Brit/pol/ #2644: Amazing Ideas Edition

NO DEAL BONUS: Peter Bone reveals how he would spend £39BILLION in his constituency

BBC BIAS: 'Shameful' BBC FAILS to broadcast Farage speech despite showing Verhofstadt rant

Unilever has said it is stockpiling Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Magnum bars ahead of the UK's departure from the European Union

UK prisons: Assaults and attacks on staff at record levels

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How old are you? Roughly.

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late 20s

Why does this hit so hard ?

Keke, stop destroying your bollocks lad

Is there a university or college where you live? Use it to meet women. Language classes, hobby clubs, etc. Are you /fit/?

exceedingly good lad

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justed tuned into QT did I miss any interesting bolitics?

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Did you bollocks.

wew that is one ugly paki

Top lid.


This is why you can't get a house

stupid bitch

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Jesus wept.
Better cancel brexit, lads.

Thank you Winter-Chan

Da iawn. lid

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they should have entrance themes in QT

I'm actually in pretty nice shape for someone who sits on his arse playing computer games most of the day
my town is pretty dead tbh

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*gets comfy*

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He ain't goin

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I wish violent J and shaggy 2 dope were on QT

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(((western powers)))

I would have this play while I rode in on a celtic chariot with a procession of soph aspin tier slags carrying my assorted weapons on velvet pillows while in the nude

Thanks lids

Good lad

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You'd take 7 minutes out of the show?

Top kek. What a spaz.


yeah m8 I would also be in the nude and only wearing a golden torque

I got fit after the divorce. I'm meeting pre-30 lasses at uni. I signed up for some silly course. Look for opportunities beyond your town.

*paddles up*

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Ffs. When is it going to be ok to just say 'this is how they live'?

Only 2015 hmmm ok

>no one posted a link so IM not actually watching qt

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I want the mummy presenter to revel in my masculine physique during my entrance

most lasses i meets are already mummies tbh im pretty depressed around the whole thing and trying to take a break from actively seeking

smh that wasnt really a request but thanks anyway

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Every fucking week. What's the point? Bloody bread and circuses.

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tbf courtship is fucking broken and nobody is paying attention. you are not alone

thats a bloke

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me too lad its so comfy


steiner, did you read 'I kissed dating goodbye'?

mummies are a no go zone

nice we neo-cohen now


Operation Venezuela freedom is a go

The only way to guarantee consensus in western politics is to talk about an endless flood of orks coming into the shire or neo-con regime change. Fucking kikes.

I regret eating a whole tin of butter beans yesterday and today smh

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And we're all supposed to just pretend that it's our business to wade in as white knights. The next minute we're all supposed to view white men as being imperialist swine for daring to breathe near imported wogs. Smh.

so many zoomers going to get machete'd in the jungles of vuvuzela while listening to mumble rap. they wont even have boomer beats like CCR and or 30 year old boomer beats like drowning pool

I don't think anyone even attempts to make sense of it.

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Always so much to unpack with QT audiences.

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kill me

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oh i know lad

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lads I love trolling boomer schizos

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It's actually in the total lack of sense or agency among the normies that I find a glimmer of hope. It illustrates just how malleable and fickle they are. They just go along with whatever narrative. Daftyism could just as easily be accepted by them as the poz tbh.

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avoid x3

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Not very semitic of the bbc.

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based ken tbh

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Did he oppose iraq/afghanistan?

he did

really wish id meditated today, too drunk now

dont know tbh

I get the feeling he's semi-alright tbh. Anyone who pisses off the scoobydoos can't be wholly terrible.

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it's the thought that counts

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Bit gay that apu tbh

Politicians are devoid of sense or agency tbh.


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Bit mean that apu tbh lad

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Is it the '90's?

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lol wut

fuck off brillo you goblin faced cucck

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