Brit/pol/ #2645: Alimony Free Edition

UK weather: Snow and ice causing delays to road, rail and air travel

Brexit: Third of UK businesses considering move abroad - survey

UK child migrants sent to Australia offered $36k compensation

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the real woke interpretation is that the elite in the new world wanted to be free from old kingdoms so they could become new kangs in a new world, see mormonism

the federal government was just as cynical and would tax the poor rural americans for the benefit of the urbanites in the towns and cities, reminds me of what steiner said about the history of america just being oligarchichal power groups

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good lad, good edition

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I always thought the mormons were separate to the traditional yank elite and wanted to create a based theocratic state
instead they had to be made into another gay state of the union because true democracy doesn't exist if it gets in the way of what the american government wanted

You are just proving my point about religious fanaticism lad.

true tbh.

All glory unto Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

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I know to a degree I think it was done to by some so they could establish their own oligarchies and fiefdoms in the new great expansion.





That may be so, but I am taking the one that exists in the history books

Most history books especially those in state education, and then especially those in yank education, are a national narrative not real history.

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fetaan jayid

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Tbh most history books in state education these days are an international, whitey evil - women and wogs good narrative.

weird how much language has been subverted changed in the last century tbh suicide


it's so horrifically normie that I learnt the importance of language and the memitics of such through Metal Gear Solid V, but it holds true tbh.

Thanks lids

Whenever a lefty tries telling you 'Aryan' referred only to Indo-Iranians and had nothing to do with Europeans, show them this.

he ain't back down

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I thought you were banned lad?

I am permanently banned, so why should I "sit it out"?

I do think it is unjust tbh, no matter what depraved shit you may have posted.

Are you still a 22 stone?

Any of you lads know any good baseball caps?

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That's a rounders cap, not a baseball cap.

No, but I am still a bad boy

thanks, lad


what did 22st do to get banned

The Man Who Died From Silicone Scrotum Injections Had a 2,000-Word ‘Pup Contract’ With His Master
It’s now been nearly a month since the passing of Aussie-born Jack Chapman, and media outlets continue to slowly uncover more and more details surrounding his death. Chapman was internet-famous for his pup-master relationship with a guy named Dylan Hafertepen, who went by “Noodles and Beef” online and in his own email newsletter community. Recently people have begun to take a closer look at the “pup contract” Jack Chapman had with Hafertepen — some see it as a harmless component of the “pup” fetish community, while others see it as proof the two men’s relationship was dangerous and abusive.

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we should watch this movie with 22st

loved rounders as a kid was crap at it though

Wanna watch it tonight? Looks comfy tbh.

Velvet Buzzsaw is absolute shit tbh

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yeah I might go to the gym around 8 US time so around midnight your time but then I will be back at 10 US time smdh maybe I will see if the lad who wants to train is going to be there today

how much did they humiliate pic related?

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Don't know whether to laugh or look into distance/the abyss.

pic related

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He's a bi homo that is in a relationship with a gay nigger then gets in a relationship with a nigger lass. Tbh he's shit in it as well, he's not really the main character, and his character is barely even there. It's all so shallow and shit, it's a generic shit horror b movie. The movie isn't even self aware of how shit is like kino like Evil Dead. It straight up thinks it's a good movie with laughably bad horror scenes when people get killed. Nightcrawler is good but this is pure shit, same director

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I've added it to a streaming website we can watch whenever, let's watch tomorrow or something, don't want you to skip the gym.

Such a creepy scoobydoo tbh. Hes one of the ones who always seem really off in interviews - like he just doesn't understand humanity. A lot of them do tbf.

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Again because they're tools of the state for control rather than education.

MGSV's storyline is retarded even by the series' standards.

thanks lad

Tbf that's like autists


In theory it was outstanding. In execution, it was a disaster.

A lot of scoobydoos have what seems like an autistic demeanor tbh. Even more of them come off as vulgar narcissists.

Maccy D's for supper

How is a virus which attacks languages an outstanding idea?

Jesus, that's sad to hear. Nothing worse than a shit movie that you can't even enjoy the crappiness of. Have you seen the movie where he becomes an alchoholic NEET and has a thot wife?

Tbf I think he's just awkward which is kind of endearing.



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As I said earlier, the memitic quality and power of language is the most important tool of man.

The MUH WOLBACHIA was the terrible execution of it.

Quelle surprise.

beans and sosig on toast topped with 2 different types of cheese. if anyone can name BOTH cheeses I'll give them an extra (You)

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No lad, what movie is that?

Does she die? Can't remember much about the story (other than it was boring shite that was difficult to follow on account of how terrible its delivery was). Something about her hating boss for doing something, but then falling in love with him instantly for some reason? And some shite about her skin.

*steals 22st's shoe*

Wensleydale and cheddar

Oh, and boss is a clone (because kojima hasn't done that angle to death).

reminder that devvo was actually a dorky upper middle class lad


*puffs chug weed smoke in your face*

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no real chav would be so self-aware that they would be worthy of parody tbh.

9 nuggets and large fries tbqh

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and Theresa May


I think he says in an interview all he knows how to do is acting and he's useless at other stuff which endeared me to him tbf, like a self aware actor. Made him seem humble idk, I think besides forcing him to be a homo they also forced him to be amy schumer's partner in a movie or something so maybe I just feel sorry for the lad.

Wildlife, it was alright but I wouldn't reccomend it unless you are starved for stuff to watch. I feel it tries too hard to glorify the wife character, it has a really good demonstration of how young men are more mature than grown women though tbh. Reminds me of lads who are raised by histrionic single mothers and have to grow up and be the man of the house early.

I hope not smh

Reminded me of it kek, wasn't worth a permaban all he did was post a pic of that lad which multiple other people did tbf

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20 nuggets tbh
*sees fear on kitchen staff when i approach*

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Chavs are the new counterculture lad

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where did 22st go?

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I just thought he was working class lad who spent time around chavs and was parodying them, not someone well off insulting / glorifying in a patronising way those below them smh


I don't blame actors for the roles they play it's the fault of the playwrights, didn't the greeks have this view?

and the Chads would bully us for being weirdos and hanging in the IT room smh

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certified nerd detected

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he's wealthy enough that he can pick and choose his roles lad
he's a scoobydoo


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no-one forces the actors to play gay roles

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*watches you silently*

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bit uncalled for looking back

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that doesn't make sense lad

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