Young people are left-leaning

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So it turns out, we have a huge potential demographic group we can win. All we need to do is become an actual mainstream political movement and give the middle finger to SJWs and feminists; or IdPol as a whole, for that matter.

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The problem is how many think socialism is government gibs and how many have a clue about class analysis and why socialism must be democratic control of the means of production.

I mean it's obvious to anyone neoliberalism is just nihilism and has nothing to offer to the youth. What we live rn is the excessive domination of the elderly in the voting process, especially in western europe (Germany, France, etc.) who count on their retirement pension and basically exploit the youth. Look at an empirical level : young poor people take care of old people. Old people are in senior positions while young people get increasingly worse positions while competition for studies/degrees gets increasingly harder for everyone.

Of course, but at least we can win them over. They are left-libertarian leaning and at the very least they support social democracy. Granted; a half-assed step in the right direction, but still a good one.

After winning them over, we can convince them to move towards market socialism, then towards communism; stateless communism.

It's no surprise that the generation seeing capitalism implode doesn't like it.

You can have capitalism with democratic control of the means of production, we've got to abolish wage labor and profit if we want socialism.

Oh yeah, how so?

Teacher here.
They are not.


Young person here.
Depending on what you call "Right" or "left" definitely not, best case scenario you get not socialism.

Ah I forgot about that filter.
Notional Socialism.

To have a cooperative based economy can still have capitalism, depending on the surrounding features and implementation.

If you've got wage labor and gommodidity broduction xD you've got capitalism, it is entirely plausible for these to co-exist with a society where the workplace is controlled by workers democratically. Democratic control over mop is certainly better than our current situation but it isn't nearly enough to get us out of capitalism.

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Anecdotal evidence is irrelevant. Statistics are what matter most.

The point is, young people absolutely despise SJWs but are economically left leaning. This merely proves that most "normies" are left leaning, but easily caught between the culture wars.

If we actually become a mainstream anti-IdPol left wing movement, we'll easily win them over.

Good luck with that, porky will never allow any anti-idpol anything to become popular.
We would just drown on infinite accusation of muh-soggykness, rayciss, fasshissm way before we could actually mobilize a single prole.
Fuck just see what happened to the old Zig Forums e-celebs and Zig Forums itself.

Most of them are hedonist lifestylists who got told by their neolib and rightwing parents, that if they want to keep their good life, everything else should be the same.
The thing is, the parents adapted. Instead of forcing their children a certain lifestyle upon them, they now go the opposite of it and encourage them to do so. This way, they kill any budding rebellious streak there was from begin with.
And the other authority in those teachers life are us teachers. Unfortunately most, especially the young ones, want to be "hip". Now hedonism requires a lot of money. That money, that isn't spent on mobage and lootboxes. And at least in my school some of my pupil are richer than me. And I often met a group or two of them in clubs at the evening drinking with the teachers. Something completely unthinkable when I was a pupil.
So with both authority figures doing nothing authoritarian, where is that rebellious streak suppose to come from.

We had mock elections at our school and the conservative party was the unquestionable leader. Even slightly more than the average.
Second place were the Greens, basically limousine liberals (their voterbase is the second wealthies) who also consist of unapologetic neolibs and "hip to be square" conservatives.
Many schools in our state had similar results.
Laughing things off have the tendency that those things start bite in asses in the near future.

Where I'm at most of the people wouldn't know what a sjw was and don't care about the culture war beyond not wanting their friends to avoid getting killed by the cops. We don't need an "anti-idpol leftist movement" to educate the proles, we need to form a working class communist movement by proles and for proles.

Where you live fam? Sounds like you're in a place with a bunch of richfags.

this is not necessarily true or matter the way you think it does. It's like saying 'there are more proles than bourg!'. There's a lot more to the balance of forces than sheer numbers. What we need is a clear common understanding of the situation, which the spectacle undermines.

It's like this in Burgerstan too. And this is the closest we can come to a common view frankly.

Betting you're a kraut

Betting you're a kraut
Damn you are good!

very few authoritarian left I surmise. then again I'm not that young.

Condolences on AfD being the first party to break the centrist logjam. Hopefully Aufstehen will accomplish something of note.


It must not be democratic control, rather it must reject liberal principles that got us in this huge capitalist mess in the first place. Individual rights may not come before those of the state because when that happens you get people who use their individual rights to exploit others and gather a huge amount of capital for themselves which leads to future exploitation through that capital.

The individual rights of people are an element that can't co-exist with any form of socialism.

Yeah, I believe in Socialism.
not socialism, that is!
Suck it, commies.
The Sassenachim Know.

AfD is controlled opposition, as much as Hitler was controlled opposition during Hindenburgs reign. Without Hindenburg enabling him all the time until his death Hitler would've never became chancellor.
When Sarrazin wrote his book "Germany abolishes itself", corporate media """""speculated""""" aka drawing pentagrams on the sheets summoning it that there may be a party right of the conservative CDU/CSU, either led by Friedrich Merz or Thilo Sarrazin.
Then the media made the announcement that some literal who professor in Hamburg announced that he will found a party named AfD in four months. This is interesting. If old Wilfried announces that he will refound the Grey Panthers in 4 months, I wonder if it would get the same media attention.
And then the talkshows only discussed topics which were related with the AfD, be it the weak Euro or foreigners. Apparently because of public interest, but this is a god damn lie.
The main topic of public interest was and still is education. But how often do you think this was in the talkshows? Never! Zero! Simply because AfD didn't had a polemising position on it which could benefit from it.
AfD broke the centrist logjam, but only because the centrist logjam allowed it.
Trotsky was right, fascism is capitalism in decline.

gee i wonder who could be behind this post

Not for long. There is currently strong selection pressure in favor of increased conservatism and religiosity.

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America will be irrelevant by then so it won't really matter you child.

No shit. Most millennial also support capitalism insomuch as it enables them to become small business owners.

These selection pressures aren't just happening in America.

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liberal vs conservative is a meaningless distinction that tells you nothing about their actual politics since both are capitalist positions but nice try fedora-kun

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Everybody do the socialism!

IME most young people are more idpol, man-hating SJWs than actual leftists tho.

My uncle who works at Nintendo Harvard can confirm this

You hate America, we get it. What do you get out of repeating it on every thread? Why bother? Do you think the ebil Burger Empire will topple from your shitposts? Do you think you're going to convert someone or what?