Brit/pol/ #2643: Bit Nippy Edition

NO DEAL BONUS: Peter Bone reveals how he would spend £39BILLION in his constituency

BBC BIAS: 'Shameful' BBC FAILS to broadcast Farage speech despite showing Verhofstadt rant

Unilever has said it is stockpiling Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Magnum bars ahead of the UK's departure from the European Union

Shocking moment gang including girl, 18, brutally kicked, 'bottled' and stamped on victim's head leaving him with life-changing injuries after trivial row at Oxford Circus Tube station

Boy, 17, stabbed to death was just out for a ride on his bike

UK prisons: Assaults and attacks on staff at record levels

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Looks like you can walk across it, lad. You should give it a try next time.

It wasn't frozen over lad.

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'ate david lammy

those rocks and logs look safe


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Post, the 1st.

you know who can handle it

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Thanks for the photos. I'm picturing myself sitting by the shore right now, like a tree hugging druid.

oh right lel, yeah I've been across it before lad, that part of the brook is shallow either way.


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kek that fucking face he's making

It's cold, but the shrooms keep me warm.

You should climb out on that tree and dive in

That brook's like a good lass, lads, shallow, but with ample overhanging vegetation.

yeah even has a path you can traverse if you are nimble enough


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When SA gets stuck we'll always be there for him

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smh, bigots


Lads, I may have invented a new form of misogyny.

what do you do?

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quote the magna carta

imagine actually arresting people for wrongthink

chin him and leg it

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where's yer evidence guvna

record the interview and put it online

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if you batter one police officer the rest will probably be too afraid of you to arrest you

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get Ring tbqf tbh

Also, that door has a moustache.

I remember a stream a lad did with Morgoth describing his visit from the plod wrongthink unit. At the end they said to him "You won't last in prison" or something. The fucking gall of that filth tbh. They won't last when they're eventually convicted of treason against the nation.

if you listen to that link i posted they coppers say
it's a bit gaulish to sit there and say that when you are literally policing thought

Come contribute. Regardless of whether or not anyone does any of this, the feminist butthurt could be exceptional. Do it for the salt.

>>>Zig Forums12741484

nahnahnah lad, since they aren't arresting you for thinking things it's ok.

I'd be interested in watching/listening to this. Do you know where I can find it?

Any other lads had no snow?

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got a link it sounds interesting. Its happening more and more often so theres probabyl loads out there.

pretty sure it was this one lad

thanks lad

does the fuzz think they'll be looked upon favourably after years of them bullying people for having thoughts

You don't seem very epic

ate bullies me

This could be yours for a mere £200,000!

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I think the best tactic here is to spin such a yarn about irrelevancies that they get bored of listening to you and send you home

thanks, lad.

Just following orders

you what?! I'll have you know I have watched all the Jordan Peterson videos, regularly attend Milo conferences and am a paying subscriber to Ben Shapiro

lel it'd probably be the best way to go about it, the only other thing would be to fess up and then have them nag you about being mean online


can't wait until we're all forced to live like the chinks

You'll be fine, lad. You just need 1 VR-enabled room w/ omni-treadmill, your government-issued wireless VR & shock device, and a bed.


epic and based fact: cops are told not to tell anybody they meet theyre afraid cops will be assaulted off the job by ordinary people.

hmmm almost as if theyre an occupying force


tbh go on a rant to them about the nuanced variations of the same general analysis between Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye of the European New Right, or compare and contrast National Bolshevism with Strasserism, or ask them what they think of Muscular Christianity vs Aerobic Mormonism.

holy fug tbh thought the memmies on smart meters were a bit tin foily but that is fucking nuts

Dear ,
Your social credit score has been reduced by 150 for violating the following Social Wellness Guideline:

If this is your first violation, you may appeal this descision by contacting your local Social Wellness Centre where you can book an appointment for an educational session on the harmfullness of hateful speech. Your penalty may then be partially refunded depending on the reference given by your Social Wellness Officer.

SMASH the system

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post neofolk

also found out B'eirth made an album with based and redpilled Blood Axis, very cool very epic




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fookin ell lad you need to get DAMAGED tattoed on your forehead

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I'm not too clued in with the genre tbh, I like Death In June though and I think they count.


top kek lad

going to watch momento tonight


smdh I was afraid we were going to lose power last night after mummy gretchen activitated the mass cellphone command and told all the slaves to turn down their heat. even went outside and got the old kerosene torpedo heater set up to run.

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delete this

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3rd world confirmed

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phwoar tbh

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save those browpipo teddy

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Good lad


You should be banned for this post.

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they also don't have the big chug heads

screencap this tbh

the habbening will never habben lad. I wish it would though. I bought almost 1k of silver for when the econimis collasbe

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why was hernan cortes so thicc?

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He's a naughty lad living on the edge

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it won't be full dotr yet but the eurozone is going to explode tbh

He lived along Henry VIII

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smh I don't have enough of a planetary scale brain to wrap my mind around the brexit negotiations
it seems now both sides were gambling on the other going into recession first and we have just edged out the eurozone

Politely ask:
Is this what you dreamed of doing when you were a nipper and all you ever thought about was growing up so you cd be a copper and catch bad guys?

Is this what you tell your mum and dad (who watched you proudly pass out and get your badge) you get up to?

And when your kids ask you about your shift, or your wife asks you if you kept yourself safe, do you tell them you just went and warned some anonymous neet that some words he typed might upset some people who aren't even legally or morally entitled to be on British soil.

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