This VPN that is being advertised here is a honeypot and Jim is cooperating with glowniggers by being sponsored by them

This VPN that is being advertised here is a honeypot and Jim is cooperating with glowniggers by being sponsored by them.

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Where are the proofs, huh?

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All hosted vpn providers are honeypots you dumb fuck.

All VPNs are MITM botnets.
The internet is already ran through a encrypted tunnel (https), there for the entire fucking point of a VPN is literally pointless, what can happen with a vpn is it possibly breaking TLS and shitting all over your internet security.
It was always a cia/nsa/mossad scam from the start. Stop beliving in magic cure all central services they have nothing to gain from keeping you "secure" but they have everything to gain by lying.
The fact anyone thinks a vpn is a good idea is fucking hilarious.

Theres no reason to value privacy anymore, GIVE UP!

This is a good thread OP. Well done.


If you're still seeing advertisements on the site you're probably retarded.

You fail to realize, THEY WON! IT"S OVER!


VPNs gained popularity when burgerland and its dominions started groping people who torrent Hollywood&Co's media products. Getting someone through a non-complying country was a lot more work than handling an automated system that sends e-mails to ISPs. However, their current advertising capitalizes on post-Snowden fears, and they are made by absolute imbeciles who wouldn't be able to secure their asses from their own grannies. Yes, your ISP most likely spies on your browsing habits to sell the collected data, but VPN services are made to do the same. Moreover, they provide zero protection against legal process, so it's just bullshit, as the rest of their marketing is.

if that were true then why does based PIA not give data to the feds

why would you ever use a VPN in the first place

baste and redpilled. this should be the automatic response to any VPN post

lol tard.

VPNs are good when used for their actual intended functionality (a Virtual Private Network), and they can be an acceptable way to hide your real IP if you set up your own.
That said, most VPN services are certainly a scam.

why are they bad

why why why why

Pretty much the old privacy by policy and not by design problem. If I'm not mistaken most VPNs are legally required to keep logs on their users for a certain amount of time in case someone comes knocking.

They don't give it to the feds they just leave the key under the matt in case the feds need to go to the bathroom(don't worry though they said they'd only use it if it was an emergency)

Your shilling is so pathetic. Die (((jew))). Everybody knows that (((they))) have lost forever, and that We Won.

learn to write properly.

imagine being so stupid and thinking the vpn is not a honeypot from the beginning


VPN is to mask your IP.

Oh did you also know PIA fucked over the FBI because they couldn't provide any logs? They're tried and tested, although that could easily change. Watch out for privacy policy changes. Protonmail recently changed their privacy policy to make it so that any agency that requests it, could log the IP of a specific account if they're suspected of breaking the law, although IP logging isn't turned on by default so the alphabets wouldn't know the IP from which the email account was made, but when this kind of thing happens, it's often a slippery slope, if they can bend to that request, who knows what else they could bend to?

But, no agency will go and step on a VPN provider because you post innocous bullshit or even torrent, it's not worth the hassle to do so, but if you post substaintial threats, that is what TOR is for, it doesn't matter if the director of the FBI himself hosted a tor exit node, they're not going to know who you are unless it's you who fucks up by downloading shit and allowing scripts to be ran. L33t hackers often do VPN > VPS paid with BTC through TOR, arduous, sure, but worth it if you're expecting to look at jail time if you're caught. OPsec is also important, like using a unique username across different accounts (that are variable in extremity), your own full name being used, etc. OPsec fuck ups are often the main cause of "cybercriminal" arrests.

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They're a good vpn but recently they improved the gui and think that validates increasing prices by three times the rates prior.

Jim what happened? Did they fuck you over? Seems like you dont like this vpn for whatever reason and want people to dump it.
Just a thought

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Look for a PAID VPN that is well known and reputable, that has a no logging and it's own DNS.

It's better if it's been operating for a while. Some paid VPN providers might indeed be honeypots.

Except I can't condone their price hike

Urge felt, saw nothing wrong to post a web address. Then, Agent Smith syndrome confluence by telepathic aliens to cause psyche trauma... Link deleted due to arcturian aliens forcing me to see initials in the link while a person said "beats me," which is reference to a person I wrote about on twitter recently. So yall are now denied the data because the alien wants to bring up childhood punching-bag references

Torrenting and bypassing ISP filtering, mainly. Most people have parts of the internet filtered from them. You can actually view most of the actual internet (and deep-web) with TOR, but it's poor for torrenting.

Ironic this one VPN that's advertised on the other one before it has passed the most basic litmus test by not being able to provide information demanded by court order. Won't protect you from anything that glows but it's guaranteed itself for Torrenting which is what you should be using it for anyways.

The reason so many sites are https nowadays is because all https traffic goes through the carnivore spying system in the NSA headquarters in canada. The only really safe way to browse is by forcing normal http, as this can't be tracked and doesn't pass through any government systems.


All VPN's are compromised you stupid fucks.

They only way to be truly invisible online is to steal some niggers WIFI.

Are good vpns alkaline?
You fucking idiot nigger.


Sounds to me like you guys are latching onto conspiracies because you need something to believe in and give your sad life some meaning.

And I'm posting this with my PIA VPN turned on, by the way.

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You heard about the new rates?

shortwave internet is truly user

Yeah, I'm probably switching to NordVPN once my subscription runs out

every VPN is a scam

if you want privacy, use Tor

You can't post here with TOR. Maybe just text, but no pictures

Found the nigger.



It's Tor, not TOR. And that sounds like a problem with Zig Forums, not with Tor. Nanochan, endchan, vilechan, lainchan, and plenty of other places allow Tor posters to post images.

You didn't think this place was actually good, did you?

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does my ISP know i call their parent a bunch of niggers on the internet?

Very much depends on the country. There are VPNs specifically based in countries which do not legally require such logs. If you choose a VPN based in one of the 5/9/14 Eyes, you are a fucking retarded nigger.

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they would know that you post here

In Australia and NZ 8ch and bitchute along with many other addresses are dns blocked by many ISP since the mosque shooting so there's one reason maybe.


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idk if i could trust a vpn provider tho. they could then see all my traffic and do anything to it and it could be operated by glowniggers too.

I can verify that 8ch is a honeypot sponsored by glow-worms
I am in a military prison and the VPN that I used advertised here is a trap
They're coming....beware

watch out it's part of the loli brigade! run for the hills

Nailed it.

You can use VPN to hide from the immediate prying of your ISP, but thats about it.

Nord seems sketchy as shit, it's paying youtubers to shill it now and I don't trust any company that does it.

gee whiz

not a single copyright notice since i began using torguard proxy

user ia tech prtender
aka a ludite

VPN services can bite back if only you act like an utter idiot and post certain materials online thinking you're safe. Remember your isp can still see you're using a VPN and how much data you're sending & receiving. if the ISP doesn't have the key to that particular VPN encryption (which in some cases it does) then, if your habits habits are suspicious and if you have a history of connecting through Tor without a VPN to hide your Tor usage, only then can they zoom in on your ass.
ISP can see if you're connected to a VPN or Tor. They can observe and store the VOLUME of data packets. Don't think you're thoroughly safe on VPN.

I've only just got VPN after 25 years of net usage because of the EU and article 13, the EU can now censor anything they don't like, simple answer I log in from a non european ISP, I've lived my net life since 94 as if everything was being recorded so not fussed about that side of it and i keep a pice of tin foil taped over my camera lens on the laptop and when i fart i try to get it as close to the mic as possible

Once we reverse the tables they're going to be tracked and hunted. *HONK* *HONK*

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Not glow niggers?

I am in the next cell. They cut my tongue out to silence my free speech. It is all 8chans fault.

you could send some garbage data too to make such tracking harder. only the vpn provider would know where the data goes

The glow niggers did some experiments and produced glow worms to avoid hiring more employees.

Zig Forums is a honeypot, the internet is a honeypot, politics are a honeypot, human laws are a honeypot, existence is a honeypot...everything is always trying to get you, because at the end of every road all life has to face death.

Zig Forums why are jews always so paranoid? Is it the inbreeding.

In the UK ISPs can block access to certain domain names. Regardless if you try to connect with http or https.
A VPN gets around that. Plus you can red pill the kiddies on leftypol and when the mod gets mad and bans you, you can just switch IP.

Nice disinfo. VPN is unrelated to TLS. It's routing traffic through an encrypted tunnel at a lower layer. If you were getting MITM'd your browser would throw errors about mismatch between the domain and the certificate. The only way they could MITM TLS would be to get a cert from a CA for the specific site you're visiting. This is extremely hard to do, and even harder to do it without getting caught.

There are two main reasons to use a VPN. One is to avoid surveillance from your ISP. The other is to avoid websites you visit tracking your IP. You still have to trust the VPN, and there are other considerations like browser fingerprinting. If you require anonymity, use Tor.

It all comes down to whether you trust your ISP or the VPN provider more.

Your ISP was set up by people who had connections to powerful people in high places and had to get in bed with the government to be allowed to set up their network.
Where as your VPN was created by privacy nuts and is located in a tax haven with no government like Panama or the British Virgin Islands.

PIA is american and regardless, america can access any traffic on the internet they want, regardless of if it's hosted on some island in the middle of the pacific. (ps, the Panamanian government was overthrown by the US in the late 80s, and Panama is basically just an unofficial US colony)

just lmao

Yes if you want to be truly user buy a van and drive around with a laptop looking for open WIFI. You'd be surprised at the amount of people that just leave it open. Never use the same one for extended periods of time. Its the only way you can avoid a digital footprint leading back to you. Pretty sure the silk market guy did this for years. He came unstuck because he kept using the same Starbucks WIFI and the were able to pin down his location and arrest him.

It was a library, but I'm pretty sure they used other means of finding him (the official story includes a jumble of old forum posts, stackoverflow questions, email addresses etc), and secretly have some next-level NSA technologies and programs to deanonymize people.

What do we think about ( to me). the new version of Opera that runs it's own VPN? Last time I used opera was years agoooooo.
Secure or not secure?

The US could access your traffic but all they would see is encrypted data between you and the VPN.
The authorities could ask your VPN to spy on you just like they can ask your ISP. And thats why I said its just a question of whether you trust your VPN or your ISP more.
A big Hong Kong VPN helped the FBI in one case. And it showed their no logging policy was a lie.

The reason why its good to base a VPN in Panama or BVI is because these are tax havens that rich twats have set up for themselves, without the privacy intrusions and government surveilence we plebs back home have to put up with. There isnt a law on the books in those places that allows the government to force a business to record data about their customers. Thats why they can get away with all these illegal tax schemes etc without fear of being tracked down.

their Killswitch didn't work, and had to add a killswitch manually in my Torrent application.

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Is english your second language?

Tor is build for anonymity not privacy. I'd rather use software that actually has to be broken or actively subverted in order to compromise the user instead of putting all my hope in the decision of the company running their VPN to not disclose data they may or may not choose to log and may or may not publicly disclose.

Most users fucked over using Tor were either actively targeted by law enforcement, or made severe user errors that compromised their privacy. Either way it was transparent and explained and thus can be prevented with proper education on the user end and keeping up with the software itself. You either go for the software or the policy and I'm not trusting any policy that says they promise to not fuck my ass and all i have to go by is their word

The advice in this thread is giving me full-blown AIDS.

They're called shills and they're nearly everywhere because the masons take everyone down who doesn't let his forum turn into a controlled opposition shithole.
It was always a problem but became unbearable in like 2014 and hasn't improved since.
People are more aware though, which greatly reduces their effectiveness.

also made a good post all in all





Zig Forums only charges $10 per day to advertise here

Hahahahaha TEN DOLLARS !!

(it's important to realize that a simple billboard advertisement in a shitty part of town in any small American city costs around $35,000 per month)

what the fuck do you expect from a shithole like Zig Forums?

quality products from quality sponsors?


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Its a shame this thread is so shit because its relevant news: Purism just announced a partnership with PIA and is praising them.
I'm not doing anything that is illegal in america (except copyright infringement) so if it stops tracking among all levels below federal signals agencies, it's enough for me.

theres at least a 50% chance a VPN is a honeypot
use Tails / Tor instead

if you think that you're capable of outsmarting the 17,431 absolutely brilliant young computer engineers and analysts who work for the national security agency, then you're even dumber than you appeared at first.

if you have heard of it, they already thought about it and solved the problem a long long time ago.

Tails and Tor ain't shit

go away, silly shilly

u 2

the concept of a 'honeypot' is ridiculous.

if you're the type of faggot who's looking for a 'secure' channel to engage in online federal offenses, then you're already a fucking douchebag who deserves to do time in a federal penitentiary.

and if you're actually looking for a 'secure, secret mode' to violate the law, then it not their fault that you're so stupid you don't realize that the NSA is capable of intercepting, cataloging, storing, retrieving, and cross-referencing every single thing that happens on the internet worldwide, no matter what form of encryption you are using, whether or not you're using Tor or any onion skin browser or operating system....

Calling it a 'honeypot' simply shows that you're not man enough to assume responsibility and be accountable for your own stupid misunderstanding of the way it really works, as if it's some form of 'entrapment'....

Vpns are no more of a 'honeypot' than making a phone call, sending a text message, logging into Facebook, playing an online multiplayer game, watching a YouTube video, paying a bill online, watching Netflix on a smart TV, using voice activated remote control on DISH Network, using Alexa, having a RING video monitor doorbell, driving through a toll booth in your car, wearing a Fitbit wrist watch or whatever that stupid faggot wrist watch is called... EVERYTHING YOU DO IS BEING COLLECTED BY THE NSA, AND STORED FOR LATER RETRIEVAL...

Everything is a 'honeypot'

PARALLEL RECONSTRUCTION: the sharing of information intercepted and collected by the NSA with other law enforcement agencies, and the subsequent technique of making it appear the evidence was collected through legal means, that didn't violate FISA laws

Just because you didn't get arrested doesn't mean they haven't collected every footstep you've made.

Honeypot, my ass....

You're simply the type of douchebag who thinks you're a lot more clever than you really are, consider yourself to be more of a computer genius than you ever will be, and you're simply trying to fabricate an excuse for why you were so stupid that you would put your neck into a guillotine.

The entire world is a Honeypot

And you're just the type of faggot to fall for it.....

If you're on Tor, they still know exactly who you are and where you are...

And if you've ever come to 4chan or Zig Forums, you were automatically put onto a watch list.

*in a whiny, pompous, self entitled, effeminate voice*

"Go away, silly shilly. I don't like being reminded that I'm so stupid I thought that Tails OS and onion skin made my footprints untraceable"

who would win?
17000 cia niggers vs millions free people who look at the TOR source code

is this shitposter just a really bad troll or a really bad shill?

Law enforcement doesn't need honeypots

The entire internet is a Honeypot

Every single form of encryption no matter how sophisticated has already been dealt with by the national security agency

Tor is NOT untraceable

The 'darkweb' was created by The Military

Tor was created by the Military

.....and if you're stupid enough to think you can outsmart them, and you want to use a secure network to share or download child pornography, or violate any other federal laws, you deserve exactly what you'll end up getting in the end.....

Because they don't have to arrest you today.

Every time you take the tiniest of steps online, no matter how sneaky you think you're being, every single step is being stored, and can be retrieved at a moment's notice.

and the national security agency will share this information with other federal law enforcement agencies, or local law enforcement jurisdictions...

and you'll never realize what the fuck happened to you once they steamroll you....

You might never even make the connection between your subversive online behavior and the final criminal charges you end up facing. They might be completely unrelated, but it's not them who's going to put you on the radar.

it's YOU who's going to put yourself on the radar

Not a Honeypot, and not an entrapment, and not a conspiracy... It's going to be YOU, your foolish self assuredness and your lack of self-control and stupid decision making process that's going to put a target on you....

And wants that target has been placed on you, it will never go away. And you'll continue to make more stupid mistakes, patting yourself on the back and telling yourself what a computer genius you are....

Q: who would win?

A: law enforcement and the criminal justice system, just like always.

certainly not YOU


not 'wants'

Neither one, Mortimer......

I'm the guy who's simply telling you that you're NOT capable of 'outfoxing' the ones who created the entire system, including every technique you might think you're outfoxing them with.

I'm just being completely honest with you. No matter how smart you think you are with computers, you're way, way, way down at the bottom of the totem pole.