.

user is calling you out as an intimidated bitch.
Are you going to come out of your little shell and at least put a flag on?

She is a college student and just now finding her way around in the wider world. Do you call little boy antics gay?

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why even live

Well, you don't waste fucking chocolate milk, you barbarian. Honestly, I'm surprised she wasn't executed on the spot.

I'd hit it.

Someone should tear that communist flair right off her shirt.

What if she believes all people to be "her people"?

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I want to be her people uwu

She doesn't, she's in the PSL and they're very spooked socdems.

If your someone under 40 and unironically join a "Young Republican Club" you deserve to be literally attacked

Tankie, pls.

real liberal hours

Raise your standards.

If she did she wouldn’t be a PSL member.

Why would you start shit with Republicans over the Synagogue shooting? Republicans are philosemitic sionistas

I love the sign kick at the end.

Tragic eyebrow makeup though.