Migrating from Ubuntu/ Debian Mate to OpenBSD, CalmWindowManager. A blog

Migrating from Ubuntu/ Debian Mate to OpenBSD, CalmWindowManager. A blog.

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wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/GPL Enforcement Cases

So you were using among the most bloated Linux distros/DEs, and you complain about bloat. OK.
It's also CoCked, hard.
If you've got an old ATI video card and you don't mind piss poor performance, OpenBSD is, indeed, a good choice, as long as you don't take its security claims too seriously. It's full of 0days, largely because of the OBSD team's refusal to examine the gobs of Linux-world code it has slurped in (e.g. X DRM), and, of course, as soon as you install a single port or package its claims of "only X holes in the default install in Y timeframe" are irrelevant.

But, hey, enjoy.

I’m switching too, user. There is a small hitch but I’m going to run Linux in a VM and access it with X to solve my issue. But OpenBSD is based and works great.

BSD cuck. Waiting for your commits being stolen by Apple.

Who cares? It's not like they added anything of value. Just pure consumerist trash products.

Yeah and they make bilions out of it, use it to take away people's freedom and make the world a worse place, while the devs of cuck licensed software have nothing. Working for a corporation for gratis is pathetic.
On the other hand by using a copyleft license you support free software and force corporations to give back the source code.
Apple contributed to GCC just because they couldn't make proprietary extenstions for it, because of GPL. GCC is one of the most popular compilers, whereas *BSD cucks got nothing. The same situation with Wine - they had used a non-copyleft license, a corporation stole their code and gave nothing back. They changed Wine's license to LGPL and now Valve works together with Wine team on a free software project.

BSD users understand the BSD license and commits can’t be stolen because Apple can’t delete stuff from the source tree.

Go back to Russia you stinking commie.

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Without BSD, they'd just have a different internal clusterfuck. It's not like apple users care.

Using your definition of stealing, using a program or playing a game without paying for it isn't communism, so corporations using the law to forbid people doing that is communism, so corporations and making money is cummunism. Something doesn't work, don't you think?
Still you work for gratis for a corporation. Enjoy being cucked for the sake of free market.

Giving your software for gratis to a corporation is like giving a knife to someone, who wants to murder you. If someone cares about free software, he should never do that.
Using a cuck licensed software is ok only, when you don't contribute to it. When you're a parasite

And that would be ok. No working for free. They would maintain their clusterfuck for their money, It'd be a shit, like NT kernel, proprietary software world would be weaker.

I'd say Windows is better than OSX. The OS is a bit more that a kernel.
OSX only has drivers for Apple hardware to start with.
To everyone, you, me, other people, the aids faggot, some corporations. It's not like I'd have to give them a copy in person.
This is the difference between freetards+companies and people with with higher values. To each their own.

GPL does the same, you don't have to give the source code, until you don't want to distribute it. But GPL supports only corporations that support free software.

What higher values, I'd like to know? Being selfish, or feeding enemies?
By using GPL you make sure, no one uses your software to mistreat freedom of it's users. You don't work for free (gratis), because you work to make all the software ethical.

GPL doesn't prevent loss of freedom and never has. Developers choosing to make software freely available, regardless of the open source license chosen, is what gives people "freedom". You treat the GPL as some savior when it was really about changing developers' attitude to give away source code freely (and the open source movement, OSI, changed more minds than the politicking of the FSF ever did).

wiki.fsfe.org/Migrated/GPL Enforcement Cases

What higher values, I'd like to know? Being selfish, or feeding enemies?
R u retarded? Being altruistic. The complete opposite of a communist like you who only thinks of himself.

Ok that's retarded. Read what you've just written a few times.
How is giving freedom and preventing bad people from using your software to mistreat users' not altruistic? Do you think that caring about corporations is more important than caring about individual people?





Shit thread btw. Saged and unbased.

Why? Because of your selfish desires?
You're the only one saying they're bad.
Not my software but a copy of the code of my software.
Users can still use a copy of my software to do whatever they like.

Fuck off. Your posts are mere spam, both quality and frequency wise.

This is neither about capitalism or individualism or other sins of yours. It's altruism.
It also doesn't mean it will inevitably be used to subvert my software and that that turns out to work.
Freetardism is also subversive. LibreOffice is just subverted OpenOffice with a license change and a few feature and GUI changes.
The devil is everywhere and the only way to protect yourself from him is a good heart! And killing kikes, of course!



Read my previous post.
No, malware, spying, bricking, backdoors and censorship are perfectly fine.
A copy with their shit added.
But users can't use a copy of your modificated shit, because it can be proprietary and even DRM could prevent them from using version they can trust.

You don't seem to know how GPL works. You don't even seem to know what nonfree software is. If you are OP and you hate CoCks and GPL more than proprietary software and corporations having power over users, then you should probably install Windows or OSX.

Who says that their code is an extension to my code? What if my code is actually a component of their code?
But it isn't my code and if it's shit users can go there and complain to them.
Furthermore why do you automatically assume users want the program which contains parts of my code over my program?
Furthermore why should I care about what my users think about my license choice?
The average computer user never looked at program code in his life time.
It's not altruistic to force your will on others but the exact opposite and I assume you agree with this statement. You're just not accepting it pretending to be the ultimate good person.

Giving a killer a knife is altruistic too, but is it a good choice?
It doesn't matter, they can use your software, take all the profit and make it nonfree.
They don't have to, they could be forced, they don't have to know about your software, the proprietary version could have more features. That's basically what happend to *BSD systems. Almost no one uses *BSD, a lot of people use OSX and shit.
That's not altruistic.
Average Zig Forums user should always do that. You don't belong here, if you doesn't.
GPL isn't Mr. Nice Guy

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There has been some drama on the mailing lists, but it's not CoCked.

So use the power of BSD and don’t share your enhancements. With the GPL you MUST share. BSD is the superior license.

Shut up, liberal. There are always be people that will seek to take advantage of others and they will not stop just because you respect the NAP. The wicked need to be dealt with by other means.

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GPL is for trannies.

lol are Apple shills still mad at stallman because he refused to add their shitty scam plugins to emacs?

What plugins are you talking about? Also, I think every MacOS dev that used Emacs was phased out or possibly executed, along with the actual MacOS development team itself.


The project got cocked and inclusive after uriel became an hero and that aiju antifa fag started to head it.
He removed the mein kampf from /lib/, put a anti-nazi image at the webpage and removed the edgy jokes.

If Uriel were alive he would've killed himself.








Heil Israel


Good idea user, but don't you think that idea is a bit too Jewish?

i'm interested in plan9front, read the nemo's intro and currently programming on it 9front as hobby. would you mind to create a thread on the topic? i don't share the "plan9 is retarded" meme, but i do think aiju's SJW values is ruining the project. and he even isn't the MVP.

clang is BSD compatible

What's wrong with CoCs?

* it spawned from a mentally unstable tranny.
* it has nothing to do with technology, or even meritocracy.
* it dictates how and what one is allowed to speak.
* it's part of the worldwide, all-around creepy leftist agenda.
it's basically the beginning of something not related to freedom, which is one of the primary goals ALL open source projects.

Is that just an insult or the truth?
tranny = bad?
Do you think that can never be OK?
I don't really know anything about the political left and right, so I'm just gonna ignore this for now.
Not sure what you tried to say here.
If IBM owns Red Hat now, and Lennart made systemd, does that mean that systemd is going to be used as a tool to have more control over the Linux world?
Are they really that prevalent in the world and are a lot of them bad?

Any opinions on dragonfly BSD?

truth, he tweeted several times about it.
i want to belive they can behave properly and be productive like "everyone else". but reality shows that most of them are mentaly unstable and tend to stay in web programming, which is arguably easy and imo cancerous.
i stand by the side of free speech and free association
not my fault, try reading it again out loud.
you must be new here. anyway, lurk on Zig Forums and decide for yourself. imo they tend to put themselves first, but get salty when others do the same. been so prevalent worldwide (and history wise) even though they are less than 1% of world's population, makes it worse.

I would switch to a BSD, but I require those things:

Have they enabled DVI output from Intel GMA yet?

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All Unices are brain damage. You're arguing which boot fits better in your ass.

Could you recommend some alternative that provides similar functionality?

openbsd would be good if it was possible to disable all those security memes. they make it so slow.

journals are bloat

What about Kali-linux?

No games


I run it on lower end hardware; far snappier than openbsd on the same gear. Takes a bit more work to get a desktop going .. a few more tweaks than obsd .. but so far, I really like it. The dfly kernel (and multitasking) is apparently hot shit and my experience bears that out.

If I was running more than dual core hamsters, I'd probably opt for open. But dfly is not offensive in the least, comparable to both open and net, without the history/legacy, of course. Open, Net and Dfly are all good.


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With somewhere between eight seconds and two minutes of typing, you can be running anything from i3 to gnome. The former is literally 'pkg_add i3' and putting the word 'i3' in ~/.xsession. Don't shit on the blue and red, that is LIVING HISTORY right there, laddy.

Pardon my retardedness, not a good thread reader. Prefer to just fire shit off before reading.

I can confirm that OpenBSD is pretty /comfy/. It's a complete OS, and it has good docs (manpages and faqs). OpenBSD has a clear vision and its developers are working steadily towards it.

nice try, tranny. but that's not true. 9front sucks a tranny CoC.

First, if you require a CoC to be able to behave like a normal functional human being, then I won't probably want to work with you tbh. Second, CoCks are an attack. CoCks can be used to get anyone's (be it a developer or a user) reputation ruined. CoC are SJWs' weapon that they use to bully anyone who they don't personally like. CoCs are only used to gain power over a project and subvert it. Technology and science projects should have as little politics as possible.

also, this:

Trannies are mentally unstable because a tranny is just another word for someone suffering from gender dysphoria (which is a psychological issue!) The HRT just makes things exponentially worse because when people who suffer from mental problems are given high doses of hormones that mess up even healthy persons' minds, then it's not wonder that the hormones have even more adverse effects on ill people (trannies) who should receive psychotherapy and not jew hormones or mutilations (aka sex change surgeries). The whole Tranny meme is just used to exploit mentally unstable and vulnerable people. That's why trannies commit a lot suicides even post-op. The reason why many autists are now becoming trannies is that they are especially vulnerable to suggestions since autistic people often feel alienated from their peers. Then (((they))) just tell them that becoming a hideous tranny will magically fix all of their problems.


Good multi-thread support and the best FS (HAMMER and HAMMER2). It has also large amount of packages available.

See: mrsatterly.com/openbsd_games.html

cwm is quite shit on the desktop. twm is archaic although it has some really nice features. the fvwm version that comes with openbsd is like 2 decades old as well.

dwm is quite nice. jwm is also nice.

Stallman isn't opposed to BSD operating systems so long as they have the 4 essential freedoms. Some are explicitly recommended by GNU on their website.

Sorry bud, but no WINE is a deal-breaker.

9front is really where it’s at. OpenBSD is a good second choice if you need stuff like browsers.

Doesn't matter, he can still suck it.

Look at this man, look at this man and laugh.

you don't know shit

found the MAFIAAfag

Browsers? Who needs 'em!

Seriously, though, why is there no software for 9front apart from the base system itself? Is it a matter of the chicken and the egg, or something else?

You're no fun.

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dosbox-x supports these dosbox-x.com/
there's a works in progress port from an openbsd dev here thfr.info/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mystuff/emulators/dosbox-x/

Ever wondered why the CoC page shows something different every time you visit?


This user sums it up perfectly.

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openbsd = lame

tbh dwm does that even on linux.

tbh it works fine for me fam. I should've mentioned that it's a perfectly usable machine under gnu/linux

Yeah, be like capitalists doing everything for the people, not profit.

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Now we know what you use your computer for, but you could have just as well installed Windows 10.

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Remember to tell anti-copyleft americans to fuck off back to Maccy D's.
They actually believe this, I've seen it. Not even ancaps are this bad.

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Maybe they want to keep normies away? Not having bloated shit browser would be a good start.

Ok cuck

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Commies flock to GPL because it resonates with them more than BSD, which doesn't focus of long-winded discussion about theoretical "freedoms" but rather just provides a practical reference to work from. There is no politics in the BSD, it doesn't care about that kind of stuff, whereas the GPL is all about politics.
But the reality is that the license itself means very little. Anything that can get subverted will be, period. Your license doesn't mean jack shit to the corporates, as they have already taken over Linux, Firefox, and other big projects. And now they fucking own you, if you depend on those projects, because you have no say in what goes on there, much like you have no say about what happens in Windows. The only way to escape them is write your own software, or use software that's small and simple enough you don't depend on other people to maintain it. The next best step (not ideal, but still fairly acceptable) is to use software maintainted by a team of invididuals with a leader like Theo who doesn't accept any kind of subversive bullshit into his project. Everything beyond that is full cuck, no matter what your fucking bullshit software license is.

Intellectual 'property' contradicts property rights, fighting that is libertarian.

I can change the code however I want and no one can stop me. I don't care who owns it.

You have a say for GPL projects whenever you decide to fork it. The only person stopping you to fork GPL software is yourself.

Zig Forums braindamage.

Lol, this picrel, saved, thanks user.

No, GPL isn't about 'politics', it is about looking after your business. With GPL your code won't be used by fat motherfuckers not giving anything in return. BSD allows that, and here's OSX and Apple making billions and *BSD cucks having nothing. Even Wine was fucked by a company, then they changed their license to LGPL and now Wine is better than it ever was, because Valve is contributing back to it (because they have to).
If you want to empower big corporations, give them your money for free, BSD is for you. But that's just being a cuck.


ok larper

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Zig Forums approves of GPL.

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You can change the code if and only if you're willing to wrap your head around it and manage its complexity. Which in the case of Firefox, Linux kernel, Gnome, SystemD, and other bloats, you're going to quickly run into a brick wall all by yourself. That's my entire fucking point. You idiots think that a theoretical model is all that's necessary, a license is all that's necessary. No, that's complete bullshit. What matters is what you're actually *capable* of doing, nothing else. And those are the rules set by the universe itself, not some made-up human laws regarding a "license". Those human laws come and go, but the universe is always right. And that's where Stallman was wrong and Terry was right. Stallman thinks just having free/open code is enough, except it's obviously not when the codebase becomes monstrous and changes rapidly. Terry thinks having small codebase is important, because you're the user-developper and you're the guy who's responsible for everything.
Also you can watch this video, it's kinda interesting, and somewhat related:
And don't forget to set your grunt path, heh.

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This is what Unix 'philosophy' should be about, but anyway, even if you could understand nonfree software and modify it, you couldn't distribute it and work with other people, because someone could sue you and put you to jail. There are programs you can't develop alone, no matter how determined you were to keep the codebase small.

You suggesting abolish any technology if a single individual can't use it without cooperation?

If something is "not enough" - it useless?

I've heard stories about microsoft actually using gcc for windows' innards and the evidence was from reverse engineering 'law protected' code so no one can demonstrate this.
It doesn't stop them but at least forces them to pay the consequences but as of now microsoft hasn't yet.
Same with Google and GPL. Gentoo code runs their very core and gentoo couldn't even pay hosting last I've heard.
Generally speaking it just means that "FOSS OSS" in general can get cucked. Even if you made a new GPL browser for android some indian will just change the icon into their flag and sell it on playstore with 22 trackers. Linux also follows down into the shithole.
Valve got angry at M$ for trying to jew them to be able to sell at windows software store and even promoting their xbox thing. Valve just happened to take sides with Linux in retaliation but also adds more stress and enmity towards corporate competition.
Firefox is MPL and used to be pretty based until Soros bought it off to track dissidents and de-anonymize people, it even tracks you. I always remember how easy it was to anonymize browsers before but now even with the libre overlay today it's still not enough. They even deleted addons like LSO cookie manager and others so they could realize the plan.

Linux is at 80% complete as it was too a 'pretty based' OS that dissidents and whistleblowers use due to its security but right now that 'security' is a lie with things like systemd sitting under your system.

Some BSD "coders" get paid even GPL niggers at google but that's not the issue,
The issue is every foss or oss shit is going down the drain and the corporations aren't even the issue here again. We're not talking about the billionaires, we're talking trillionaires like Soros or Rockefellers who could shit up all these foss inter-networking machines entirely for the sake of the NWO or NESARA or some cabal group pro warning: you already know too much... also nesara might be cicada
Wanna know the end game? They want to seize the internet. All your comms will be logged, you will require EVM, photo (fed to the beast computer) a fingerprint to be able to use the net soon and a valid operating system. You also are only allowed to consume modified starch or soy beans.

If this is true the FSF can sue Microsoft, they sued other companies in the past, so they can do it now.
There's a special license for that, AGPL. But actually Google employees have the right to copy and redistribute the source code, and forbidding them to do so is illegal. But until Google doesn't take away user's freedom, we can do nothing. And you know, if you don't want to enforce the GPL, no one will do this for you, so if Gentoo maintainers don't mind, the GPL is useless, because only copyright holders can sue someone who violates the GPL. But still with GPL you at least can sue someone, BSD makes you hopeless cuck.
But you can sue this Pajeet after all.
If developers are malicious, the license doesn't matter. And MPL is not GPL. Also GNU Icecat.
Actually Linux is just a kernel, whereas GNU/Linux is the system and you don't have to use systemd.
That's the reason free software is more important than ever and we should make people aware of all these issues.
Lol, just stop this consumerism shit, buy only things you really need, make yourself self-reliable. By using free software and not paying for licenses for software you don't even own, you have more power over your life and you give less power to someone else.

Tearing is not a openbsd specific problem, install a compositor.

xcompmgr is in base.

NAMEDESCRIPTION xcompmgr is a sample compositing manager for X servers supporting the XFIXES, DAMAGE, and COMPOSITE extensions. It enables basic eye-candy effects.
This is the kind of shit that made X bloated. It started when some dumb cunts wanted anti-aliased fonts, and it will never, ever end. They will keep making up bullshit "needs" and lots of bloated code to work around it.