Thwarting the phone number jew

From a technical standpoint, the trend of large online platforms demanding that you provide them a phone number to use their services is by far the most difficult barrier to ban evasion and maintaining privacy to overcome. Other measures of tracking such as browser fingerprinting and MAC address bans aren't terribly difficult to bypass with techniques such as using a VM, MAC spoofing, etc. But adding phone numbers to the equation makes keeping your PII safe and avoiding skynet much more difficult. Phone numbers aren't easily replaced and at the same time are extremely easy to trace back to your real identity. And while tools such as online SMS services and VOIP exist, these sites are wise to them and in most cases with have no trouble at all figuring out that a number came from such a service and blocking it.

What are the options available when it comes to solving this problem. Are there even any options?
Burner phones and SIM cards still cost money, so once you get the banhammer you're effectively forced to make another purchase if you want to get back on the service in question. In this way you are limited in how aggressive you can be with whatever information you are trying to spread. Also, the aforementioned privacy issues still apply.
I agree. No one should, in fact. But the unfortunate reality of the current state of the internet is that due to the size and influence of these large platforms, you are effectively required to engage with them if you want to spread information. If you only ever post on Zig Forums and sites like it, you only end up containing yourself. When it comes to spreading information, breaking containment is key.

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There are a few apps that give you a burner number. But, it seems that a lot of sites can already somehow detect it and don't allow them for registration.

In my country SIM cards are cheap, plentiful and purchasable in bulk.

While requiring a phone number is pozzed, it sounds like your cell phone providers are also pozzed.

This is the opposite of jewry. You are allowed to create a free account the first time, but once you've proven yourself a leper you have to start paying.
That's a fancy way to say abuse celebrities.

My resolution would be:
1. follow the damn rules - written and unwritten. Getting banned consitutes a failure
2. Create easily sharable memes. Preferably single images that are self contained
3. have a separate website that you have full control over
4. Use your social media to draw people into your website, without breaking rule 1.
5. post rule breaking memes to your website, and rely on other people to share them and get banned for it.

Note what this doesn't allow you to do: be an obvious asshole that deserves to be banned.

It's not the SIM card dummy. It's the phone number, which needs to have service to be useful.

and anonymouos simcards are to be banned. and if thats not enough, they are also going to take away simcards altogether. they will be replaced with e-sim, embedded sim, a built in simcard in the phone.

Uncle Ted built a shack in the woods, cut himself off from the world, and still got his message out there. Time to grow up.

Just get a burner phone. This is the price of privacy.

In my country as soon as you put the SIM in you can receive texts and send a small number of free ones before you need to "load" the SIM (costs half a cent per text)

what the heck service are you using that requires a phone number? I've never run into any that require one (although many request it)

signal does

Only morons get banned from Signal. Don't get banned and you won't have a problem.

Boy, the rats really came out of the woodwork to derail this topic right off the bat didn't they?

Tried to make a medium account, which requires a jewgle account. There used to be a trick where you could make a jewgle account through the chrome browser and not be strongarmed into giving up a mobile phone number, but it looks like something about their signup page changed recently and the trick no longer works. Also linkedin for digging into certain companies.

Start sending bombs to people until they read your messages, understood.

How the fuck do you get banned from linked in or google? Stop being a retard and you will be fine

I created a new Google account right now and I wasn't required to give a phone number. It asked me for a phone number and I put nothing there. There was an option to give a backup email address so that's what I gave.

banned? in order to start using signal you need to get a code to your phone. yes, afterwards you can change sim, but still.

So don't use Signal if that offends you so greatly. Signal is not the only thing around.

those websites offer you to get paid private number that is not shared

burner phones will reveal your location. even if you don't use it at your home, it will reveal your city

how about hacking existing accounts and using them for your means?

fuck you jewish botnet supported rule cuck nigger

we get banned because they are against free speech and censor our words
we need terrorism, hacking, spam to force them to accept our free speech

burner phone does not give privacy
-it will reveal your location, city, country
-if you use it for several websites, your identities will be connected to a single phone
-every new account will require a new phone or at least a new sim card

Nigger linkedin won't let you make an account at all unless you give them a number. I had the same issue with jewgle when I tried to make an account.

What steps did you take and what kind of device did you use? I tried using a clean laptop from an open wi-fi hotspot in a public space. Didn't get any option to provide a backup email instead. Could be that they demand a number if they think you're posting from a wi-fi hotspot something like that.

This is the price of privacy. Every new account requires a unique phone and unique sim card. It's really that simple.

You'd better believe that Google has knowledge about public hotspots like cafes and libraries.

how about this?

It's not privacy at all you street shitter. No matter how many times you repeat it you won't convince anyone

I wonder if going through any proxies not blocked by one of these hotspots might do the trick. Is there a way to access your VPN through a public hotspot?

I'll have to give that a look, even though I have my doubts at this point.

The phone number is optional for Google accounts, mine isn't attached to any phone numbers

You're missing the point. The point is that privacy is expensive. You need to pay high costs if you want privacy.

Burner phones do not grant privacy for the reasons already brought. You are not arguing in good faith. Reported for being a CIA nigger.

Burner phones grant privacy for reasons already brought. You are not arguing in good faith. Reported for being a CIA nigger.

This the most childish argumentation I've seen from a shill in a while. Definitely a street shitter.

Let's get back to discussing actual solutions. I wonder how difficult it would be to virtualize a phone? Nuber, SIM card, and all. I wonder if it is at all possible to build a device in such a way that it can send a signal to cell towers what its number is, and that it could intercept these SMS messages. But the phone doesn't actually exist and everything is fake. How doable would that be?

but thats not a real solution, just a workaround.

You haven't been on Zig Forums very long have you?

How is it only a workaround and not a full solution? If an entire smartphone can be virtualized and can fully function with SMS and pass itself off as legitimate even though every aspect of the "phone" is spoofed, you effectively have infinite burner phones. If the phones can be faked 100% then the phone number nagging is no longer a defense against online dissenters.

I agree, fellow white man. We need to self-censor ourselves and stop being politically incorrect.

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It's not optional unless you are idiot that uses clearnet IP and botnet web browser

they don't
they reveal your location
they link all your accounts that you registered with them

that's not exactly what you ask for, but there are online services where you can buy private phone numbers and use web browser to send and read messages

because it doesnt solve the problem, it works around it.

Yeah there's options, you can use a site like for lots of sites that don't care that much, for google/facebook/whatever you can buy a clean websms number. Zig Forums lives under a gnu/rock sometimes.
You would think so but I see pajeet making 50+ google accounts before his number doesn't work.

Proper phone vms do exist but because they are good they cost money.

I'd figure this would at least give you a run at it. I used some sandwich shop's number from a few hours north for twatter one time and it let me use email for verification. The problem started when I got popped with them asking to send a text because my account didn't have normal tendencies. Take it as you will; from what I experianced, even if you get passed the initial sign-up they still might pop you later for it.>>1049000

Some people have said that in yidder's case if you get hassled for a number you should send a support ticket that tells them you don't have a smartphone and they'll unlock the account and won't bother you about it. But they still seem to be somewhat picky about your choice of email.

Maybe just stop spamming your Brainletpills?

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subcribe to VOIP service for like $7.99 per month and set up a gateway with like 100 numbers. Use those to each to set up emails on like 100 services. Cancel the shit afterwards.

Not sure if those services are good for anything except raiding or e-whoring so I really don't care.

If anything we should move deeper into the web and set up SSH bulletin boards and shit instead of begging to be heard on social media.

inb4 self-censorship, political correctness, and jew worship

This shit is only going to get worse.
The only real way to do this is burner phones, which means if you want to spread some red pills on twitter you better make it good, blowing accounts literally costs money.

Facejew goes a step further, you might pass the initial sign up with just a phone number, but at some point you WILL get hit for an id verification, at which point you have to send them a literal fucking picture of your government id. I suppose this could be faked especially if your claiming your from some shithole country, but it's probably equally likely that they would close leave the count in permanent id verification hold and the account would be blown. In the U.S. and E.U it wouldn't suprise me at all if they had access to and utilized government databases to verify the id you send them, with the government more than willing to help link facebook profiles to real identities.

they have databases of voip phone numbers and won't accept them. your going to have to cycle through companies until you eventually find one but it's inevitable it'll be put on the ban list too. However these voip companies are acquiring phone numbers they are marked somewhere as voip and facejew/jewgle has access to it.

the ultimate solution to this is your going to have to just abandon these platforms completely. The excuse that "we have to go there because that's where the goyim are that we have to redpill" isn't going to hold. That's the same excuse infowars used for using facebook/twitter/youtube for everything they did before they all shoah'd him in unison.

IRL spreading of propaganda is far more effective. Put posts up somewhere with a website link, etc; and then let the lemmings spread it amongst themselves over their own social media profiles.

There are a bunch of fiverr-esque microtasking websites, and there's always posts offering to phone-verify accounts for a buck or two. Sometimes they re-use phone numbers and a spammer will get every account linked to a number banned, but that's pretty rare, and it works well 95% of the time. At any rate, it's much better than giving your phone number and correspondingly your full identity to silicon valley faggots so they can sell that info to marketing companies.

fuck are you talking about. op is talking about not wanting to pay for a service to have a phone number

ebay for one. sometimes craigslist and other require a phone to sign up

do not get a phone number and teach people to use free services that text. /thread
if you really want to you can buy like a certain amount of hours on a satellite phone and use it for only emergencies. that is the best investment i can think of

tbh I've given up on the internet and have started planning for the sneaker-net.

You can still make google accounts from a chromebook with out a phone number. You need to make one to use the chromebook.

how about just running the chromebook OS in a vm?

It depends.
I'm making a new account each week on free wifis. They have enough legitimate traffic that Google doesn't force a number most of the time.
If I try through SSH/VNC/proxy, it doesn't trust me and wants a phone number

In my country, I have to show my ID card issued by the government if I want to buy a SIM card. It's the easy way to control its people.

Sometimes Google requires a phone number to register a new ID, but sometimes not. I don't know what different to each case.

So any solution that is not a burner phone?
Any voip's or free service that actually work for google accounts?
Will they harass me for number again if I login through different proxies?

Google Voice has to be paired with a real phone number, so it can be used as verification for some services possibly including other Google accounts. Once you have a Google account, you can set up 2FA with TOTP and use that instead of the phone number.

Thread is full of shills

Shills for what? Burner phones?

you're all dumb niggers

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I don't think this works, I've tried on my uni's wifi, our city libraries' wifi and local coffee shops and they all ask for a phone number. I'm pretty sure google can pick out public networks and blocks them from creating accounts.

but then you give them your name and adress

was in response to

Then don't use Signal; XMPP+OMEMO and Matrix+OLM both use the same method of double ratcheting that signal does, but are federated and open to third party clients.

Voice/video comms can be done with ZRTP

well i have changed simcard and number without changing it in the app so signal only knows my old number. it still works and they dont have my current number so i guess im ok.

Jewgle won't ask you for a phone number if you sign up from a mobile device that has service, & has not made more than 3 accounts in the past month.

There are some websites where you can buy SIM numbers to receive SMS messages. I remember using one to activate prime status on CS:GO in my alt account on Steam.















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Looks like some Soros-funded controlled opposition to me.

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