Retro CRT Monitors

Is anyone here interested in old CRT monitors?

I'm considering buying a Sony Trinitron.

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looks like a cctv monitor. they usually have the place that they have been filming burned in on the screen.

Yeah those models were oftentimes used for that purpose, originally not for consumers.

(PVM/BVM trinitron models)

Tube technology is "infinite " technology. Unlike semi conductor digital technology which has finite states.

If you want a computer monitor don't get one of those. The price is inflated because GAYMERS and there's no standard VGA inputs. Just get an actual CRT monitor, much cheaper and no adapter needed.

You're right about the price being inflated but the consumer CRTs always seem lower quality.

Consumer trinitrons are a fair compromise, they can be modded with rgb if you inject the signal between the jungle IC and OSD.

What are you gonna use it for?
Most PVMs like the picture run at 15KHz and can only handle 240p/480i signals max. Fine for old console and TV signals.
There are some more expensive models (usually BVMs) which support 31KHz signals which you could hook up a PC VGA output to with some creative wiring.
There are workarounds to underclock your GPU to output 15HKz 240p, but beyond game emulation it'll make any modern OS practically unusable.

I've got a PVM for old consoles and it's pretty nice. You'll be paying for the higher resolution line count, general build quality, and utilitarian styling. You'll also be paying for RGB cables which aren't as cheap as you think they'd be.
Otherwise, a decent Sony / NEC consumer trinitron would be a lot cheaper for reasonable quality.

Aesthetic programming and PC games using an older graphics card.

Just use a converter that converts DisplayPort to VGA.

I don't think any of the sony PVMs have VGA as an input option.

it's a broadcast studio monitor actually

VGA to S-Video adapter takes care of that.

I have a cheap old computer monitor and an old TV. Both with really nice screens. Got both of them for free, and this TV shits all over my previous TV, that only had composite video and a pretty bad screen in comparison. I only use them for games, anime and occasionally a movie. Only old stuff. These things do have a limited lifespan, so I try not to use them more than necessary. I would get more monitors for the future, but I don't have the space now.

You are worrying about nothing. I did that as well, but then I realized that it wasn't worth it. When the things that you want to watch or play were made, people didn't have those CRTs either. Some people would argue that my TV is already too perfect, and that I shouldn't be able to see the pixels so clearly. The monitor is even better than that. It's really not necessary. Just get a VGA monitor and/or a TV with RGB or component video, depending on where you live. You don't need anything fancy, or anything capable of super high resolutions, you just need something that looks good for what you want to do, and computer monitors are already excessive for that, and the colors look great (and you can always make adjustments in the configurations if you need to). Caring about anything else is missing the whole point of using a CRT.

For an old console, even that might be considered too much, depending on who you ask. Composite on a good screen already looks pretty damn good (but you always want to have component and RGB, because TVs like that are probably higher quality, I assume). Also, don't forget that the stuff that I use is way more replaceable. If you buy an expensive monitor and the tube dies, you are fucked. Try to get something normal, for free or for cheap. From what I hear, even those are getting less common and more expensive, so do it now, before it's too late. Don't make me call you a faggot, faggot. Go get one now.

Best CRT for anime? Is a consumer Trinitron fine?
link related. every other CRT on the listing of the craig seems like cheap shit

Just play on emu and use filters faggot.

I have a Commodore 1702 and the picture is so damn nice and crisp/

any pics?

No thanks, I'd rather not because of the anonymous thing. And my room is a mess right now. Maybe when I clean it up and get my NES out of storage I'll take a picture with it

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If you look hard enough you can find something good. I have 2 22" CRTs (75lbs each) and they look good at [email protected] The problem is they're dying. No idea if something like the hyped GDM-FW900 is much better but I'd assume it is.

Is this an actual issue? The other day I was trying to find an LCD that supports an NTSC-like signal (15KHz interlaced). IIRC something as low as 20KHz progressive scan worked, but only 1 LCD showed anything on 15KHz interlaced and the picture was rolled.

I got a Trinitron TV like that for $10 and it's shit. Only composite and s-video and interlaced. Interlaced looks... worse than no vsync. Its nice and bright but the image is crap.

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The main difficulty is that a standard VGA/DVI-A/DVI-I output signal (likely the only analogue outputs available on any reasonably modern GPU) will be using a displaymode clocked at~31kHz, on the assumption that it'll be connected to a fixed-frequency 31kHz computer monitor CRT.
Plugging a cable carrying this signal directly into a device like a consumer TV CRT or a PVM, which are almost always fixed at a 15kHz horizontal scan rate, will result in the image appearing doubled onscreen, side by side as the CRT has received 2 lines worth of colour data in the time it took it to move the beam one line horizontally.

As mentioned there are methods to output 15kHz 240p from a GPU, although some GPUs may not be capable of running at a low enough clock speed to produce this signal.

This is generally quite inconvenient for a primary desktop machine, though.

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why would anyone want to voluntarily ruin their eyes by using outdated monitors?

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CRTs after 1990 dont have any issues aside from some blurry text (dunno what year this was solved). refresh rate is 85Hz+ which means no flicker, and image wobbling type issues have been solved as well
LCDs have motion blur as well as viewing angle issues (one eye sees a different color than the other, even on IPS) which both cause eye to unnecessarily refocus constantly and the latter changes your eye's color perception temporarily (like when you have a sunny room and one eye sees shade and the other sees sun for a long time). do either of these mess up your eyes? i dunno, but they hurt for me

even at 240Hz on an LCD a moving image will look more blurry than a 1990 CRT. now another issue with LCD is that there is a visible black area around each pixel or subpixel, which makes everything look like shit, as well as the antiglare coating which obstructs the image and bends light. both of these mean you can't even view a solid light color without a bunch of shiny grainy shit in the image. glossy LCDs suck (too much reflection), while the late glossy CRTs were excellent.

Now we can't forget the fact that an LCD is just a flashlight (at some insane default like 300cd/m^2) shining in your face with some light vavles in front of it

Is it worth keeping a heavy ass 70lb 22" CRT which has developed convergence and colour problems during the years (not to mention it uses up to about 180W of power and emits large amounts of heat), or is it time to drive it to the dumpster?

Aren't those dead? About the only DVI type which makes sense today is dual link DVI-D, isn't it.

You are supposed to take CRTs to a certified waste management facility. You could probably sell it for shipping costs and maybe a couple extra bucks to someone who will refurbish it. I doubt the phosphors are aged that much.

Btw just now I read
Pretty much this.

Apart from the convergence problems (cannot get it right all across the screen, if center is adjusted for optimum convergence then corners are off etc.) and colour problems (bluish tint to some shades of grey, seemingly cannot get rid of it while not introducing colour shift to other shaded), there is also a problem with green phosphors, as green shows very noticable motion smearing. Is it even possible to alleviate those problems? If not then it's most likely not worth to keep the huge ass monster around, and trying to sell it doesn't feel right either.

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Use a 0.5 glasses so you won't see pixels details and everything will be smooth, wowser, perfect anti-aliasing, it won't even look like 256x224.

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I would say any CRT monitor can be fixed as long as the phosphors are fine. As for the problems you are describing, I have little experience fixing CRTs (but I've seen the guts in them plenty of times and know what a flyback transformer is). I doubt they would need to rewire the alignment coils on the tube itself. It could be something as simple as a couple of caps / resistors needing replaced.

no, they still work. hardware doesn't magically stop working. the only way to get VGA output on a machine with DVI is to use a DVI-I or DVI-A to VGA adapter

from what I've seen, every CRT smears when you have a very bright color moving along a very dark color. hardly a problem though since on LCD the entire image is smeared instead of just one small object moving across the screen