Brit/pol/ #2642: Hammer Loicence Edition

May BLUNDER: Farage warns NO COUNTRY would agree to EU deal unless 'DEFEATED IN WAR'

Secret painting of Jesus Christ FOUND beneath £450,000 artwork in RARE discovery

Teenager stabbed to death with 'Rambo knife' for 'refusing to hand over his bike'

Croydon zombie knife attacker Joshua Gardner jailed by Court of Appeal judges

Over half of male young offenders are from black or minority ethnic backgrounds for first time, report reveals

BuzzFeed will cut more than half of its 40 staff in Australia as part of the embattled news outlet’s bid to slash costs

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xth for Hwicce Separatism.

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reminder Latvia has a white nationalist party whos leader spoke at American Renaissance thats been in government for the past 8 years

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Just watched that new Ted Bundy documentary lads.

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ha, what a bunch of dafties, don't they know you have to stand in local elections and avoid talking about race?

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This one? They seem to be pro-Intermarium as well.

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Burnt chips and chicken for supper

you think he really believed it was the porn that made him do it?

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Worth a watch?

Gonna take away points due to them what looks like a QR code as their emblem tbh.

It definitely didn't help with an already damaged mind.

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you need to set a timer smh

Somebody hook a brother up.

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yes thats the one.

They are a great example of sticking to your ideology without watering it down or apologising but presenting it well and focusing on gaining power.

For example they hold administrative control over the Latvian version of Cadets.

National Alliance, EKRE and Lithiuanian Nationalist Union all work together and agree on intermarium.

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I'd love it if these organisations worked together to help similar parties in other countries get off the ground.

creative assembly went to shite with rome 2 IMO. they also killed the mod community with their steam shit

Should be used to this by now lad

might start going to the rallies tbh

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yeah that'd be nice its good that all the baltic nationalist parties work together.

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The fantasy one is pretty fun

I think I'll be coming with you lad

Nice. Any more of the brunette? That's a bit of me.

rome 2 was dogshit and i completely agree, last good game was shogun 2 tbh

not expected much since rome 2 and atilla and warhammer being shite was the last straw
rtw was so good for the time idk what happened

only those two pics lad

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you mean LOTR total war? never played it. I have EB 2 and that is buggy but really good. the celts are the best faction in that game but they have a hard time against the diadochi states which are pretty comfy in themselves. selucids is a brutal campaign but once you stabilize, nothing is more fun than building huge armies in the euphrates with the best part of persian cataphracts, celtic swordsmen, macedonian peltasts, phalanxes and syrian razor chariots and just riding down seas of fithy massilian shitskin berbers and poojeets

According to the wiki it's an alliance between two other established parties which probably helps tbh

I was talking about this last night tbh, I wonder if groups like the turtle fascists would help out if ask since they have a base in London already.

It's ok lad it's only slightly burnt

He tough

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Shogun 2 was a pleasant surprise. I hated that the fights were sill all 1 on 1 unit battles, but it was still good. Got Rome 2 on release thinking it would at least be up to the same standard as Shogun 2. Fuck me what a disaster.

New STJ tbh lads

If they just made Medieval 2 but with better graphics, more settlements, and more content in general they'd have a masterpiece. But no, they make shitty fantasy crap with a UI that looks like it was made for iPads, and somehow have worse combat than they used to have over a decade ago.

Also the absolute state of the 1v1 combat bullshit, why the fuck would they put muh cinematic decapitations before mechanically sound combat?

nice mene lad


Hullo yes
that's right


Someone should contact some of these parties to see if they'd be interested in forming a trans-national nationalist alliance that doesn't cuck.

good luck trying to get in contact without the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) stepping in

Problem with that is if one of those nationalists groups get done in for some invented reason the whole lot could go because "links to a terror group".

The new combat is so shite, I can't believe the degradation.
Look at pic related, who thought any of this was a good idea? Why is it so blurry and ugly. Literally would prefer it if they went back to the original rome total war engine than this rofl.

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what do you mean by "alliance" should they sign a treaty to come to our aid in a war? We're on the same side you literally just have to dm them on twitter or facebook. They attend conferences too, just go to Trad Britain groups yearly conference.

is "at the ballot box" Joes version of "in minecraft"?

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smdh that makes empire TW look good.

He means the sharing of resources and money tbh

I doubt we need money from som of the poorest countries in europe tbh

Holy shit that looks terrible.

Everyone here is skint tbh

still not sure if ur a troll or not tbh

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there's millions of people in the UK who agree with us and would throw a little or a lot of money our way if they could if we were actually creating positive change.

they look like they have jaundice

future queen giving a speech to British youth

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I am so tired lads

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I need to channel the inner muskrat because my soul feels like goin'

someone stick a 56% loading on her stomach

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if you kill yourself the gays win

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accelerationism is the only way lass

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we need to start normalizing necrophilia, ted bundy was just misunderstood

Which country?

This will one day happen tbh. If not outright supported like faggotry, society will turn a blind eye to necrophilia.

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Lads I've been trying to concentrate on Mein Kampf but I just heard my sister's black boyfriend come in.


You can hear her slurred speech

yep then it will be time to push for cannibalism rights, there is literally nothing wrong with what ed gein did. he didn't hurt women by grave robbing them and making a skin suit from them. they were already dead. its just his lifestyle and if people can't respect it they are bigots. I am so tired of bigotted vitaesexuals

You can tell by her eye and head movements.

I think you should fellate him in front of her. This would send her the right message

I cannot fathom why this woman joined a theoretically right wing party. She's left of Corbyn at times and associates with Owen Jones.

don't pillage graves for bodies to rape lads

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You're right, I can pot an alky a mile off tbh. Wish someone would call her out on it tbh

vitae-centric society is something we need to over come

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Love is love tbh

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Wish someone like Brillo would tear her apart on This Week but he won't

graverobbing, now theres a good idea

imagine the smell



Are they British?

The Latvian nationalists? No I don't think so.

Top tier

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Did that lad go to the dentist?

Yes, codeine lad did

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dw5 was kino smh
the art is cringe though yeah, should've gone for a more gritty historically accurate vibe