Bolsonaro's win

I'm worried as latino, i'm affraid that the extreme right is rising in europa and latín América, using the populist propaganda: we don't gonna be like Venezuela. Using this, Argentina, Colombia and Brasil puts a Neo liberal an Neo facist violent and stupids presidents

Without use the violence and a peaceful way what se can do?

I'm not speak English well, but i hope that you understand

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Why don't you come to Mexico? Lopez Obrador is a leftist and he won the presidency. We already have a truckload of immigrants, mostrly from Venezuela.

I feel you Latin bro, it's a bad situation right now. I think the most important thing now is to ensure the safety of leftists in the neo fascist countries, we can't allow a new generation of The Disappeared. Trying to fight the governments has to take a back seat to that. Stay safe most of all, I don't believe that a revolution in Latin America alone could succeed anyway, it's best to build class consciousness until the unrest from climate change/income inequality gets too bad globally. Your English is fine btw. You're in my thoughts bro, be smart out there.

Moving is hard, many people have families and friends they don’t want to leave behind. Also moving is expensive not everyone can afford it.

The only way to ensure safety is to neutralize the power of governmental institutions be implementing Insurgency and smashing state power.

And how did that work for FARC?

If poor venezuelans can, somehow, migrate to Mexico, I bet brazilians can do that as well.

I mean, brazilians will literally have a neofascist. Might as well try and escape.

My knowledge of Brazil's present nature is a bit fuzzy, but it seems like the country's vastness and corrupt administration gives the government (and any other large centralized entity) only a weak grasp over the disposition and activities of its citizens, especially outside urban centers.

Even without violent action, it might be possible to disrupt the economic basis of the Brazil enough to paralyze Bolsonaro's administration if he begins suspending democratic institutions. Considering the voting age population is around 160M, while Bolsonaro received only 57M votes, about 2/3rds of the population are currently apathetic or hostile to him, and could cause his administration to collapse if political friction hurts the economy.

Brazil strikes me as one of the few 3rd-world countries large and resource diverse enough to thrive in a mostly autarkic fashion, the fact it's still as undeveloped and poor as it is mostly being the fault of organized labor's failure to break free from business control via officially sanctioned "blue unions".

This mentality is the reason why latin america is a shithole at the moment.

Think before you type next time.

Its fine if you cant counter what I said.

Latin America is a shithole because the spanish and portuguese fucked us in the ass and hundreds of years later the americans fucked us in the ass and now american puppets are fucking us without lube.

Originally that is correct. The Spanish colonies were literally hell on earth compared to the English and French ones.
But the reason why they havent fixed themselves all these years later is because anyone with any motivation will leave and make a new life in the USA. They could have used that energy to fix thier own country.

El fascismo y la democracia son dos lados de la misma moneda compañerx, solo podemos vencer a la tirania capitalista en todas sus formas por ser consciente de eso como clase mundial y rechazar una vez por todas a los naciones burgueses, sus estados democraticos y sus defensores y representantes. No estas solo, lxs proletarixs de todo el mundo somos hermanxs y un dia uniremos en una sola fuerza autonoma y venceremos.


Its due to a lack of motivated revolutionaries.
A worker would never become a revolutionary if he can just abandon his country and live in the USA.

Never get suckered into treating far righties as a force independent of capitalism. They are a symptom, capitalism is the disease.

Revolutionary workers have no country and "foreign" revolutionary workers have been crucial to every authentic revolutionary movement in history just as they are today.

That is very sad for South America if true.
Foreign workers arent exactly queueing up to enter latin America. In fact they are queuing up to leave.

You've obviously never been there and haven't read enough about the historical and current struggles there. There are loads of immigrants in latin america and the natives are more class conscious and have a much stronger fighting spirit than the yanks.
Read this article from Brazilian comrades if you want to catch a glimpse what being revolutionary actually means:

Yeah Brazil is a surely great example.

Democracia representativa, pero la democracia real (popular, directa, etc) esta ligada al socialismo. Sin democracia no hay socialismo y sin socialismo no hay democracia.


Nothing on hand, but even if it isn't true Lula and the workers party are socdems who functioned as the left wing of capital while in power. Black Rose Anarchist Federation had an article or thread on it and long story short socdems aren't our friends and contribute to the environment that allows reaction to grow, Brazil proved to be no different.

La democracia no es nada mas que la dictadura del capital y sus intereses, que no tiene nada que ver con el socialismo. No tenemos que discutir y sentar a la mesa de acuerdos con la burguesia sino destruirla. La dictadura del proletariado es sinonimo con la abolicion de todas politicas.

God, I fucking wish.
If you want to really understand the meaning of "classcuck" just come here and see for yourself all the self-hating proles who literally think they are inferior to the bourgeoisie and therefore deserve their fucked up status because that's what Jesus desire or something stupid like that.
One article written by some anarkiddie doesn't mean anything.

I've stayed for some time in mexico and know comrades from many other countries in latin america both from correspondence and irl here in europe. There's classcucks anywhere but the revolutionary left milieu in most of A.L. is definitely more advanced than it is in most of the US or Canada both theoretically and practically.


Lo que estoy diciendote es que el socialismo es el unico sistema socioeconomico donde la democracia real, es decir el pueblo manda, es posible. La democracia liberal burguesa representativa del capitalismo occidental vale mierda y el fascismo ya deja cualquier rasgo democratico que el capitalismo regular pretenda tener.

Te entiendo pero creo que es inutil reinvindicar el termino dado que desde sus inicios la democracia siempre fue la expression politica de los clases regentes y actualmente la ideologia democratica se usa para respaldar el cuidadanismo interclasista. La ideal del 'socialismo democratico' implica que las intereses del proletariado no son unitarias y intransigentes pero fraccionadas y mutables, y en este sentido es contrarevolucionaria.

Mira tambien:

Escribe bien idiota, escriben bien o te mato

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Most of the people leaving Venezuela are rich, or they have rich relatives, or they were bourgs pre-Chavez.

The jokes write themselves

Brazil is a VERY different country from Mexico. Saying that they are similar is like saying Ireland and Ukraine are similar.

Not at all a high bar to clear. I live here faggot, and I hate it here. If I had the money, I would move to Portugal, since I have the right to portuguese citzenship through my late grandma.

there is more classcucks here in fact, but people are also more aware of their alienation, more distrustful of traditional democratic institutions, more propense to see through the spectacle of politics, more conscious of who is fucking them over, and why, the reason why they are reactionary is that this inherent hatred everyone has for the system gets missdirected by the ruling ideology, for an example of this go to /r/colombia, the subreddit for my country, if you go to any thread involving politics you'll see that all proles fucking hate the system with passion, but if they are liberals this becomes a hatred for the masses, and if they are socdems then this becomes a hatred for the political class appart from the institutions

If you're talking about Brazil, oh boy, you don't know jack shit

when i mean "more" i don't mean that latin people are paragons of class consciousness, but that they are a little better than burgers, have you met a burger?, they are 100 times worse than the people in my country, i don't know about brazil tho

Ah, okay. Yeah, I've met burgers, and let me tell ya, living in Brazil and being a brazilian, brazilians are more classcucked than burgers

most poor Americans can't afford that luxury. its like other countries see this place as a dream come true. and sometimes that dream comes up short.

Your solution is: get guns, arm the proletariat, kill the fucker.

I'm chilean you stupid fuck, that wasn't even portuguese you illiterate piece of dogshit.

Why don't you fags just replace it with another vowel like -e instead of a fucking X

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Save that shit for intersectional wokefags you retards. The post was about class unity across borders, not idpol shit. Some people do in fact insist on using an -e- in speech but I find it excessive.


This, I don't quite understand why Latino-left politics are plagued with Idpol, it makes people cringe.

And american-left politics aren't?

Yeah, but at least your people have one or two serious people, unlike LatAm, i mean even the zapatistas feel for the Idpol trap

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I'm latinamerican too btw, that's just a shitposting flag I use. I would still say the worst amount of idpol in leftism worldwide is in the US.

Bolsonaro is the exclamation mark to the counter-revolution started by the Clinton-Obama administration in Honduras.
Back then almost every Latin American state was left(ish) and since then, one after the other turned out right-wing.
It's not the end of the song though. Once China is finished with Africa, they gonna set their onlooks in Latin America. If they do Russia will stop playing defencly around the ALBA countries and go on the offence themselves.
In order for the US to lose their Dollar Hegemony, they need to lose Latin America first. If they keep it, China and Russia may as well give up.

I can`t really speak for the rest of LA but at least here in Brazil, it's mainly because the left is populated by college students who don't care about engaging the working class at large, because they see them as a racist, homophobic, moronic, mindless bunch of puppets. They aren't wrong, mind you.

Than why that flag?

Stopped reading right there.
Muh gender neutrality or language policing bullshit won't help you once the bullets start flying. If you can't handle the odd "misgendering" or other retarded "microaggression" you have no place in a revolutionary movement when there are bigger things at stake, and believe me, the bullets will start flying.

Also about Stalinism, he was a thug true believer who took the idea of revolutionary terror way too far, without any fucking nuance of allowing the people to deal with their economic problems without centralization

Maybe he thinks it means South American Rebel.

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This is why they lose, Mr. Bond. The students see them as racist homophobic morons, while the working class sees them as useful idiots of the neoliberal international capitalist regime, and who don't know what daily working struggle looks like between bosses and workers.
Fundamentally, a worker is not going to give two shits about your pronouns. Unless you convince him that you can make common cause about fundamentals, which for him means being able to feed his family, educate his children and keep a roof over their heads AND be able to put something away for his old age, you are wasting your time. This means access to stable employment, worker protections and family care.
A fundamental thing that I like about workers is their ability to detect bullshit, and a prime indicator of bullshit is the phenomenon of using political capital to institutionalize protections for enjoyment in the pure sense. For a worker, this means shit like having a priority for establishing women CEOs instead of abolishing anti-union regulations, and consistently regulating and punishing companies that violate the law, or going against predatory lenders. Sure workers need to read, but also students need to work, and see what the other side sees as well.

Workers are not very good at detecting bullshit if they can only detect it from one side.
Bolsonaro for instance is going to be a hardcore neoliberal cancer who will fuck the workers in the ass without lube and he didn't even try to hide it during the campaign. There were several candidates to choose from and yet the workers chose the exact face of the "neoliberal international capitalist regime" based not on worries about things like having an stable employment, worker protections or family care because that wouldn't even make any sense but solely based on right wing idpol about le good manners, muh cunservatism, muh jesus, muh morals and muh childrunz innocence lol.
The students might be a bunch of pothead idealist retards but the workers are also a bunch of retards.
In the end the real problem is that humanity was a mistake but god just let it go on instead of doing what he should have done, that is to end it all already.

To believe this is to be anti-Communist

Reminder there is no proof that god exists.

>>>Zig Forums

It's true tho. Bolsonaro explicitly stated several times during the campaign that workers in Brazil have too many rights and protections and there would be a point where they would have to choose to either have their worker's rights or have a job LMAO. He also wishes to push for a reform of retirement laws that mirrors the beautiful Pinochet Chilean system, in case you don't know in Chile the old retired people earn half a minimum wage and it lasts for only 5 years instead of until they die LMAO, it's a literal joke that has pushed suicide rates to skyrocket for the old people demographics, I don't think Bolsonaro will have to power to pass it through congress tho.
You HAVE TO BE RETARDED to vote for this if you are a worker.

It's just a shitposting flag, I know what it means

Cállate, progre asquerosx

You were right until the last line. Cut that defeatist miserabilist bullshit. Self-fulfilling prophecies of defeat are undialectical.

Kast te tocare la tula si le donas plata, fachx

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This is largely what the left gets for not calling out the PSUV when they went full fucking retard and sticking to it's guns with "anti-Imperialism". To much of the left, anti-imperialism is literally more important than people starving to death while an ultra-corrupt succdem "Socialist" party dines on caviar and wagyu and become the richest people in Latin America because they built the entire economy on missing trader carousel fraud.
The right in South America (and the world) can easily point to Venezuela, which has a huge portion of it's economy now based on fucking CRYPTO where people are basically starving to death, and go "This is what happens when you engage in left wing politics" because very few on the left will call them out. Bolsonaro would not have won if Venezuela didn't go to shit, one of the main reasons he won were the huge amounts of refugees fleeing Venezuela into Brazil.

He would still win tho, because he is literally the messiah sent by Jesus himself to protect our children's innocence against communism degenewacy.

Could you please go to >>/liberty/ and blow yourself up?

The Spanish colonies hell on earth compared to English and French ones? Now thats one ignorant comment if i ever heard one.

You definitely are one big ignorant in history

He gave a pretty good rundown of the basics

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I've read some things that shows Bolsanaro's support mostly came from wealthy and whiter areas of the population. While I do not doubt that there are many classcucked workers in Brazil, can his support be explained by well-off workers like managers or petit-bourgs voting for him and many working class voters not showing up to the polls? Low participation and kindarichfags supporting populists was the case with Trump's win in burgerland and looking at yuropoor it seems a similar phenomenon is happening here, I'm unfamiliar with Latin America though.

lmao this Brazilian guy at my work keeps telling me he is glad that this guy won and that the teachers in Brazil are the worst, because "they are all communists". The funny thing is that the far right in my country wouldn't let him move here, Canadian btw.

Maybe once you shitskins get competent leadership, you'll stop coming up here and leeching off our… well, leaching off of just about everything like the filthy spics that you are.

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Why do you keep doing this?

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to be fair zionists (israeli nationalists/conservatives) are from the same branch as trump, this guy & others. They support corporatism, monopoly, wealth allocated on a few ultra rich families, etc.

well it's part of "muh ebil right wing goverments" create those conditions that make migrants migrate after all. Then that generates class struggle, then that generates either a reform by using the democratic system or revolution (class warfare).

So keep doing what you doing that is not actually being rich but being retarded enough to support their rule over you so everything becomes worse for the majority. It has to happen, that alone accelerates things a lot.

You're a retard who speaks of thing you don't have the slightest clue about

No. His support is mainly explained by spooks. It's like that one user said here

I don't think so, voting is "obligatory" in Brazil and the whiter well-off people are just a tiny portion of the population. You cannot get elected president here without the support from the brown working class.

The foreign minister will be a literal tinfoil hat wearing Zig Forumstard who sees le "cultural marxism" in literally everything.

Beyond the climate change denials above he also have wrote in his blog that the left has a plan to make compulsory abortions for everyone in order to impede the returning/rebirth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ and that globalization is a satanic ploy to bring men far away from god or something crazy like that.
There's also something about how a nation is made up by it's "race" and when you mix up you don't have a nation anymore or something like that lol. This coming from a brazillian makes no sense at all but nothing makes any sense anymore anyway so this is sort of expected in a way.

Ok from what I've been able to tell from some twatter thread something like 8 million voted null and 30 mil didn't vote.

I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more of this with the recent reactionary gains in governments.

So according to that logic Brazil isn’t a nation. Becuase it’s even more mutted than Burgerland.